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Are you obsessed with make-up?

I am! *raises both hands*

There should be a scale to determine whether you are isn't it?

How I know I am is because I get told this by a tonne of people who know me. I am not even those sorts who get hooked up by every new collection MAC brings out you know. Its just the amount of time, energy and effort one spends on doing a particular thing is what leads to the so called term - obsession.

There is not a single time when I am out in the city, town or the streets where there are shops and I would not have stepped into a Superdrug. You'll find me exploring new makeup-boutiques in my spare time, swatching eye shadows like crazy in Boots or pestering MA's in Selfridges. Friends get tired chasing me out of drugstores and family trying to change passwords for Paypal but I wont give up. I can't just help it! You know how its like right?

What I don't understand is why people don't term this as 'passion' rather than 'obsession'? I never get told I am passionate about make-up, its more like I am obsessed with it. I mean its not that I am a chain smoker or something like that. Then why view it so negatively? I swear even chain smokers are treated more leniently lol.

What people don't get is whatever they say, its not going to cure my 'obsession', because it is NOT obsession. I am just overtly fond of make-up - simple :)

OMG! This rambling just made me the queen of random.

Just something that's always been on my mind. Do you get such vibes regarding your 'make-up obsession' too?

p.s. I have reached a thousand followers guys :D Thanks a tonne to every person who takes the time to follow, read and comment! It keeps us bloggers going ♥ a giveaway is on it way ;)
liloo said...

You're right girl!
Let us be passionate ;)
Congrats for your 1001 members ;) xoxo

Lydia said...

you're right! We're passionate!

congrats on the followers!

Simarjit said...

congrats girl.. im so glad im your 1001 subscriber :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you say =). Hehe. && congratss ^__^

Ana said...

OMG you're so right, but this at some point is a bit annoying, I have so much stuff I don't know if i'll use it all, but the passion is there :)

welldressedbeauty said...

yeah passion ftw!! congrats on 1001 subscribers :D

resham said...

Congratulations for 1001 followers...I can imagine the joy...:)

Devs said...

That is so true. And sometimes I get a bit annoyed because they make it sound like a bad thing...but its just like any other hobby.

Congrats on the followers!

The Beautifier said...

Congrats on your 1000+ followers hunny! You'r absolutely right about what you say dear! I too feel the same way :) xoxo

Fifi said...

I am definitely "passionate" about makeup as well. And congrats on your 1000+ followers! :D

DANA said...

Congratulations on your 1001 followers!!! I've reached 65 and I'm like, OMG I reached 65!! lol!!

And yes, I am definitely passionate about makeup ^^v

Stephine said...

I wish I could get more into DOING it! I'm so into collection makeup with all the gorgeous colors and different things you can do with it but my lack of 'talent' and money stops me from wearing it so much.

roshas said...

you're so right - i also hate it when people have a bad idea of you just because you wear makeup.. i think its good to make an effort everyday - it shows you're not lazy!!

congrats on 1000 followers - u deserve it ! xx

glitteryeyesxx said...

Oh my geebus! I'm glad you did this entry! I was just having a talk with my gf earlier today, too, about this matter. I DON'T GET IT!!! Ppl just see us as blowing $$$, but honestly...all the money I DO spend is my own HARD-EARNED money. Instead of investing this in alcohol or drugs like some of my friends, I'm just using this as a means to be my creative self. Every day, I feel like I am creating a different "persona" and I am able to role-play who I feel like being, via my make-up or hair. Ppl needa realize that make-up can, in fact, BE A PASSION. Well-said, girl! :)

Beth. said...

Congratulations on the 1000+ followers :)

It would be great if you could check out my blog sometime!

Tanveer Parmar said...

That is a very nice post. Even I am "passionate" about make-up. Though sometimes I do feel guilty, as frankly I do have too much stuff. :)

Congrats on yr 1000 + followers. You are doing a gr8 job & keep it up :)

Maddy said...

yes..yes..I feel so bad when I am the only one having this love affair with makeup...

And congrats for 1000 followers

poohkie said...

Hey congrats!

I love this post. So true. Everyone in my family things I'm 'obsessed'. Next time my brother calls me obsessed, I'm gonna ask him if he has anything in his life he's so passionate about? Should shut him up for a while...

Maria Elizabeth said...

Totally agree! I can walk into the pharmacy for medicine and spend an hour looking at makeup. Everyone I know calls me obsessed as well. We're just passionate for makeup! Haha.

Cynthia Z said...

Congrats on yr 1000+ followers girl!

Yes we are all obsessed with makeup...that's why we met. So 'obsession' ain't such a negative after all ;)





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