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Lisa Eldridge Inspired

I adore Lisa Eldridge as a make up artist. I found her you tube channel a few months ago and am totally a hardcore fan now. There is something different in the way she perceives make up. Her approach is simple and classy yet effective! There are a tonne of you tube channels I watch but the skills I learn from Lisa's channel is something I actually follow. 

I think she did a similar look a while back and I wore it out the other day and really liked it. 

Lisa's all about flawless complexion, without it looking too cakey or over the top. I used my Sheer Cover Mineral Make up foundation and concealer to achieve that. I have no idea why I look dewy in flash as the mineral make up is completely matte! I know I don't look half as good as Lisa but there's no harm in getting inspired is there? 

I hardly see Lisa piling on blusher. She likes colour on her cheeks but uses is pretty sparingly just to brighten up the face a little to avoid it looking pale. I choose to wear my Givenchy Prisme Blush in Timid Rose as it gives me that pretty pink flush without the edges. 

Eyes are something Lisa has a very different approach to. I don't ever see her using a million colours on the lid and then blending it obsessively. She likes to keep it clean yet effective, mainly using blocks of vivid colours throughout.

I used a pale pastel-y lilac from the Sleek Bohemian palette and a bright matte green from the Sleek Circus palette followed by MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline to liner the upper lash line slightly winging it out.

I either see Lisa pulling a bright lip or mid tone browns and pinks, but I choose a pale lilac with a pink undertone to it as it was in line with the eye shadow I used. I tried a coral lip first but it washed me off so nude was what worked best for lips here. 

I am wearing a pale lilac-pink shade from MAC. I recently got a palette of MAC lipsticks from a blog sale but they have no shades on them unfortunately. 

Who inspires you on YouTube or as a Make up Artist? 

Don't forget to follow Lisa's channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/lisaeldridgedotcom

indianmakeupways said...

the subtle look is great.and lovin the blush....it is giving such a cute flush!

Lucy said...

I love the eyes on this :-)


liloo said...

gorgeous look :)

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely!
I love watching Lisa too and pixiwoo and gossmakeupartist :D they know what they're on about, lol.


Tanveer said...

I love your overall look, you look very good. I had not heard about Lisa till I read your post, But I will def chk her out tonight, because I liked her philosophy of simple eyeshadows.

I too use similar technique of main blocks and I hate the entire multicolor blending bit - even though it looks amazing on some people. I somehow prefer this simpler method, & I have been following the same since the last 2 years with pretty good results.. I have a feeling I am gonna like Ms. Lisa :)

KittyBonkers said...

Ooooo that looks very pretty love the eye colour!! Suits you!

Kitty x

Sheefa F said...

@Tanveer - Thanks :) No ways, you haven't come across Lisa yet? Her videos are addictive! You're bound to like her.

@Discombobulatedd - Oh yea, pixiwoo and goss are my other favourites!

** raspcherry .. said...

Pretty! great post babes!

Cynthia Z said...

Oh I love Lisa too! I just found her vids a couple of months back n I just adore the way she talks :D

U look stunning as always...the eyeshadow combo is so pretty


Liparazzi said...

I love this look on you, it's really pretty. The shape of your eyes is really lovely

Beauty Scribbler said...

The make-up looks great on you! Your eye make-up always looks good. By the way, mineral make-up bounces back white in flash photography which is why you noticed you look dewy in the flash photos, despite it looking matte in real life. I had to stop wearing mineral make-up because I kept looking really sweaty in photos!! Big, shiny white patches all over my face! It's the zinc oxide / titanium dioxide in the mineral foundation that bounces light.

The "dewiness" doesn't look bad on you though, just on me I looked terrible!

Sheefa F said...

@Beauty Scribbler - really? that's really helpful info hun, thanks a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

mm nice! outa go watch her videos! aaa thanx scribbler for that bit of advice on mineral make up. now i know why i look weird and ghostly n photos. erg! ♥ i like the blue and purple mix!


ellamarie84 said...

you look gorgeous! I love your hair as well, looks really dark and sleek!

Devea said...

Love her youtube channel! And I agree with you about her approach to makeup, its very simple and classy!

Unknown said...

wow u are beautiful ♥

amazing post defently be ur
reader ♥


nicoletta said...

Love this look on you, really beautiful. My sound isnt working on computer at the moment so cant watch u tube its driving me nuts x

Sheefa F said...

@nicoletta - ooh! :O I can understand, I get really impatient too! Do check her channel out later though.

@Serah Alabi - Thank you :)

@ellamarie 84 - oh thanks! I haven't dyed it since a year so the original colors coming back :)

Roshni said...

you look soo beautiful shifa! nice and sophisticated =D xx

Well Dressed Beauty said...

pretty :)

Lipglossiping said...

beautiful! x

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

hey Shifa..I think i'm late...anyways, you are looking gorgeous in this simple look...I love your innocent eyes...very beautiful.

MEVISH said...

just GOREGOUS!! You have such flawless skin im jealous!

Sheefa F said...

@Rakshanda @Roshas @welldressedbeauty @Liglossiping - thanks a lot for the lovely comments ladies :)

@Mevish - no way! I love your skin girl!

Unknown said...

That is a gorgeous look. I love the eyes and the delicate flush to the cheeks is perfect. I love Lisa and her videos are great.

I'm not sure exactly who I am inspired by, there are so many people. I've loved looking at Kenneth Soh's work recently, he's always great to chat to on twitter too! xx

The Beautifier said...

I also really like Lisa and her videos are a must watch for every makeup loving girl!
Your makeup is really fresh and I like the color combo you used for this look xoxo

SilhouetteScreams said...

I'm mildly obsessed with Lisa Eldridge's videos these days, as well as the Pixiwoo girls. I love that they're not about packing on 50 eyeshadows precisely, they do things a bit messily and it totally works :)

Glam-Me-Up said...

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Venus Loves Virgo said...

That's a real pretty natural look :)
now following you , care to follow back XOXO




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