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Eyeko - for a soft focus glow

This is one of the best products launched by Eyeko so far! I was very skeptical to try this out you know. I mean its a huge pot of silvery pink cream for heaven's sake. It does look quite appetising though, strawberry ice cream anyone?

They say, its an eye cream, moisturiser and highlighter. Now I don't know how one would use a silvery pink cream as an eye cream, so I would not recommend that.

Using it as a moisturizer is also something I would not agree with but I guess by that they meant its suitable to apply all over the face. Now some people would find it too much glitter, but it depends on your skin tone really.

Have you ever heard of those lavender colored concealers or powders made to brighten up sallow-dull complexions? Well I found this works pretty much like them. I have a yellow complexion and this does an amazing job to brighten it up and add a rosy glow. Basically 'my skin but better' effect.

I did not find it overtly glittery, in fact it can be easily buffed in and made to look natural. It is what it says, provides a soft focus glow. Speaking about its highlighting properties, I think its amazing! I haven't tried a pink-ish illuminator yet and am really enjoying having a play around with this one!

Works great on the cheek area and the nose bridge especially. It's very easy to use as well, so I make sure I pop some on before I leave the house or sometimes before my foundation to perk up my complexion.

It is not cheap for £8 but the amount you are getting is mind-boggling. They also do a bronzey version of this cream which I am now tempted to try.

Jo said...

Oooo... think I may have to order this and also have a look at the Bronze one.


nicoletta said...

I have to say i'm tempted x

Ki said...

The bronzey version may work better for my nc43-44 skin!

Beth. said...

Never tried any eyeko before, this may just be my first purchase :)
- Beth x

May said...

I love Eyeko, this looks fab! Reminds me a little of Benefit's High Beam? xxx

Fum said...

I have this cream and the bronze one, I love them, they work well on my pale skin and last ages.

bubblistyle said...

i think i have to get one myself! :)
thanks for following! ^_^

Ansa said...

I love this. I love multi-purpose products

Fern said...

it looks gorgeous! Really want it! xx

Mehak said...

A pink-silver toned cream--hmm..never seen one of those, but im slightly tempted...specially for the bronze version... ** does a quick check of credit card bill on makeup so far ** ...possibly next months purchase if they ship to here ( i already spent a fortune at coastal scents today, international shipping to India is not cheap!)

Grace Wong said...

wow, this looks nice!
Did it cause any breakouts or anything?

I'm interested in buying this, but I have very sensitive skin.

Anonymous said...

I have the same cream only the original one. I might have to try this one out aswell!

The Beautifier said...

I have got this too! Its a lovely product! xoxo

Get Gawjus! said...

@Grace Wong - I don't reckon it would cause any breakouts girl. I have skin that gets irritated easily too but this was fine!

Jenn said...

It looks so pretty, may have to try it out! Have you ever tried the bronze tinted one as I was thinking about picking that up as well but I'm not too sure?

Jenn xx


Foxy Frangipani said...

These last forever... I got the bronze one as well.. Prefer the bronze one over this :)




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