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Sexy Mother Pucker

Is quite a cheesy name for a product in the first place but quite attention screaming seeking at the same time too. The pink and gold cardboard packaging with white font is something I am a fan of. I have always adored Soap & Glory's packaging and this does not disappoint either. 

Have you tried their original lip gloss? Well I haven't too but have heard lots of good things about it. 

This one is their Super-Colour version, in my case I have the one in Yummy Plum. It has a lipswell natural plant oil infusion and superfill volume maxing microspheres to make your lips appear fuller after application. 

I absolutely adore the colour. It is a delicious warm watermelon colour which appears rather flattering on my skin tone, as I have always been a fan of slightly warmer coral glosses. It is rather pigmented and gives a nice layer of colour that lasts as long as you eat. After that you are left with a nice tint of colour. 

The consistency of this is something I am really pleased with. It is very thick, which means it wont glide away or stick between lips but it rather sits well behaved until disturbed. 

The lip gloss is supposed to expand 10x in volume when applied to the lips. Its superfill microsphere technology activates on contact with the lips. There is this initial buzzing on the lips going on for some good 10-15 minutes after application. I could actually see the stuff buzzing if I closely observed in the mirror.

Now don't expect a miracle from this product. In my opinion there is only a certain amount of expectation one should have regarding a product. This does however give me the feeling of fuller lips in minutes. Not in an obvious kind of way that anyone would notice but I can feel and see a slight difference which I really like. So if I am someday opting for a lip gloss, this is definitely something I will pick up from the rest as I love the colour and who minds a bit of a pout eh?

In action.

welldressedbeauty said...

LOVE the name!! and the colour looks really great on you :)

Eva said...

That gloss looks very pretty :)



Cynthia Z said...

I looks fab on u girl. I absolutely love the name!:)


EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

that's a pretty neat idea for a lip gloss. The color shade looks nice on you too.

Agnes said...

I really like the colour :)

Jade said...

I have tried the original one and I love the tingling! It feels like pins and needles a bit but I don't think it does anything to plump lips. Yummy plum looks nice!


Amina said...

i love these - i have loads ov em, i just love the tingly feel

Make up by Yass said...

I love it !!
The colour kind a look like viva glam cindy.

Computergirl said...

Ooo that really suits you. Not tried this but I love my glosses! xx

Stavroula said...

I love the name LOL! The color is really pretty! :)

Georgina said...

I always, always forget to buy this when I'm in Boots - I've been wanting to try it for as long as I can remember!
I need to try it - looks great on you!

Anonymous said...

The colour is lovely! I remember getting the original one for christmas as part of a gift set 2 years ago! It's really good and I love the tingling feeling haha. I'll definitely be looking at these again because the colour is gorgeous :) xx

Princess Feef said...

haha cute name =D
and love the color ,, u look gorgeous ,, <3

GREEDS said...

Soap & Glory is my absolute favorite line ever!

They have the best stuff. Makes me love Target even more.

Beautiful lip shade, btw.


Ki said...

ha ha 10 points for the cheesy name :D

this reminds me of the mac viva glam cyndi :)

Anonymous said...

Really lovely color!

Sami said...

Ooo ooo ooo I have the XXL version and it stings my lips like crazy! x

Anonymous said...

I used this about 3 or 4 years ago when there was only one colour, a sort of browny pink neutral, I liked the colour but found the stinging a bit too much - I think they use cinnamon. Nice to know that they have osme different colours but it is too stingy for me, I'd be hopeless with the XXL! Looks super pretty on you.




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