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Aussie's Style Bible

Over the summer, Aussie (a hair care brand if you're unaware) organised quite a few fun events for its bloggers aka Aussie's Angels to involve in. Unfortunately I was not able to attend any of the events, however I still feel at I attended every single one, as this book has compiled all the tricks and tips to gorgeous looking hair that the blogger's shared during that time.

Few of many that I liked.

Overall, an amazing read to have lying around at the dresser. I really like how the tips are spread out so spaciously in the book instead of daunting paragraphs about hair. Would be a sure success if it would hit stores!

It has a number of tips that I already knew but loads of new ones that I was completely unaware of. I will be keeping this handy in case I have time to spare and would want to indulge in any of the tips mentioned in the book.

Have some hair tips that you swear by?

Computergirl said...

Glad you like your opy- it's a great prsent from Aussie isnt it! Maybe i'll get to meet you soon at an Aussie event?
Emma xx

Devea said...

I am going to try to lighten my hair with a bit of lemon! Have been wanting to do it for ages!

bubblistyle said...

wow, these are really helpful tips! thanks for sharing! is this book available in stores by any chance?

Olivia J said...

That is a cute book to have!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Thats a really cool book! I dont have any hair tips. I just try to do a deep conditioner at least once a few and i use a violet shampoo for my blond hair once a week. I didn't know about that towel drying hair before conditioning. Do you know why?

Anonymous said...

I don't use conditioner the days I want more defined waves/curls.

I also use olive oil on my hair, makes it super shiny and soft.

Lucy said...

Aw, this is such a nice touch!

I use 99p toners to keep my blonde looking nice and I love coconut oil :-)


Cynthia Z said...

Great tips! I want that Bible :)


Sheefa F said...

@Emma - Oh yes! Hopefully :) I'd love to!

Unknown said...

Great tips, I swear by olive oil.




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