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Liz Earle Bath and Body - Truly Scrumptious!

These products have been my favourite since months now but for some reason I always forget to blog about them. Weird eh? 

My current favourites from Liz Earle is their Energising Bath & Body range. It includes a Body Wash, Body Scrub and Hip & Thigh gel

Lets start with a product that targets to tone the area around the hips, thighs, tummy and arms, where one is likely to develop cellulite. Now surgeries and gyms would become completely redundant if this product would do all  the wonders for you hence it will only help you achieve feasible results, if you yourself put in some effort.

Exercise regularly, have lots of water and a balanced healthy diet and alongside that apply this religiously every morning after shower to the areas of the body that you want to tone. This will definitely work to make them appear firmer, softer and smoother in texture and appearance than before. You know that dimply surface that usually accompanies cellulite, it does work to an extent in making that disappear with consistent use.

An effective product that smells utterly gorgeous at a reasonable price. It will work as I said, only if you are ready to put in some effort.

The Body wash and the Body scrub both are star products in my bath routine. The sweet orange oil in both of them smells delicious enough to eat besides waking your senses at the same time. I love this for quick morning showers to wake me up or for long evening baths to revitalize and relax.

The Body wash is my favourite however as it foams up so well along with moisturising the body effectively. I have to admit, for the price this is a stunning product and one that lasted me ages!

Have you tried anything from the Energise range?

Nicola said...

I think i'm addicted to new body scrubs - this one sounds lovely! Definitely adding it on my to try list! xx

Venus In Virgo said...

Wonderful review. I really need to try that thigh gel, lol! Thanks for the link I'm gonna check out the site and see if they ship to the US. XOXO

StyleFrost said...

I have the body scrub and love it, amazing product!




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