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My new favourite face brushes

I go through phases where I get stuck on a particular set of brushes for a while and constantly use them and only them every single day, despite a whole bunch of others simply resting without no good use of them.

I am in that phase yet again.

But I am not to blame, seriously. It's Sigma who I will happily place all the blame on. These three brushes from Sigma is all I or anyone can literally need. What is also awesome about these is that I can also get away with any one of these to apply ALL the face products and I will be done in no time.

Starting with my favourite, the Large Powder brush. This is very similar to the MAC paddle brush and can give it a run for its money without doubt. Not to forget it costs a fraction of the MAC one.

Coming to the quality of it, its superb. Very soft bristles, a huge fluffy blush with a strong ferrule. The brush hairs stay just as baby soft as they were after every wash. It works really well for face powder, blush and bronzer, picking up just the right amount.

I wanted a huge face brush since ages and I couldn't have got anything better for the price of it. I have to say, it does shed quite a bit though which is the only disappointing thing regarding this. May be the piece I have is like that. If the shedding would be sorted out, it is a winner in all ways.

The Duo Fibre brush is not so unique as there are many others in the market that work just as well. However this one has really soft brush hairs, is quite flimsy meaning it deposits a light layer which is what I want and it does not shed, so this is what I would opt for from amongst the rest.

Not as dense and firm as the MAC one but then again I did not like the MAC one to be honest. This is perfect for the densely pigmented blushers, powders or highlighters as it picks up not so much product and distributes nicely to avoid looking cakey.

The Buffer brush by Sigma is a gorgeous little kabuki which is seriously to die for! Again, it's uber soft and surprisingly enough, although being densely packed, it does not shed as much as the powder brush. I mean only a hair or two just once.

I find this more sharper in quality compared to to other humongous kabukis out there which are impossible to control. I like the way the bristles are shaped.

I use this to buff in glitter, highlighters, foundations, powders, bronzers and blushes for that flawless finish. It is very lush for the price so why bother spending a fortune on expensive buffer brushes when this will work just the same if not better? 

GeorgiaP - formerly WelshBeautyBlog said...

These look great, do you mind me asking where you got these from? I'd love to try some xx

Sheefa F said...


Postage to the UK is not very pricey too!

Computergirl said...

I was just looking for a new powder brush! I think I have found my brush! Thanks :) xx

PrincessLisax3 said...

Ive been wanting a big fluffy powder brush..but MAC is too expensive. Thanks for posting this. I wanted to try this or the Sonia Kashuk one.

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

When Im done my project 5 pan...these are the first things I am buying. I love brushes and I need some new ones!

Amanda said...

They look exactly like the MAC brushes, I really want to get them but I think I need to wait a little bit, before I do so, I really like your review cuz u are honest=)

Sami said...

Oooooooo I really, really, really need some brushes! And these Sigma ones look amaze... How long does it take to deliver do you know? I'm so impatient so I try to avoid buying online...! xx

Nadine Natalin said...

I really want to buy Sigma brushes. I heard they're as soft as MAC

White Bazaar said...

I was thinking about getting a kabuki brush but too expensive in Mac! I really want to try the sigma one now, thanks!

The Beautifier said...

Thanks for the review! I wanna try the Sigma brushes now! xoxo

Sheefa F said...

@Sami - It usually takes up to a week :)

beeroyal said...

do u get customs charged? x

Sheefa F said...

I've never got any customs charge till date fortunately but I know people who have!

Christine said...

i love the brushes from Sigma, they are amazing :)

x Christine


Cynthia Z said...

I want to try the buffer brush too, since I like the other Sigma brushes.





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