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Batiste Gold

I have been a Batiste fan since years now. I discovered it via blogs and have never looked back since then. I always need a bottle of this lying around on the dresser or a travel version of it in my bag.

It's not that I am lazy to wash my hair or what not, its not merely for that. You know how sometimes you have those oily/limpy hair days where you can see greasy hair in just a day after washing it? I may not want to wash it every single day and this is when Batiste steps in as a life saver. It works wonders in minutes and am off to go with wonderfully fresh and pleasant smelling hair.

I recently came across its Gold version that Batiste released. It is exactly the same as the original one but with some extra glamour quotient to it. It contains really fine gold shimmer particles that spray out and coat hair evenly giving them a lustrous finish. It does not look so obvious that you can't wear it during the day time but I would reserve it for the evenings when the shimmer particles would reflect better in artificial light.

It just adds some life to dull, lustre lacking hair without making it look like its filled with chunky gold glitter. Would look gorgeous on red heads and brunettes. It comes with a silver version too which would look appropriate on blonde's or those with lighter hair colours.

I can definitely see it working wonders for Halloween or Christmas. 

Are you a Batiste fan? They make an amazing range of hair products which you have to try if you haven't yet. 

Kaushal said...

Have you tried the Tresemme dry shampoo spray? Personally, I think it's much better than Batiste (even smells much nicer too!) The only down side is that it doesn't come in a handbag form which would be perfect! :)

Kaushal xx

Venus Loves Virgo said...

Someone mentioned this to me but I never bothered to try it. Thanks for the review I just might give the brand a go! XOXO

binia said...

I cannot live without Batiste! I always always ALWAYS have to have a can around somewhere - at my mum's, my boyfriend's, my best friend's and at LEAST three at mine.

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

I loooove Batiste, especially the ones for brunette/black hair they've brought out. No more grey, dusty hair! I'm just sad that they've raised prices because they've realised it's popular :/ x


Sheefa F said...

@Kaushal - now that you said, I will try out the Tresemme one for sure next time. I am so addicted to Batiste I hardly divert! hehe.

Sheefa F said...

@Jade - Agreed! Just like Sleek raised the price for their palettes :(

Computergirl said...

I quite like batiste, but I am looking for other options. I have long hair and the roots get greasy before the ends, quit annoying sometimes!! x

Julie said...

this looks really nice..boo to the sleek palettes being more expensive! great post x

graphology said...

I don't know that brand but the glittery-spray seems to be pretty cool :-)

Anonymous said...

I use Batiste aswell, love'em.

GREEDS said...

I've never tried dry shampoo, but I've been so curious!


Cynthia Z said...

Oh Shifa, you just showed me something I really wanted(needed actually), but didn't know until now ;).


Anita B said...

I bought this by mistake, and it's covered every inch of my dressing table in sparkly gold! I'm not the biggest fan have to say, but might be nice on lighter coloured hair! :)

Anita x

Sami said...

What a cool idea! I've been meaning to get some dry shampoo and a shine spray and now I have two in one :- )


Anonymous said...

Everyone is talking about Batiste! I'm going to have to pick up a bottle and see for myself :)
xx, Mary




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