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I got some Givenchy

My first purchase from Givenchy, you can understand the excitement right?

By the way, the 'brands' featured on the blog these days are only due to some presents I've been receiving for completing my degree, in case you were wondering. Lets hope they keep coming lol.

I got a Liquid Liner and a Blush. I was very tempted by their 9 cube highlighter-eyeshadow palette as it reminded me of Dior Amber Diamond so much!

Anyway, here's the blusher. Its the Le Prisme Blush in Timid Rose.

The packaging is adorable and classy at the same time. If I pay a hefty price for such a product, I obviously expect the packaging to be something different and this definitely is. I will be enjoying popping this out of my bag for touch ups. Not quite sturdy I would say, so be careful!

This has four complimentary shade of colors, a deep pink, a baby pink, a soft lilac and a highlight color. The colors however are not very pigmented. You have to get a lot of color on your brush for it to show up. Although when the MA in the store applied this on me, it immediately showed up? Givenchy brushes I tell you! They should start selling them in stores.

This will be perfect for those lighter than NC/NW30 skin tones. It will be a tad bit harder to show up on those darker than that such as myself. I would have been better off with a deeper shade. I in fact love to use this quad for an eyeshadow, as I love the look and feel of airbrushed eyeshadow. This is pretty much like airbrush makeup, get it?

The consistency of this is like no other. It smells slightly floral which is very pleasant indeed. The particles in the blush are supposedly much more minute compared to the usual blushes, due to which it mimics the appearance of skin like texture and you will not see any edges what so ever. It feels light, luxurious and sleek. If that's what you are feeling like one day, then pop in at Givenchy and get this!

And then we have the Parad'Eyes Liner in Number 5.

This is something I am overtly impressed with. I don't have luck with eye liners really and dread liquid eyeliners on a daily basis only because I haven't found the correct texture yet. This is a gorgeous blue color with shimmer. It appears teal in the day time and a gorgeous indigo as it gets darker. Any way it keeps the eyes looking bold and sexy!

The texture is just perfect, not too runny nor gloopy. The consistency unlike the blush is superbly pigmented and the staying power of this truely amazes me. You can use this on the upper and the lower lash line and its suitable for the waterline too. The applicator is so precise and helps you build up the line gradually.

They had a gorgeous shimmery pink-gold color in this which I have my eyes on. Now this is what I call an investment. Highly recommended.

I have to especially mention their fantastic customer service though. Me and my sister especially enjoyed chatting with their MA Joan at Debenhems (Lakeside). She is a makeup artist herself, has some great skills to share. I loved the fact that she introduced us to a lot of products but in the end left it to us to decide. Also I had a mishap with the blush featured above where it arrived broken at home and I took it to return where they happily did so for me in a jiffy! Isn't this how all brands should treat us like? We are in fact planning to visit Joan again for a makeover this time.

Would you recommend something in particular from Givenchy?
PeachesandBlush said...

I love love LOVE the givenchy blush. I am an NW 30 in MAC and i got a givenchy blush as a gift last year, it wasnt these shades- they were deeper than that. It was a prism again blush but cant remember the colour name for the life of me. The blushes were like 4 plateau type of raised platforms, and the colours were gold, peach, berry and a bronze

Sheefa F said...

oh yea I remember seeing that too Mehak but for some reason chose for the lightest of all colors :( aah we learn!

Anonymous said...

I don't usually buy Givenchy but I'll have to try that eyeliner!

Well Dressed Beauty said...

wow these look amazing! I need to stop walking past the Givenchy counter and actually take a look :)

Grace Wong said...

wow, you're so lucky!
I'm dying to get that eyeliner now!

Unknown said...

That liner looks amazing. Love the blush too

Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

the packaging is soooo nice! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful packaging and the colours in the blush look sublime - for me the eyeliner wins, I love that soft metallicised steel blue colour - great post. Thankyou

Supergirl said...

Yes, I want that eyeliner too:)

Anonymous said...

Ooh the blush and liner look amazing! I'm definitely going to check them out next time i'm in Debenhams!

graphology said...

These products look so pretty :-)

Inner Belle said...

such a pritty eyeliner colour, iv never tried givenchy before

** raspcherry .. said...

Amazing haul, great choices, Ive tried this eyeliner n love it too, x.

hanidee said...

I love the packaging and the liner looks really good! Super intense!

bubblistyle said...

ooh, four shades in a really pretty case. that is definitely a good buy!

Irene said...

I'm in love with the blush (well partly and may be even mostly with the packaging)
Is it shimmer or matte? Do you mind telling how your skin reacted on it?
I'm looking for a blush of Sephora's range (as my skin doesn't like MAC ones) but to spend $ just to find out that my skin doesn't like it either is not really what I want.
Thank you!

Maria Elizabeth said...

I've never tried Givenchy before. These look really nice and have gorgeous packaging though :)

PeachesandBlush said...

hey..congrats on the cosmo feature girl..

SilhouetteScreams said...

Ooooh that blush looks really pretty :3 love the luxe packaging too

Sheefa F said...

@Renee - it seems of very high quality so I doubt it would irritate your skin at all, well it worked fine with mine. Its a silky-matte finish. I agree, I found the texture much better than Nars and Mac blushes, I just wished it would be a tad bit more pigmented! Go for a brighter color as it wont show up as bright as it seems in the pan.

~Lisa said...

Ooh! *jumps around all excited for you*

I really like the blush colour!


GREEDS said...

That liquid liner looks awesome. The only beauty product I have from Givenchy is the Phenomen'Eyes Mascara. It is perfect for me because I don't wear much eye make-up at all, pretty much all I wear is mascara. My eyelashes aren't too spectacular, but this product definitely gives them the ultimate boost. Perfect for the dramatic eye look, as well. I got it from Sephora last year, you should check it out.


Unknown said...

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mrs. halimah. said...

love the blue liner! just caught up on a few pages of your blog - it's fabulous!




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