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Head Huggers - Hot Curl Blow Drying Brush

I don't know if you guys already know this or not but I usually don't straighten my hair after washing. I just let it dry naturally and only straighten the top of the hair a little. Considering I have wavy hair, it usually does its own thing when it dries naturally. 

However sometimes I have bad hair days where I can't simply do with air drying my hair and have to blow-dry it. This is when I like to use Denmans Head Hugger

It is a big barrelled blow drying brush and distributes heat evenly within the ceramic coated barrrel whilst retaining it, to make sure it dries hair effectively. The brush is also slightly pinched in the middle to make it adapt to the surface of the head better and lift the hair from the roots. 

The short spikey bristles do a good job at de-tangling and glide through wet hair very easily. I don't think I would otherwise advise using a brush through wet hair. Also always remember to blow dry your hair when it is partially dry, not soaking wet. 

Head-hugging hot curl brush. Ceramic-coated barrels, which retain heat, enable damage-free styling. The hourglass shaped barrel 'hugs' the contour of the head and provides extra volume and root-lift for mid to long-length hair.

The brush itself is of very good quality and the bristles won't bend or come out unlike other brushes in the market.

I still have a problem trying the other side of my hair to fall just the way I want it to. It's because I cant seem to handle the dryer and the brush at one time! But that's obviously nothing that the brush can help me with. Just to do with my crappy skills hehe. 

Priced at £8.68, I think it is worth it especially if you like to blow dry your hair regularly. I have the one with the large barrel. It is also available in small, medium and extra large. 

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Idon't blow dry ever but have been thinking about buying one. As far as the brush, seems interesting I wonder if it could work with my super thick hair??

Denman makes other types of brushes I hear they are a bit pricey but worth it. Thanks fo rthe review def will keep it in mind.

shoppingaholic said...

do the hair tutorial with this one... please!!


Anonymous said...

I learned how to use the brush and blowdryer at the sametime a few years back, practise makes perfect!

Nicola said...

I love denman brushes! They're so good quality I think! This one looks brilliant! xx

xoxo Elizabeth Toledano de Gomez said...

I try not to blow dry my hair much either but if Im in a rush to go out then I will. And the brush is so important. I dont think woman realize how important a proper hair tool is. This one looks good. I might go get it. mine is somewhat old.

Hannah said...

Good review, I've been searching for a good one! I shall buy, cheers! xx

StyleFrost said...

I only straighten the top of my hair too! this brush looks like a great one for blow drying!

Ansa said...

This sounds great. I need this in my life. =)




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