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My new skincare - It works wonders! + mini Giveaway

I have been trying out Cellnique's b-liv range of skincare for more than a month now and it has been working wonders on my skin and definitely deserves its praise.

The skincare range is from Malaysia if I am correct. I have always been a fan of Asian skincare brands as they always seem to be advanced in the ingredients they use and are known to be much more effective in displaying results.

Same goes for this brand, they know what they are doing quite well and make products that specifically target problematic areas of the face.

The packaging of their products is also something I really appreciate for their pump dispensers and convenient handy bottles.

Drench me (USD 25) is a moisturising face wash which helps you keep your skin squeaky clean without stripping it off its moisture. I suffer from combination-dry skin due to which this is perfect for me. I usually find other face washes a bit harsh on my skin making it appear parched after.

However this does not do that. My skin appears supple after use and its water-binding ability helps my skin retain moisture throughout the day. I like to use this as my morning face wash before I apply my make up.

It contains Seaweed extract which has hydrating properties and green tea extract which has antioxidant properties. It also promises to brighten to skin which I feel it does and prevent it from aging, which I believe it will if it continues to work so miraculously on my skin.

Submerge me (USD 49) has become my daily moisturizer since when I received this product. It is something I am addicted to and cannot stop using. What I like about this is how light it is in formulation, which is why it does not clog up my pores with excess oils yet providing enough moisture.

I do suffer from occasional spots when using rich moisturizers, hence I find this product perfect for my combination-dry skin. That said, It hydrates my skin very well and keeps its hydrated for quite a few hours.

It is quite tricky to find a good moisturizer but this is by far the best I have tried and also one of the few that did not break me out! This has improved my skins texture tremendously and made it so smooth.

Shield me (USD 32) is as you read it correctly, a sun block than shields you from the sun. It has an SPF of 25 which in my opinion is sufficient enough.

What I find different in this particular sun screen is how moisturising it is compared to ones in the market. There are other brands that offer similar products but I end up using them on my body rather than face as they are too thick and drying!

This one however is of a lovely light consistency just like their moisturizer and hydrates my skin while protecting it. I have used this religiously whilst on my holiday and it does seem to do its job pretty well.

Off with those heads (USD 63) is a unique product, one that we normally don't come across so often on the shelves. It is targeted towards blackheads and whiteheads which I usually do suffer from on the cheek area.

I use this on a cleansed face and it softens the pores so that black/white heads can me extracted easily. I however don't try to extract them after, neither do they miraculously extract themselves.

This products takes its time to work but over the time it has somehow reduced the appearance of whiteheads on my cheek area. It is anti-inflammatory, controls oils and unclogs pores which may be how it controls acne, spots and whiteheads.

This absorbs really quickly, leaves a matte finish and you dont need to remove this is the best thing about it! One of their best products in my opinion.

Leach me (USD 28) is a saviour when you have dry, dull skin and want to revitalize it for a special occasion or a night out. Well that's the time when I use this. I have fine lines of my face (already!), which is a symptom of dry skin. This moisturizes my skin from within and leaves me with glowing smooth skin.

The effects last as long as a facial so you can judge for yourself. Consider it a quick-fix!

The consistency of the mask is absolutely watery though so you have to be careful applying it sparingly. It is similar to appearing like water and it wont dry like a mask but the results are something not many masks deliver.

It would a treat for the skin in the winters. That said, its not overtly rich to be unsuitable for hot climates.

I thought a picture would be decent enough to give you guys a rough idea of how the skincare worked on me.

It drastically improved my skins texture in my opinion and its overall appearance. I love the packaging of the products and how effective they are.

I am an addict already! Overall, a huge thumbs up.

Also Cellnique are offering free samples of Off with those heads (3ml) to first 50 readers of GetGawjus. Just email your full name and shipping address to fbfreesample@blivskin.com with the subject getgawjus.blogspot.com. This offer will end one week after the product review is posted, so hurry up!

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided by the company PR for consideration.
sonibanno said...

I have been using this range too and you are sooo correct coz this is great :D

pwincesskam said...

Your skin does look much better in the after pics. Thanks for the review.

Meowcake said...

I've been looking for a miracle product like this, but it seems so expensive :(

143 said...

Ohhh sounds lovely shifa! Would defo try out.

Palak said...

Great review shifs !
I'm loving your skin now , great improvement :)
I may enter the giveaway if they ship to India :P

Sherry said...

already email :D

lipton|TEE said...

These products worked really well. I notice some improvement in your skin!

TiffanyMonet said...

Thank you for the review! I've been looking for a new skincare line.. =)


Stephine said...

Wow, your skin looks so amazing. I definitely would love to try this product!

Chibu74 said...

wow, would love to try, i just emailed

DesignerSpray said...

Your skin looks amazing! I may try this product. I'm in search for something that will also improve my skins texture. At the moment I'm using Shahnaz Husain's Diamond Rehydrand Lotion. xx

Anonymous said...

lovely! i just sent my email!

Amina said...

oooh this range looks and sounds really good x

Anonymous said...

Wow, your skin looks fantastic in the after pic!

Cynthia Z said...

Major difference that is! Impressive.


GREEDS said...

I'm a victim of combination/dry skin as well, and I've never heard of this skincare line. I'm really interested in testing it out... It looks effective + to top it off, the names of the products are so cute. The prices are not bad at all, either. I think I'm gonna check these out!





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