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Want a glow that's just like skin?

Then Revlon Skinlights is the answer.

This is something I rediscovered in the summer. I have had this since quite a while now and I always opt for this when I want that natural luminosity minus the glitter.

I have two shades, Natural light and Peach light. Natural light does not have much color as you can see and is just a plain illuminator. Whereas the Peach light adds more color on the skin leaving you looking sun kissed.

I really don't know if you can tell the difference, but the one of the left is colored than the other.

This is how it looks in flash but bear in mind I have applied a lot so you can actually see the results. It does not look so strong on the face.

It contains an SPF of 15 and is oil free which means it would be suitable for combination skin tones. I know from experience that this does not result in breakout.

I prefer this to powder highlighters as it blends in flawlessly with the skin leaving no obvious edges. You can apply it sparingly or layer it on, either way you will get hooked!

I like to use this to highlight the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bone and collar bone. I've heard accentuating bones gives an illusion of that you're skinny.

If you're light skinned, this would be an amazing product to give yourself some quick colour and luminosity. You can use this as a natural bronzer/contour.

My favourite way to use this is to mix one pump with my regular foundation. That way it helps the foundation glide on smoothly and gives me radiant skin.

I believe this has been discontinued (why do all great products get discontinued?) but you can find it easily at any online store for under a tenner.
Sarah said...

This product was discontinued, but Revlon relaunched it a few months back. Not sure if the formula has changed though.

Get Gawjus! said...

oh really! Thanks for letting us know Sarah :)

Chic Geek (Devs) said...

Oooh! I really want to get my hands on this, it looks like such a great product! I am all for luminous skin..

Lydia said...

Never seen these in Italy! We lack so many things!

Anonymous said...

I have heard about this product several times. People seemed to love it and then I guess it was discontinued. Good to know its been re-launched. Maybe I'll be able to snatch one up before they discontinue it again!

Anonymous said...

I love this product♥


welldressedbeauty said...

looks really good! Perfect for summer :)

GREEDS said...

Really looks like a beautiful product for summer. Good review - They look smooth and easy to work with. Can't go wrong with a little glow.


Blushingloves said...

Looks so pretty!Thanks for the swatches!

Sarah said...

I checked out the Revlon stand while I was in a pharmacy today to make sure I wasn't putting everyone wrong on this. It is now called Age Defying Spa Illuminator and comes in three shades: Bare Light, Golden Light, and Pink Light.

The downside is that it comes in the same ridiculous brush applicator tube that the Age Defying Spa Foundation comes in.

~Lisa said...

I'm starting to really like dewy/glowy looks! But it's such a shamed that this is discontinued!! I don't ever remember seeing this in my drugstores..


Maria Elizabeth said...

I always heard raves about this stuff! Too bad it's discontinued. I never got to try it :\

Tanveer Parmar said...

I have this in Pink Light (I am cool toned) & I just love it. I use it exactly like you, a drop mixed with my tinted moisturiser. The face just lights up!

Ki said...

Picking up peach light for sure, if I can get my hands on it :D


Maubrey said...

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Palak said...

Oh ! I have this in peach light and totally love it :)
I have combi skin and it haven't broke me out :P
Surprisingly .. its available in India ..while it has been discontinued elsewhere :|
I got this more than a year back for 650 INR !

Mehak said...

I have this in peach light too!.. and yes theyr still selling it here- its beyond gorgeous..love ths shimmer it gives

Mehak said...

Great blog, rookie question but wheres the follow link?Do visit my blog!

Get Gawjus! said...

@Mehak - Its on the top right in the sidebar hun :)

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

I use this all the time and love it. I normally grab one on ebay. x

Mehak said...

AAAh...my browser was just showing that as blank!! Found it now!

Nushrat said...

I have this 1 n love it..!

Cynthia Z said...

Boy, I love that post title! :D. I've only bought the powder version of this. Just tried these in stores...liked the peach one





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