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The week in pictures

I am on a holiday at present and the lack of super-fast net connection may explain the lack of post these days. Apologies ladies!

These are the few pictures I took this week in India.

The above picture is what I wear on a daily basis. Minimal makeup where I do up the entire face using liquid concealers and highlighters only as the foundation literally melts. I also have some MAC Beauty Powder Blush in Eversun on.

I hardly feel like wearing any makeup here too as most people are out and about with a naked face and I don't want to end up looking odd. However this one day I did sport YSL's cream eye shadow all over the lids as it seemed to match my blue tunic.

Also the weather goes above 40 degrees sometimes and hair gets all wet if left open which is why I had to tie my hair which I never EVER do.
However I wanted to opt for a chic way to tie my hair. So I opted for a pouf on the crown with the fringes and a side swept plait. Its simple and fun and helps me stay cool (weather wise lol).

Also what it helps with is to create messy beach waves without any tools. One bird with two stones - voila!

I also hate sporting accessories in a hot country as it does get sticky throughout the day. My Micheal Kors has been my best friend as I sport it all the time. Its super chic and the color goes with almost everything. I am in love with it!
The only thing is the rubber strap gets stained and I will make sure to get one with a ceramic belt next time, maybe the Champagne colored one?

And not to forget the sumptuous pakoras you get here. You will hardly find two pakoras to contain the same ingredients! Such amazing variety I can't tell you. I absolutely love them as snacks. Definitely not great for the waistline eh? But I am legally allowed to hog on a holiday right :D
Anyhow, I miss blogging a lot and will keep updating you guys but not so often as I would like I am afraid.
What have you guys been up to? Any favourite holiday destinations?
Goldenwolf said...

Wow what are those pakoras? I want to try one, can you get meat free ones? I have just been chilling at my boyfriends! Boring haha

Florida is one of my fav holiday destinations :D But I want to go back to Pakistan, cause last time I went I was too young to remember!

Get Gawjus! said...

@Goldenwold - mixed vegetable, paneer, onion and potatoe ones hehe :p

TiffanyMonet said...

You are Beautiful!!! I love the MK Watch..I have the silver one.. =)

xo T


Sarah@Glossicious ♥ said...

You look so fresh and gorgeous, I like the minimal makeup look. Have fun hon!

Anonymous said...

Like the hair. My faveourite shopping place is actually Newcastle in UK. I also would like to visit Trinidad & Tobago again, since my mother is from there.

Tugba said...

Yummy yummy yummy :) I can't wait for my holiday hehe



shoppingaholic said...

You look fab and nah!! you would not look odd with make up at all. I am not a fan of watches but yours look just-essential. :)


Pyxiee said...

You are looking gorgeous as ever! I am off to India for a month in 3 weeks so hoping to use minimal make up too! I might take note and plait my hair over there too xx

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful hun, you don't need any makeup at all!
I'm itching to go on holiday right now.. could really do with one. sigh.. x

Cynthia Z said...

Ur glowing girl...Yr homeland suits u hehe. U look cute with braided hair.

Those pakoras sure look yum...I need to have some now..maybe this weekend :)

Enjoy your holiday!


roshas said...

wow you look amazing :) flawless skin xx

ellamarie84 said...

You're so beautiful! I was just in California myself, really enjoyed it. And I have that watch, too! I love it but yes it is bothersome that it gets dirty! Enjoy your trip!!

Miss♥Nikka said...

You look beautiful! :] I have tried those pakoras before, theyre delish!

G.G.G said...


Cute look. I have been on a wildlife holiday too and now back in the grind..but still away from home. So I can understand the trouble of no hi speed internet :-(

Pakoras..yumm..my fave is paneer.

Enjoy your vacation :-)

Tanveer Parmar said...

Wow, yr look is so clean but so so pretty. Skin looks amazing babes! Hope u r having a good time here in India :)

Laura Beth said...

Wow, your so pretty. Love the side braid, glad you're having fun!


Adorable On Your Vanity said...

Ahh Shifa, even I am in India right now. So hot. Its getting on my nerves now :)
Hope you have a good time too.

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

And I had paneer pakoras from old delhi for breakfast today too :) I love the tamarind chutney so yummm.

ipehishere said...

you are soo preety!! :)

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

I sooooo want your watch. I love Michael Kors!

lamia said...

you're beautiful!! great post!!

Take a look at my new blog, it’s about Moroccan caftans:


Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

You are so adorable! I love the minimalistic look and your watch is TDF!!!

Get Gawjus! said...

@Shivani - Oooh the heat is killing me too hun :S Besides that, I don't mind India :)

@Cynthia - Its the humidity thats making me 'glow' :p lol

thanks a tonne gurls for the lovely comments. Its great hearing about your fave holiday spots :) I wana visit all of the now!

Anonymous said...

you look sooo pretty - i wish i could go minimal - we forget how good a look can look with barely any blush - all emphasis on eyes... nice x

The Beautifier said...

Hey shifs! Hope you are having a great time in India:)
You look beautiful with the braid hair and pouf :D and those pakoras look so delicious! xoxo




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