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Dolce & Gabbana Eyeshadow Quad

I never give into luxury cosmetics to be honest but having a stroll in Harrods, I passed by this almost non existent counter as it can hardly be seen in the cluttered beauty hall and seemed to be really impressed by this baby. 

It is mine since then! Meet the Dolce & Gabbana eyeshadow quad in nude.

You like the packaging? I am on the fence regarding this as it looks quite posh with its dull gold casing but feels so light. I like my cosmetics to feel slightly heavy especially when I pay an atrocious amount for it. 

Heavy packaging equals luxurious to me.

I have to mention that the plastic applicators that come along with it are a joke! Why would a designer brand even bother to include them? Having nothing at all there instead would have worked better really. Any how, off they go in the bin.

Coming to the colours, they are simply beautiful. For the first time in life, I actually bought a high-end product because of its colours and not packaging/hype : p Hah!

The quad has two shimmery shades and two matte/satin shades. The shimmery shades include a peachy/pink which reminds me of MAC's Expensive Pink and Mythology. The aubergine shade is quite unique and I quite like it.

The matte/satin shades have a gorgeous nude-skin colour that is perfect for my NC30 skin tone. Unlike other nude eye shadows, this one is actually visible on the lid evening them out nicely. The dusky pink shade is very much like MAC's Nobility Eyeshadow and is gorgeous to create a transition effect above the crease.

The swatches don't do any justice at all. Pardon me for the super crappy lighting. It's not me, its the non-existent daylight in London :(

They are very pigmented compared to Dior and Chanel. One swipe gives you a lot of colour to work with. The shimmery colours are quite safe to wear during the day and don't have that overtly shimmery effect like the Dior ones.

A very simply neutral eye I tried during the day. The shadows blend effortlessly and appear quite silky on the lid.

Excuse the unruly brows. Took the picture in a hurry!

Overall, I am quite happy with my purchase. It is not worth £35 in my opinion however, maybe they could have made it a bit more reasonable for around £25-30 and I would happily buy more. 

Also it kinda sucks that its only available at Harrods as of now. 

Anyhow, I have my eyes on these two quads now.

Have you tried anything from Dolce and Gabbana? Any recommendations?

Cynthia Z said...

Such pretty shades & I love how u applied them Shifs


Sami said...

D&G makeup always looks so luxurious to me... and I love the colours. & I agree - I prefer big packaging... it somehow makes you feel that you've got your moneys worth right?!

Anonymous said...

They do look beautifully sheer on the eye, and the packaging is rather lovely, sometimes sadly I am swayed by the packaging. Thanks for this. Jan x

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Wow...those shadows are gorgeous! I agree with the heavy packaging and the little eyeshadow sponges...why even have them?

xoxo Mimi said...

Those colors are so beautiful and light. I like them. Packaging I think is important and sometimes I think it does sway to buy certain things.

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Princess Feef said...

loveeeee the colors ,, so pretty

Neha said...

The colours are amazing and they blend so well. Need to find me some...

Anonymous said...

Would you be so kind to tell what the number of this Shadow? I have read that it is 'nude' but on the official web site 'nude' looks not like on your swatches,does d&g has several 'nude' eyeshadow Quard?

Sheefa F said...

@pfeife - It's Nude 110. As far as I know, they only had one quad called nude. Also, the pictures in my post and on their website and both misrepresentative of how beautiful the colours look in real. So give them a swatch in store for sure :)




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