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Rituals - Tao Bath & Body Range

I was recently invited to a press launch of Rituals Tao Bath and Body range by the lovely Emily. I have to say it was a great atmosphere created at the Soho House and everything seemed so much in sync with the products, calm and serene. We were sent off with the products seen above. I am not simply advertising them for the sake of it, but because I genuinely found them interesting.

Here we have a a Wu Wei Bath Foam, a Wai Wang Body Exfoliating Cream and a Yin Bed and Body Mist.

The Bath Foam (£10.50) is enriched with calming white lotus and green tea. First of all, I love the packaging. The lid design is so innovative! The product itself smells divine and relaxing. This is a fluffy cream bath and it did make my skin feel really soft and supple afterwards. I mean I love the usual Dove but such luxury bath products definitely make baths a totally different experience. The price may seem steep to some but the bottle is humongous to last quite a while as a tiny bit foams up a lot.

I am kind of lazy and this was the first time ever that I indulged in a Body Exfoliating Cream (£10.50). The formulation is pretty thick and creamy as you can see above. You only need a tiny bit to exfoliate an area of your body. The thick creamy texture has fine beads in them. It's supposed to contain ultrafine Chinese Bamboo which removes dead skin cells. This one is suitable for sensitive areas on the body such as the neck and the decollete. I found the texture was the right consistency, creamy enough to moisture well and the exfoliating enough to remove dead skin cells. My skin felt really fresh and smooth after using this. You should moisturize thoroughly after using this though! Again, smells scrumptious. Totally recommended if you want to give body exfoliators a try.

This product is my favourite as I have a liking for unique products. Its a Bed and Body Mist (£12). Basically its a fragranced spray which contains Yi Yi Ren and White Lotus which is meant to stimulate sleep and meditation. The unique thing is that along with using this as a body spray you can also use this on textiles like your pillow. Spray it before going to sleep to help you relax. This does not contain Alcohol which I love, plus the smell is not overpowering like a perfume. It's like a therapeutic body spray if you know what I mean. Completely wearable during the day. I am a sucker for such calming unique smells and like to spray it ever so often. This would be kind of an extravagant purchase to be honest. Try it in the store and you may be sold ;)

The Tao range by Rituals is based on ancient Chinese Philosophy of Ying and Yang. It is all about striking a balance in life, like using such relaxing measures to counteract stress, get me?

I am really fond of this range which ranges from £6 to £12. They have such lovely pastel green packaging and deliciously smelling products. They really seem to be in sync with their company ethics which impresses me fore sure.

Some may find this kinda extravagant but to me its completely okay to indulge in luxury bath and body products once in a while and these will make a great treat. Check them out at Westfields.


pwincesskam said...

The bed and body mist is calling out to me! Will check the range for sure.

sonibanno said...

thanks for the honest review gawjus! It is kinda extravagent for me but the products are pretty huge and I may treat my self to one of them :)


liloo said...

Ohhhh thx for this review, it's the first time i hear about this brand :)


Mmmm Just the packaging would make me want to buy this! I'm going to for sure have to check it out!

The Beautifier said...

I might treat myself with the bath foam as I love the smell of green tea :)

sexy mutha pucka said...

I want to get my hands on the Bath foam, sounds lush!

Viva La Fashion said...

luxurious baths are the best! :D

Cynthia Z said...

Body exfoliating cream sounds divine!





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