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Antibacterial Make-up Brushes

Did you know something like antibacterial brushes actually existed?

Well a company named Bdellium makes such professional brushes.

"What is anti-bacterial technology?
Cutting edge anti-bacterial technology guards against harmful bacteria, fungus and mold which will bring you the utmost hygiene and assist in creating germ-free environment. All of the materials used in the anti-bacterial process are non-toxic and safe to the environment.

How do I know that anti-bacterial makeup brushes work?
All of our bristles are pre-tested and certified from the dedicated laboratory before the actual production. We guarantee our anti-bacterial property and stand behind our product."

I have tried out their complete eye kit that comes with a collection of 12 brushes in total. These are in my opinion the best you can get for the price. Literally all you will need as a make up artist or a consumer. Plus they are quite efficient quality wise and serve their purpose well. 

I don't know about you but I adore yellow as a colour hence I am loving the yellow handles too. The colour goes well with their 'antibacterial' image and appears fresh for a change compared to the usual blacks.

I got it along with a brush belt which is of a pretty good quality too. Unfortunately it is not one I can tie up along my waist. It is simply a roll up case used for travelling and storing brushes.

The two eye liner brushes you get in the kit are awesome and very fine.I haven't quite seen anything like the one on the left below. It is quite flexible so allows you to draw a fine line at your own pace.

These two brushes below are the ones I like for using on the brows and for the lower lash line. They are pretty stiff and that is exactly what you should look for in such brushes. The brush on the right below is very similar to a brush that Illamasqua do for a much higher price, so definitely a bargain!

I can never get enough of tapered blending brushes as they can be so multifunctional. I love to use these for shadows, contouring, shading, highlighting, blending and concealing.

Very good quality, do not shed and give MAC a run for their money. My favourite from the lot and the only two eye brushes I can survive on!

One key thing I noticed about about these brushes were that although most of them were standard ones like the blender brush and the tapered eyeshadow brush, there were quite a few unique ones in the lot and by that I mean genuinely unique in shape!

An example would be of the two eyeshadow applicator brushes below. These are something MAC and Sigma both don't do, shocker I know! It's a tiny stiff applicator precise enough to get into the corners of the eyes and a flat shader brush that is denser in the middle and a perfect square in shape.

Both are fabulous for precise application and packing on colour.

The angled brushes I have previously tried I have simply not liked as they are too flimsy, however this baby is quite stiff and actually of some use on the eyes. I like it to contour the eyes and highlight the brow bone. 

These brushes are not the softest I have tried till date however they are not bad quality either that they would feel scratchy. They are just the right texture if you know what I mean. Stiff enough to enable an effective application.

They don't shed at all and are likely to last ages if taken care of properly.

Value for money and a must have in my opinion for around £25 ($45) for the eyes brush set along with a roll up pouch.


p.s. When you opt to buy from the website, it might re-direct you to Amazon to make a purchase which is fine as that's how the website works.
Lydia said...

I have the same set, and I can say I am quite satisfied with them :)
The only thing that left me skeptical is that they do not provide any insight on the antibacterial. No ingredients, no study ...

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Very interesting, love the yellow .

Fé... said...

I've never heard of anything like this. Antibacterial brushes, which is kinda cool. Too bad the color is shocking yellow. Can you just make it plain black to make it look elegant :p My favorite brushes are Armani's.

Cynthia Z said...

Wow I sure want some of these!


Lady Cherry said...

This is a really helpful post. I have just started to use a brush to put my liquid foundation on, and after nearly twenty years of wearing make up (eek) I have no idea why I accepted that using my finger tips was the best method. I am after an angled brush to put my eye liner on, as I use a felt tip style and it's raelly hard to get it even. x

DesignerSpray said...

I'm really tempted to buy the full 24 piece set. I see a lot of MAC dupes there. And the yellow handle really makes it look appealing, better than a boring black handle, heh! xx

Nicole said...

that's a pretty ingenious brush set. I wash my brushes all the time because even after a few uses I get grossed out at all the germs that could be on them!

they look like great quality

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for a really thorough and interesting post, I too have never heard of antibacterial brushes and do wonder at how long the antibacterialness would last. But they look good quality, and I personally think the yellow makes a nice change. Jan x

Anonymous said...

I love the yellow too, reminds of new pencils at the beginning of the school year!

Princess Feef said...

woow ,, i saw these on ebay and i was tempted to buy them =(
lucky u ,,
they look so gorgeous ,,

The Beautifier said...

Nice stuff! Loving these brushes! I am adoring the yellow handles too!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

They look super cool. I am on a no animal hair brush quest and its so hard to find synthetic brushes. Im assuming some of these are made of animal hair.

Frank said...

Most of the antibacterial ingredients used are still being studied at the moment.

We are experiementing with a few types of anti-bacterial technology to find out what is the most effective & eco-friendly.

Please be on the lookout for our new eco-friendly line that will be debuting this year at the trade shows near you. All bristles will be synthetic.

Thank you for your interests in our brushes Shifa,

Witoxicity said...

Antibacterial makeup brushes?! I'm intrigued! That was such an interesting post, Shifa. With so many brushes for that price, that's quite a bargain. :)




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