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Miners A/W Nail Collection + Barry M Nail Effects = NOTD's!

Miners Cosmetics have come out with a gorgeous Autumn/Winter set of Nail Paints to help us feel glamorous despite being in our coats and scarves. At least the nails can be seen eh? Why not make them look all prim and proper. 

I am loving the names they have come up with, Dorothys Shoes, LBD (little black dress), Midnight Lavender, Molton and Mulberry Shimmer. These are the perfect colours for A/W and compliment each other really well. One of the best nail collections I came came across for the coming season.

My favourite amongst these is Mulberry Shimmer, which is quite surprising as I am not a fan of shimmery dark nail paints as they just feel so boring. But this one is gorgeous. Can you see how beautiful it looks in the bottle. I am for the first time not even going to try to describe the shade, as the results below speak for them self.

They work wonders for my short nails and make them appear quite neat and lady like. The finish is marvellous and one-two coats is all you need for a smooth layer that will stay put until you take it off. Does not chip, does not fade and does not wear off. Such a change from the pastels that we were surrounded with in the previous months. Must have. £2.99 - you've got to be kidding!

And now that the blogging world seems to be madly in love with the new invention that has shook the entire nail-freak community, I thought I should give it a try too. You guessed it right, its Barry M's Nail Effects.  There was only one of them left in Boots the other day and it had to be mine.

Above is the result that I best achieved using it. Basically just pop one layer of Nail Effects over a base polish and it will shrink and crack messily transform drastically to give you a nail-design like effect. Well I have been really unsuccessful in my attempts with Konad and ArtDeco so this should be a life saver for me no?

Well, I like it but not quite as much as I thought I would. It seems a bit kiddish and unprofessional looking to me. It's fun for when you are bored and want something funky on your nails as I did below and it works effectively for that. It looked best over hot pink and purple polish. 

I could not wait to get home and try it on, so on the way I just popped some on to the polish I was wearing i.e. Mulberry Shimmer and that's how it came out.

Some of you might not like the above effect as the black in the nail colour seems to conflict with the black overlay. However I liked this effect better as it does not stand out much and is much more wearable in my opinion. 

Also, the nail effect won't give you an amazing result every time. So just to demonstrate that. On the little finger, there is just not enough space for it to spread and crack and hence it just accumulates into once patch and does not crack very well. As for the yellow nail paint, it just faded some of my base colour for some reason!

Despite my moaning, for under £4 it is worth it any day, especially if you are as bad at nail art as me. They are bringing out more colours in this I've heard. Waiting for a white one now :)

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

Midnight lavender looks like a gorgeous colour! I've never heard of Miners before but that's really cheap! I'm so jealous of everyone getting the Barry M nail effects; I can't find it anywhere!! x


Trendy with Style "P" said...

wow! that's so cool and original! love it!

** raspcherry .. said...

OMG this looks nice but I dont think its for me I think its one of those things you look at and its fun whilst its happening (like a bath bomb) then you are done with it -lolz.
Love your post babes !

Nicole said...

Mulberry Shimmer is a very pretty color!

Sheefa F said...

@raspcherry - hehe totally agree!

The Beautifier said...

I really like the effect! All the colors are so pretty!I like Mulberry Shimmer the most :)

Christine said...

these are so cute, i love them :)
I have the grafitti nails by IsaDora, those are cute too. :)

x Christine


Safiyah said...

miners.. why does that brand sound familiar?! I'm sure I used it in my childhood, where is it sold?

As for the Barry M, I'm giving one of the instant nail effects away, so enter if you're interested!:



julianne. said...

pretty fall colors.
nails look great.<3

Princess Feef said...

wow gorgeous colors ,,
and how cool is that barry m effect ! love it

Witoxicity said...

So cool! I like that the results are never the same on the nails. Unique effect everytime, even though there can be some misses. :)




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