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Body Glitter or Glitter Henna Anyone?

I love glitter! Who doesn't? Be it in blush, eye shadows or nail paint. But body glitter always seemed like a daunting task to me.Well not now ladies! Because I'll show you how body glitter can be done in a jiffy.

Featuring Jinnyrainbow Body Art. We have below a Jinnyrainbow kit (£30) and a few Jinnyrocks to play along with.

These are the glitters that arrived in my kit. A gorgeous silver, royal blue, a vivid gold and a cadbury purple. They come in little bottles with a flexible plastic nozzle to let you sprinkle just the right amount of product.

The bottles contain a lot of product to be honest and you can get away with quite a few uses. Talking about the texture of the glitter, its very fine not chunky glitter but still manages to provide texture and the end result is ultra rich and glamorous, well you'll see that for yourself in the pictures below.

Oh yes, they also come accompanied with a glue of course. And how can we forget the glue, as this baby helps the glitter stay put for 7 days! The design I had on my wrist worn out in 3 days but on unexposed areas such as the upper arm, 7 days does apply.

All set to play, me and mum got ready making patterns for our body art. She's got a good hand at art and did all my art and craft at school too, so she was my friend for the day. She's used to making such patterns for henna hence the henna inspired designs.

So that's what you'd have to do first, think of a few patterns in mind that you'd like to create. Put it on paper if you like, it makes life easier.

Then we tried replicating the designs on the body. You can use a white or a nude liner pencil, I used a lip liner below. 

Oh yeah, and some important tools that you'll need in the way. A precise liner brush, in case you find drawing with the glue brush a tad bit difficult.  The fan brush make dusting away the spare glitter so much easier!

How to:
- Sketch out a design/pattern on selected body part with a eyeliner/lip pencil or a pen.
- Follow the line with the glue brush provided.
- Let the glue settle for about a minute or so until tacky.
- Then sprinkle the powder from the bottle covering the entire area (obviously messily!)
- Dust off the excess with a fan brush.

As simple as that! Don't worry about sprinkling the glitter messily as the glitter will ONLY stick to the glue. The rest can be easily dusted away with a brush and you will be left with you desired design. 

I tried to create a few below and trust me it is much easier than would think, plus the glitter dries in a minute after which it stays put until you remove it with an oil based remover or scrub it off hard in the shower.

Ignore my messy application on the arm ladies, it was a bit hard to work there. Overall I LOVE the result! It looks glamorous and is eye catching and would make a lovely alternative to the usual Eid Henna. I am really looking forward to using it then.

You can find these at www.jinnyrainbow.com or visit them at Selfridges (London) if you like. You can get your desired pattern done there too! 

Here's an amazing video on how to use Jinnyrainbow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWP0dMt119c

and some pictures of the Jinnyrainbow art that I liked....Ain't their artists amazing?

Sabina said...

i will order some for eid.it looks so glam x

Well Dressed Beauty said...

These are gorgeous!! Makes a change from plain boring henna :)

nihrida said...

This looks really interesting. It's not my style (too colorful), but I like it anyway. The last photo is amazing.

~Lisa said...

Ooh! How cool!


Stephine said...

This is gorgeous!

GREEDS said...

Lol, these look pretty fun. I don't know if I could seriously bring myself to sport them, but they sure are something to brighten your look.


Princess Feef said...

oh wow ,, this is awesome for halloween and kids face painting =D

Farah said...

Ive always loved glitter on henna this looks amazing

jetgirl said...

love it!!! i thought of doing a similar concept a few years back but never got around to it. love!

Anonymous said...

o wow those are some pretty pics! this is great for eid coming up! every year my friends have a henna party! wear did u order yours from? www.jinnyrainbow.com? Also do you suggest any particular colours or kinds. I have light skin but all the girls at the party will have typical dark desi skin.


indianmakeupways said...

heyyyyyyyy tats a cool idea. even i have never liked body glitters. but this sure is an innovative idea.

Roshni said...

soo beautiful - i tried it in selfridges :)

Sami said...

Ahhh someone put this on me once and it looked sooo lovely! I don't think I'd be able to recreate such lovely patterns though! xx

Imo said...

I love this! the art is so beautiful Ive seen them in selfridges and they did some work on a friend of mine and it looked soooooo gorgeous! x

Anonymous said...

Oh why do I always find stuff I want to buy on here :P This looks like so much fun!

Sheefa F said...

@L - hehe aww, am glad for that! :)

@imo - I am so tempted to get one done by the pros too.

@Sami - they do some amazing stencils if you don't want to draw the patterns yourself.

@anya - jinnyrainbow.com it is!

** raspcherry .. said...

soo pretty n looks like so much fun, Ilove doing mehndi but Im a lil outta practice, great post babes!

MEVISH said...

whoa that looks amazing! must try that one :)

PeachesandBlush said...

Those pros are awesome !!!

beeroyal said...

omg they look sick!!.. i might end of buyin some myselff :D great post hun xx

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Looks super fab and cute!!

Miss Nikka
My Beauty Blog <3

beeroyal said...

ps. hun ive tagged you. check it out... http://beeroyal.blogspot.com/2010/08/tag-about-me.html

The Beautifier said...

How cool is that!! I love mehndi art & tatooes, this would make a perfect substitute for mehndi tattoos! I must get it soooon, thanks for sharing this hun!xoxo

Unknown said...

im so impressed, this is so sparkly and pretty! love it
drey jewelry.

SilhouetteScreams said...

This is awesome! I never even thought you could use glitter like that. Body glitter just always reminded me of these gross ones I bought as a kid that was basically craft store glitter in a really sticky substance that was kind of like vaseline mixed with glue :X

Amanda said...

wow this is just super cool, and u did an awesome job..




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