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Home Microdermabrasion - Its Magic!

You may have come across the term Microdermabrasion quite a few times by now. If you haven't, you have been living under a rock all this time!

Basically Microdermabrasion is usually carried out by specialists in spas or by Doctors. However due to how expensive the procedure is, many brands have launched their Home Dermabrasion systems now. This way one can try out the procedure and be able to experience its benefit at the comfort of one's home for less. I like the sound of that then paying the doctor a visit.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure whereby the topmost 'superficial' layer of the skin is peeled out by abrasive techniques. Hence 'derma' meaning skin and 'abrasion' meaning abrasive techniques. Abrasive techniques obviously does not mean highly abrasive, just something that polishes and buffs the skin and is effective enough to get rid of the dead skin cells to stimulate cell turnover. 

It is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ance, blemishes, blackheads, sun spots, large/open pores and all that not so good stuff, 

I have one of such kits with me today. This one's called Youthful Essence by Susan Lucci. 

It comes with a resurfacing tool which looks like the one shown below. Looks pretty much the same like the other high end ones in the market doesn't it? Well trust me it is and am sure works almost the same too! I like how little this tool it is, fits perfectly in my hand without feeling awkward. It's waterproof too and comes with batteries. 

Then coming to the exciting bit, the attachments of course. You get quite a few with this which is amazing value for money. I like variety in my skin care routine and this does the job pretty well. It comes with a spa cleansing brush, a triangle resurfacing tool, a round resurfacing tool, a large resurfacing tool (for the body), a pumice stone attachment and a massaging tool (which is missing in the picture below somehow). 

My favourites are the cleansing tool and the round resurfacing tool. These are what I would normally use for a quick 4 minute dermabrasion session. They are pretty good in quality is what I found and easy to re-use with a simple wash under the tap. 

I (well the sister - thank you!) did a manicure and a pedicure using the cleansing brush and the pumice stone attachment and it was such an awesome experience. My hands and feet have never looked better!

Over to the products that come along with the kit. One would think the products would be of no use and I had already decided to use my products with this dermabrasion tool. However to my surprise, these products are actually very efficient if used alongside this kit. 

The Warming Cleanser is what I use to prepare my skin for the procedure. You can only use the cleanser with the spa cleansing brush. The Resurfacing Cream is what works wonders in my opinion. It has a buttery texture with tiny granules which buff and exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin cells. I don't reckon any other exfoliator would work as effectively for this purpose. In the end, I apply the Skin Enhancing Serum which is a soft whipped cream which finally feeds the skin with moisture. 

You are supposed to use this home Microdermabrasion system 2-3 times a week for 2-4 minutes to the most. I am totally hooked to this as my skin is visibly brighter, a shade lighter and baby soft within one use, which I obviously did not expect. You can actually feel it work and I cannot compare this to any facials or skincare products because it is truly unique in what it does.

I even used this on my hands and feet and it gave amazing results there too. I have terrible looking hands and blister-prone feet if you already did not know and this did a superb job in buffing out the dead skin cells that were sitting there since a while. Great to use for a quick mani-pedi!

All I can say is that I am hooked to this product and literally await the next time I am going to use it. The results are instant and to die for!  Regular use has shown a reduction in the occasional blemishes and blackheads that I suffer from. 

Youthful  Essence - Introductory Kit - £29.99

Disclaimer: Yes I received this product for blog purposes but that is NOT the reason I am going ga ga over it.
VenusInVirgo said...

great review :)
My mom has the older version form Susan Lucci,your kit looks a bit different. I'm still deciding which system i would like to try

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

I have gotten microdermabrasion done at a salon and honestly, I wasn't too impressed. I much prefer clean ups and facials. However, I should get this done once more before I completely write it off. If I like it then I'll know to invest in a system like this. But I know what you mean, people are totally crazy over microdermabrasion and I have to believe its for a reason.

Get Gawjus! said...

@Adorable on your vanity - I agree, I know of people who haven't really liked the Microdermabrasion sessions at salons. This is however a much milder DIY version so I am assuming a bit different perhaps.

sabina said...

This looks very interesting,will check this out for sure xx

indianmakeupways said...

whoopz i tried this product...its marketed in INDIA too and it shred my skin into pieces. It was the first time that any product had done that to me. The product that contains that microdermabrasion thingy is much too scratchy...they felt like glass pieces(atleast to me). Hope it works for u.But as u have said in the post it sure is great on hands and feet.

Rakhshanda said...

really interesting...will have to check this if it's available in India...

MEVISH said...

must try this the price aint so bad too!

Rakhshanda said...

The stuff is great....must try it.

Sami said...

I've heard so many good things about Microdermabrasion but my skin is quite dry so I've always been a bit cautious about trying it out... this set looks good though - and the price is tres reasonable! x

hiven said...


PInchYourCheeks said...

I've been thinking of getting a microdermabrasion kit for ages now. Wasn't sure which one to get - mind made up now!

KittyBonkers said...

Great review, I might get one of these when I can afford it, it sounds brilliant!! I think I prefer a DIY one to a salon one as you pay once for this and can use it over and over!! I already wash my face with a brush, so I hope this will be better!

Kitty x

nicoletta said...

This looks really interesting, i keep looking at all these types of things i really need to up my skin care regime x

Cynthia Z said...

They all look so nice n cute! I've only tried the Loreal Microdermbrasion stuff at home, but it didn't come with any tools.


GREEDS said...

I've heard so many great things about this.


Princess Feef said...

hmm ,, ive always wanted to try these facial kits ,, thx for the review dear

Jen said...

i tried it once! it was awesome. my mom ordered it from an infomercial

3ate4 said...

Seems like a great product for the price!




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