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Eyeliner Pen at its best & easy to do everyday looks

I love Eye Liners! The possibilities regarding them are truly endless. It is amazing how it simply changes the shape of the eyes and makes them stand out more in minutes. 
I have tried many pen liquid eye liners before and the one I really adore is the cheap as chips Eyeko Graffiti Liner. However that does decline in its performance after a few uses in pigmentation. 

I have been trying out a new one since a while by Le Metier De Beaute and it deserves a post of its own hence here it is in its full glory. Its Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Noir. It may look very similar to other eye liner pens in the market but it is the best one I have tried till date. 

Why? Because it

- performs consistently 
- does not dry up after a few uses
- is very pigmented
- does not wear off
- apply's in the waterline
- has a very fine tip

Here are a few looks I did with it just as a demo.

The barely-there liner -This is for those of you girls who don't really like the look and feel of a liner but still want to line your eyes using minimum technique and effort. I sport this almost everyday when I am in a hurry.

The made-some-effort liner - This is quite similar to the one above, the only difference being that I lined the upper waterline and filled in any gaps in the lash line so it is slightly more visible than the liner above. Again, pretty easy to achieve and can be done within seconds.

The read-my-eyes liner - I cannot emphasise how big a difference lining the lower waterline can make to the eyes. By lining the entire eye, you create an outline for it making it emphasise from the rest of your features. Great for those of you who have smaller eyes as it will make them stand out a little.

The girly-girl liner - Here I just created a slight wing on the corner of the eyes to elongate them a little. Great for those of you who have rounder eyes as it will give an illusion that they are slightly more almond shaped. You can flick out the liner anyway you want to but I like to keep the flick straight. I like this one quite a lot as its clean and crisp yet girly.

The look-at-my-eyes liner - Your eyes can surely do the talking with this cat eye, or winged out liner, what ever you may like to call it. I just built up on the liner I did above and made the line on the upper lash line much more thicker and then joined the flick with he lower lash line. My absolute favourite for occasions!

Le Metier De Beaute Precison Liquid Eyeliner retails for £25 at Selfridges. I am seriously addicted it and recently got so panicky when I couldn't find it  :S  Yikes! Addiction is only feasible to an extent lol.

If you want to create easy eye liner looks without the fuss of liquid or gel and don't want to spend this amount then check out Eyeko's Graffiti Eyeliner and Loreal does a similar one too I believe. 

Tanya said...

Great post. I like the results with this eyeliner!



Have you tried NYX's liner pen? I think its the most amazing thing I've ever tried, and I'd highly reccommend it! I bought it for my sister in law and she loved it ad well! I'm going to have try this one you've mentioned though!! I love finding great new products!


Kaushal said...

Eye liner is deffo a must have product :)Great review!


Jemima said...

Lovely to see the different ways of using it. I love liquid eye liner the best too.

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

Great post hun - the eye liner looks amazing on you! x

Nikki said...

This looks amazing! great post! I will have to hunt out this liner now I think! x

Nilufar said...

I agree what a great post. I've been reading your blog like forever.I'll have to add this to my ever growing wishlist cos i absolutely love eyeliners too. Where are you from shifa? Oh and please follow me -nilufarloves.blogspot.com

Ella Pretty Blog said...

Loved this post - so cool to see all the different techniques...I'm definitely going to try lining my waterlines - it makes such an impact!

Sheefa F said...

@Alluring Bath & Beauty - I have to try that out yet!

@Nilufar - Aww thank you for the compliment and I am British but originally from India :)

Olivia J said...

That is a pretty wicked eyelining skills you have. I like eyeliner in every form and shape too. I guess I have to look into this one!

Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

Great post! I love these tips!

Anonymous said...

So true, I love eyeliner!

Anonymous said...

fantastic post thanks!! ps you have such beautiful coloured eyes x

Laura Beth said...

The liner looks awesome!

Also, check out my latest giveaway, I'm giving away a Temptu airbrush! It's only a five day contest, so the chances of winning are great ;)


Cynthia Z said...

I love this post Shifs...so engaging & love all the liner types! I love pen liners too, they make it so easy.

Btw, sent u a DM in Twitter.


PeachesandBlush said...

That is super liner...iv never had good experiences with pen eyeliners..i find them incredibly hard to apply..they always get stuck in the fols of my skin and come out all ridged..

For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things said...

Thats an extremely helpful post, right there! Great blog and hey, I'm a budding lawyer too! :)

Check out my blog and follow it maybe?http://fortheloveoffashionandotherthings.blogspot.com
Check out my giveaway!

Princess Feef said...

i think its great for beginners ,, like it

Sharon said...

Read my eyes liner is my fave!!
Loved the concept of this post


Val said...

That's an amazing eyeliner, I love the line it gives!!


PS - Just followed :)




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