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Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup - not so Sheer eh? with FOTD

I am sure you have heard of Sheer Cover Mineral Make-up before right? Well I have quite a few times in some tele adverts I guess.

What is it? Pure Mineral Make-up which is supposed to be good for you skin too!

Now there are two groups of people I came across, one that raved about sheer cover and one that absolutely despised it. I am lucky to enough to report that I am a part of the former group and hence the rave post.

Below is what came in my introductory pack. Two mineral foundations, two brushes, a concealer duo, a lip and eye palette, a base perfector and a mascara. All these things come in a little black zip up case which is quite handy for travel.

Lets start with the brushes as I really like them. Pretty good quality they are in the first place. The concealer brush is synthetic and is great for applying concealer to the under eyes and is precise enough to spot conceal.

The powder brush may look a bit unconventional to apply mineral make up at first due to its unusual shape but because the brush hairs are so dense it works best at applying the mineral foundation in a concentrated manner. It is a bit small in width though and takes ages to cover the entire face with it.

Coming to the main stuff, the mineral foundations. When I initially started out with make-up, mineral foundations is what I used religiously for the first few years but then I gave it up as I wanted to explore the world of liquid foundations that everyone raved about.

So using this wasn't something new for me. I got two shades, Buff and Latte. I found that mixing both of them provided me with the best color for my NC30 skin tone. On the whole, the powders are very concentrated, provide the fullest coverage possible with scars, spider veins, blemishes and all. Mineral foundations usually do provide much better coverage than liquid foundations overall any ways. It did not break me out too and was suitable with my combination skin tone providing a gorgeous matte finish.

The only problem I had using this was that it appears a bit too cakey for everyday wear/daytime and I wouldn't fancy people staring at my face for that reason. Obviously, that happened because I used a bit too much product getting carried away. You have to get used to taking just the right amount and it would work pretty well for daily use. I personally would reserve it for the evenings or occasions, when I want full coverage as it does deliver that in minutes. I also like mixing in a bit of moisturiser with this powder which makes it somewhat of a creamy consistency which is easier to blend.

The concealer I found to be fantastic again, just like the foundation. It covers amazingly well. I use the darker shade to correct my dark circles and the dab the lighter one to add some brightness. Its a nice creamy consistency that spreads well but again it dries to a slightly powdery finish and you have to make sure your under eye area is well hydrated or else this will cling to dry patches.

Isn't this palette super cute? It has a few lip colors and glosses which are very sheer, not pigmented at all, so extremely wearable for daytime. My favourite however in this palette is the black-brown creamy eyeliner that glides on so beautifully and the cream highlighter, which I love to use all over the eyes or on the brow bone. Great to pop into your bag!

The extra length mascara is a nice brown-black color and extremely buildable. Something that's nice if it comes along with this kit! The base perfector is another of my favourites. It gives that silicone finish just like face primers and makes foundation glide so smoothly. I like to use it especially on the under eye area to prevent concealer from creasing.

And just to demonstrate the results, I am wearing the mineral foundation buff along with the concealer duo and the extra length mascara. I like the full coverage matte effect, you like?

Oh and referring to the title of the post, the last thing this mineral make-up is, is Sheer! It's super concentrated in fact, which is good enough. Lets the ignore the name then shall we?

I would love to know your experience with Sheer Cover too?

.blushfully. said...

Wow, your face does look ever so flawless in those photos!!! Its coverage seem superb, nothing sheer at all hahaha... I've of course seen Sheer Cover on TV, always been curious but never make myself pick up the phone and ring up. I need something good for everyday use, but if it's that thick, I don't know if I'd wear it everyday =)

Love that your skin shade is NC30 - I can relate to your shade! ^^ I think I'm around that too hahaha...


GREEDS said...

I agree with the above comment; Your face looks absolutely flawless. I love concentrated make-up, so I'm sure I'd be pleased with these products not exactly being "sheer". The concealer looks magnificent.

You always provide us with the best reviews.


Gaby Fauchon said...

I received the foundation and a mini kabuki brush from this brand in my Meg's Makeup package. I haven't tried the foundation yet, but the brush scratches my face so bad X_X

The lip colors and glosses palette looks great!

nicoletta said...

I have never tried sheer cover but i would really love to it looks great on you x

Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

Mine came with a moisturizer and not base perfector. I loved the coverage of the mineral foundation although the other shade i got was darker. the moisturizer is awesome, its got SPF as well. And a bones would have to be the DVD included :D



indianmakeupways said...

hey great to know that it works for u. too bad that i can't say the same thing. but i really did like the brushes, and the cute lippy palette. It sure does make ur skin seem flawless.

liloo said...

I've tryed it and loved it!
I discovered it when I was in UK, and wish we could have it in France :/

Anonymous said...

It looks super on your skin, but you have super skin! I think that mineral makeup is not forgiving if there is a hint of dryness or perversely if you skin is too oil, because it just settles into the oil patches, and the dry patches, I have not tried Sheer Cover, but I have Elemental, Lily Lolo, Earthnicity, Laura Mercier, Bare Escentuals.....I have tried a fair few and they all fail to deliver, plus the buffing and buffing and buffing and buffing - frankly I get a better result in less time with a decent TM and concealer - sorry to rant!

Sheefa F said...

@lipstickmama - aww I totally understand! the mess is kinda hard to deal with and I did have this clinging to dry patches as well. I had to really work with this. Same here, I prefer my liquid foundations too and would reserve this for ocassions! :)

Princess Feef said...

i never tried any of these ,, but ,, your face looks flawless ,, so you dont need allot of coverage =)

The Beautifier said...

Being a mineral makeup lover, I am really looking forward to buying the SheerCover makeup. I was searching for the reviews on this and I'm glad that it worked so well for you, hun! xoxo

Cynthia Z said...

First things first, yr hair looks amazing! :O

Impressive stuff there...might order for myself too :)


Sheefa F said...

thanks a lot Cynthia! thats really sweet of you :)

@Princess Feef - It's been a few days since my skin is free from any blemishes, lets hope it continues to be the same :)




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