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Airbrushed Eye Shadow in minutes

Have you seen Make-up Gurus on You Tube spraying eye shadow on their lids with scary looking airbrushed machines? Although I love the way they achieve such flawless looks in seconds, I myself do not have the time nor would make the effort to indulge in such techniques on a daily basis. 

Plus those airbrush systems cost an arm and a leg! Not to forget the thought of air pressure on my eyeballs - It's making me cringe already. 

I recently found an alternative to airbrush eye shadows. It's by a brand called Living Nature who do several such natural eye shadow duo's. 

Product Description
Living Nature Eye Shadow Duo Enhance softly or add drama with this beautiful, co-ordinated duo of dusky pink and mauve.

Living Nature was founded by Suzanne Hall and is New Zealand's most popular natural toiletry and cosmetic brand, they have been making natural products for over 20 years and are respected worldwide for their uncompromising purity.

Suzanne says "All plants produce a variety of bioactive molecules to protect themselves from stresses such as insect and bacterial attack, and dehydration caused by drought, heat and frost. Living Nature products capture these concentrated bioactive molecules, and they provide the active ingredients in the range - protecting and nurturing the skin exactly the way nature intended"

I have the duo in Beaches and it comes with a lovely peachy nude and cool toned sand brown. Gorgeous for everyday use. Something you would not have to think twice about and it would suit almost every apparel and occasion.

The texture of these shadows is extremely silky. You know how other shadows usually feel and look like you have powder on the eyes. Even MAC ones? It's not a bad thing, something that is just usually attached to wearing make-up right.

But these shadows create a dimension to the eyes without any physical texture on the lids. Observe where the shadow above the crease ends. You wont be able to see any real difference between the texture of my skin and the texture of the eye shadow. Now that's what I called an airbrushed finish baby ;)

Because the texture of the shadow itself is so light, it is pretty resistant to any creasing throughout the day.

Available at www.mypure.co.uk for £14.99 which is dirt cheap compared to how good quality this product is. I am currently eyeing other shades now. Not good for my wallet....not good at all. 

communicatingbeauty said...

looks so nice! x

Supergirl said...

What a lovely neutral look!! Great;)

Carlinn said...

Great neutral colors! your eyelashes are amazing!!

Jennifer said...

ohh that looks good :)

xoxo Elizabeth Toledano de Gomez said...

Good neutral color for the winter. And that is not a bad price either. Thanks for sharing doll

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. I would loveto own a airbrush machine, but as you said with the time.

graphology said...

It is a great neutral look :-)

roshas said...

love this look - perfect for work! x

Shaylee Anne said...

I absolutely love this! Such pretty colours for everyday use! :)

Get Gawjus! said...

glad you girls like it :) It is much more prettier in reality. I could not capture it very well.

Caz said...

I've never seen these before but they look gorgeous and i'm definitely thinking of getting some :)

Witoxicity said...

Neutral and natural, and yet enhanced. Beautiful!

Cynthia Z said...

These look amazing..and such pretty neutral shades too


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

This is stunning!!! I want this eyeshadow!

Princess Feef said...

super gorgeous neutral look ,,
and woow the mascara is awesome




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