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I love how creative they are!

Whenever I see an unusual package in my room waiting for me, I know for sure that its Aussie who's sent something to their angels. It creates so much excitement in my house as my peeps don't quite understand why someone would send me Drinking Chocolate and bedroom slippers to review lol.

I explained to them that it was actually the Aussie Products that I am meant to use and the rest is just how kind and creative they are. Isn't their winter package so adorable with all the essentials to keep me warm and cozy in chilly nights.

Of course there were some Aussie haircare products too. There is a Take the heat Cream and a Leave-in spray.

Both are meant to be used in conjunction with any heat tools that you may use to style your hair. I usually get a lot of split ends although I only curl my hair slightly once or twice a week, and that's all the heat there is to my hair!

I love using the thick cream to damp towelled dried hair as I feel it absorbs in better and does its thing until it dries naturally. The leave-in spray is what I use all over my dry hair before I actually go ahead and use a heat tool on them. It dries pretty quickly so I don't need to wait before I use a heat tool on it. I love how both the products work so efficiently when used together.

My hair looks so healthy and has a natural shine that looks from within. Also not to forget, they smell delicious! Who does not want great smelling hair right?

Make up by Yass said...

I love the take the heat leave in spray !!
You look gorgeous Masha'Allah

Cynthia Z said...

Such healthy hair you have girl! That winter package IS adorable. Makes me happy winter is near here in Delhi :)


roshas said...

your hair looks amazing!! so glossy :) i love aussie products :) xx

Tugba said...

I love Aussie products :) My favourite hair product brand. I tried expensive ones too but nothing compares to aussie :)

Blushingloves said...

Are these your hair??Wow!!they are amazing,fabulous and gorgeous!!

Shameera@MyFrostedWorld said...

You hair is so gorgeous and long, love it. I have the cream, its really good, and you're right, it smells so nice.

Kaushal - BeautyFulfilled said...

I've never tried Aussie products... But after you mentioning the smell I may just have to give it a go :)

& what's all the soft looking stuff?! Slippers and a cushion?! It looks SOOOOO warm :)

Kaushal xx

Pyxiee said...

What a lovely idea! I wish I was an Aussie Angel! I use heat on my hair nearly every day! Take the heat sounds like it should be my next haircare purchase! x

Get Gawjus! said...

@Kaushal - Its a hand muff and a wheat and lavender heat cushion :)

thanks for the compliments girls! ♥

Venus In Virgo said...

OOOH! I'm jealous I love getting packages :) I was such an Aussie fanatic in high school,don't know why I stopped using it, gotta go buy some roo for my doo now XOXO

Amina said...

i used this in my hair today for the first time and i absolutely love how my hait felt and smelt after usage - i adore how we get pampered by the aussie team - truly feel like an angel, ps u cumin to bonfire night? would b lovely to meet u x

Kat O said...

I adore Miracle Moist shampoo, must pick these up next time I'm in Boots :)
Kat x
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Nicole said...

your hair looks very healthy

Supergirl said...

Your hair look amazing:)

Sami said...

O wow your hair looks so healthy and shiny! I love the wintery products they gave with the package... so cute x

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

You have amazing hair. I am trying to grow mine out. Love yours! :)

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great!

Princess Feef said...

hair look so healthy <3 love it .. wish my hair was like dat =(




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