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Tin o 'Tint - Get runway lips in a jiffy

I don't really know about you guys but I really like the idea of cute little tins of lip gloss or balms.

There's something about them that always inclines me towards them. The super cute designs, colorful graphics or the need to apply them with fingers - there's something child-like about them, don't you agree?

Hence I got really excited when I received Miner's Tin o'Tint's in the post, oh-so-delighted to dip my fingers into them!

I don't have any hygiene issues with these as long as I am the only one using them. I in fact love using my fingers to apply lip products. I even end up blending my lipstick with my fingers eventually.

They come in three shades, Vanilla, Cherry and Watermelon. Ain't they delicious?

I am loving the way the rounded containers have been designed, a bit different from your usual drug store lip balms.

Each of them has a scent of its own depending on the flavour it's supposed to be. My sister thought the vanilla one smelt like a candle, whatever that means?

I think the vanilla one smells divine, I am not a fan of fruity smells otherwise.

However on application, my favourite are watermelon and cherry, hands down. I don't use lipsticks daily as I hate them drying my lips, making them appear flaky or getting into the cracks of the lips.

These on the other hand are a delight to use. They go on smoothly without clinging to dry patches. The finish is like the subtle glossy mouths you would see on the runway, and the pigmentation is better than most lip products really!

You can apply one swipe for a stained lip but I like to dig in and apply loads for a cherry mouth.

As you can see, Cherry and Watermelon suit my skin tone the best hence I am totally in love with them especially when priced at £2.99!

Vanilla is good too, it gives a milky nude-pink finish, which would flatter fairer skin tones and would be lovely to tone down your lip color for a quick nude lip without looking over the top.

Basically, don't expect them to have no color at all. Also, they don't have any taste to them which is something I am relieved to see.

My verdict - get them now and you will surely enjoy using them is my bet! I have to say, Miners Cosmetics don't get enough love, as they range of products always surprise me with their quality and price.

Like the look (or sound) of this? Check them out here.

sonibanno said...

OMG! I looove how the cherry shade looks on you :D

pwincesskam said...

They are so cheap for that price! I have tried Miners before and think they are such great value for money. Thanks for this post babe.

143 said...

Lovely review hun! and I love how the shades look on you. I don't like wearing heavy lipsticks everyday too and this seems just perfect.

beachbumbeauty13 said...

So cute! I want to try these now!

louise said...

These look lovely, perfect for just putting on without a mirror yet still looking lovely.


beautygeeek, Lola said...

aweee these are lush...look great on you. i want to get me some too x

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

I love the look of the tins - so cute! x

Phoebe Limanta said...

they look so adorable! i like the cherry shade :D

paws and pockets said...

I love the look of the watermelon one, although they all look good on :)

GREEDS said...

Wow, for lip balms, these are actually way more noticeable than the average "balm in a tin". I really love the watermelon. I can only imagine how delicious it is. I'm going to check them out, so thanks for the heads up.


Anonymous said...

Ooh i love them! They all look amazing. You have just pursuaded to me to buy some soon :)

The Beautifier said...

I love the Cherry on you hun! Your new banner and dp are super cool!xoxo

Anonymous said...

Heyy cute blog :)

please follow me and I will follow you back :D



Andee Layne said...

love the cherry color! have to snag this one!


Kimberley said...

Really like your new blog layout I thought you other one was nice, but a tad too dark! Miners lipbalms are great, I use them all them and are never drying.


MEVISH said...

love ur new blog layout! those look yummy I usually lick tin balms off my lips after first application!

Cynthia Z said...

I love lip balms in tins too. These are too cute! :)





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