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Carmex Strawberry

What do you use for chapped lips? I don't like the good old Vaseline to be honest. I feel it simply sits on my lips and does not melt in. 

I have been a Blistex fan for a while. I also like the Lip Butter's that Body Shop comes out with. They rescue my lips, whatever condition they are in. 

Carmex is something that is more popular in the States for some reason, although I always see them lying around in UK drugstores as well. They have introduced a new Strawberry flavour, its a bit different than their original one, as in not that bland. Otherwise the quality and the effectiveness of the product stays the same.

Freshly picked this season comes the latest addition to the Carmex range: Strawberry! Bursting with flavour, the strawberry flavoured lip balm not only protects and moisturizes but is reminiscent of everything that summer should be about: sun, ice-cold strawberry milkshakes, and days out and about! Combine American cool and refreshing summer flavours for the best way to soothe dry, chapped lips. 

If you haven't tried Carmex yet, you have to. It does not simply sit on the top layer of the lips but I can see it working quite effectively. It heals dry lips overnight and regular use results in soft, moisturized lips. I have gotten into the habit of using this every single day and use it just before I apply any other lip products.

You can use it as a lipstick base or use it on its own as a gloss because it has a pretty glossy finish! Why better than a gloss? Because it has SPF of 15 which will protect your lips from the sun and prevent them from drying out. 

It contains menthol, camphor and beeswax leaving a tingling sensation that I quite like. It assures me that the product is actually working. I also like the cute tube as its so handy to pop into the handbag to use along the day. I despise having the feeling of dry lips in the middle of the day, to find that I haven't got any lip balm along!

Available at Superdrug, Boots, Topshop & Urban Outfitters for £2.49. 

Venus Loves Virgo said...

mmmm.... strawberries

roxy said...

i've never tried carmex before but have heard great things abou tit. nice review


Anonymous said...

I have a love/hate with Carmex, love that it works, hate the scent of the original, it actually stings my eyes - maybe the strawberry is different, but I am not a fan of strawberries in any guise. Thanks for the post. Jan

Kaushal said...

I've been told to try this one! I might go and grab some tomorrow! LOL :) x


Sami said...

I have the Cherry version and it is Yum E !
Carmex are okay in my opinion but I find that they can sting a little :S
Nonetheless I still wanna try the Strawberry one !

~Lisa said...

I use this too! Love it!


Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

I LOVE Carmex, I was converted when I needed lip balm and it was the only one in the shop.

I don't get on with the tub version for some reason but the tube version is my baby. I can't find strawberry ANYWHERE but I have picked up mint from Superdrug when it was on special offer.

GREEDS said...

I love Carmex, as well! It's a lifesaver, especially during the winter.

For chapped lips, I switch up between Carmex, cherry Chapstick + Vaseline.


Unknown said...

I'm a carmex addict!! however, I haven't tried the strawberry one yet! LOL YET is a BIG keyword here! hehehe

BeautyAmbition.net said...

i use this and vaseline for lips, they both work wonders!

Lucy said...

Ooh strawberry! I hate the cherry and original ones but I love how good they are for the lips so this is great :-)


Gaby Fauchon said...

I love Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm. It also leaves a tingling sensation (=

Ki said...

I like the other packaging - the balm that you can roll up and slick on - but yeah, this moisturises all day long! :D

The Michelle Show said...

I used to love Carmez but I am a life long Vaseline fan. I have a tiny Vaseline travel pot that I carry with me always and apply heavily at night. It never steers me wrong, I dont remember the last time that I had chapped or dry lips!


Anonymous said...

Ihave heard so much good abour Carmex lipbalm have never tried it out. I might buy one after using up my eos lip balm.

BottledBeauty said...

I totally believe people can become addicted to Carmax! I like body shop butters as well and Alba Un-Petroleum.

Cynthia Z said...

I feel the same way about Vaseline. I really wanna try Carmex!

U've yet to find out that ur a lucky lucky girl ;)


beeroyal said...

i duuno but i feel like it tends to dry out my lips and i need to reapply all the time :-| i suppose its different for everyone.

The Beautifier said...

I like Cermaex, I feel it is quite similar to Vaseline in regards to its formulation.

Stevista said...

I've never tried Carmex, I don't think it's available in Greece! :/ Strawberry sounds yummy though! :)




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