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Don't go on the price, give it a try will ya?

This would be shocking to some but this is my first ever ELF haul. Even after hearing so many praises about its cheap yet effective products, I couldn't get to buying any of it. To be honest, the only reason preventing me from from a purchase was that this was a low end brand.

Not in a bad way, but you know how sometimes we have a preconception about cheaper products being low in quality and all, that's what I suffered from, the 'Pretentious Syndrome' I like to call it.

Tone Correcting Concealer (£1.50) - I got this in Apricot Beige which is medium pink-beige color. It looks pretty light but somehow blends seamlessly into my complexion.

It blends really well, sets quickly, has an illuminating finish to it which is why I would compare this to MAC's Moisture Cover Concealer. You can pat it to blend or simply swipe it around the eyes, anyway it provides pretty decent coverage.

It did not get into my fine lines as badly as some Bobbi Brown Concealers so I would rate this higher for sure. You would need to re-apply after a few hours but that's fine with me. On the whole, amazing product for the price.

This seems pretty similar to NW25 in my opinion. You can 4 of these to mix and match the shades and still not exceed the price of MAC's Moisture Cover. Grab it!

Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter (£3.50) - I know, I kinda went bonkers buying concealers. I am obsessed with them and love to try different ones to mix and match them for how I like. This ones in glow/light and it is too light for me as you can probably see above.

Funnily enough, light concealers should turn grey or ashy on darker skin tones, but this just looks 'light' on me, not 'grey'. Again it is a light pink-beige that covers pretty well. This one is illuminating too bu dries to a matte finish later.

The highlighter part is pretty useless as its absurdly light for anyone to work with. However adding a tiny dot over your concealer will help you achieve the Kim K bright under eyes. Not as good as the tone correcting concealer but definitely worth a try for the price.

Mineral Eyeshadow Primer (£3) - My UDPP has dried out since I cut the tube and transferred it into a jar. I mean can't then simply make a tube instead? Argh! Anyways, so I am on the search for another primer which led me to buying this.

This one in texture is a hybrid of UDPP and Two Faced shadow insurance. Not to greasy, neither too dry - just about perfect. It leaves a flesh toned hint on the lids and evens them out leaving them looking slightly glossy.

Blending was surely a dream with this product beneath. Much more easier than UDPP I would say. The best thing about this was that it did not let my eye shadows crease. Creasing eye shadows are my pet peeve!

My eye shadows did however fade after a few hours and the colors initially did not show up as vibrant as I would like. On the whole, it is brilliant for every day use, cheap and efficient. Give this a try for sure gurlies.

As you can probably guess I did have a pretty good experience with ELF. My only complaint would be less quantity of products in the containers and less yellow based concealers.

It is value for money though. You can get so many products for such less prices!

Lesson learnt. Don't judge a brand by its price tag.

Anything you'd like me to try/review from ELF? I would love to know.
Cynthia Z said...

I so wanna try Elf stuff but right now they're only available in Mumbai. I like the packaging of their products. Both those sound nice. I liked the bronzer, contouring blush & bronzing, corrective concealer from the Studio line, if u can review those it's b great, N yeah, Flat top powder brush...lol i could go on.


Anonymous said...

true about judging brands..lol. great post as always.


Anonymous said...

Ohh.. I've never tried the concealers from elf xD. I'm clueless with concealers xD. I recommend the brushes from the studio line, they're good quality - especially for the price =).

if anything, stay away from the shimmering facial whips, they're gloopy and some of them come up water like and feel oily O_O.


Sheefa F said...

oh thanks for the tip Linda :)

and your stuff is on my shopping list now Cynthia hehe

Shivani said...

Hey, Elf is not available in Canada. But soo true about the price tag thing. I recently went to drugstore after centuries and got the most amazing liquid liner (better than MAC, I'd say) from a Canadian drug store brand, Annabelle. I think some drugstore brands are awesome.

Unknown said...

I wanna try elf as well :) Will order some stuff when I'm back to the UK I think :D


nicoletta said...

I wish i'd read this an hr ago i just ordered from elf i would of tried one of the concealers. Never mind next time xx

shoppingaholic said...

Nice post. I am sure this post has cured many pretentious sundrome!! :)


Unknown said...

Yay! You jumped on the ELF bandwagon hehe. 2 of those product I highly rate, the Under eye Concealer and Highlighter and the Eyeshadow Primer. Both excellent value for money!

Not tried the Tone Correcting Concealer, infact Ive never actually seen it, going to look now though!


Unknown said...

great post hehe :)
i love to try Mineral Eyeshadow Primer.. ^^

Laura said...

ooh i would love yor you to review the elf black eyeliner plz if its possible! thanks!

Oreleona said...

i tried the concealer The first one and i cannot stop using it! it blends soo well and it brightens the eyes all just for one buck!!!

Vivianna said...

Ooo I really want to try these out now!

The Beautifier said...

For me, ELF products, especially their studio range, have been a hit or miss thing, I find their regular and mineral range to be good though :)

Dani B said...

Thanks for this review - I have been eyeing up their products for a while and always wonder whether to bother or not.

I think the concealer looks good though for coverage so I will try it as a cheaper alternative to the ones I am currently using! x

Ki said...

Hey :)

if you could review the mineral face primer - that'd be great :)

the concealers seem decent though!

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

i have both , i like the under eye studio one better , because tone correcting concealer is way to orangish for skin tone :(

Julie said...

You should try their Studio brushes. I <3 them!

Yuvna said...

Even I haven't found my HG Concealer yet...I have so many of them from different brands :)
Thanks for the Elf review though.

Chibu74 said...

I recently got a lot of ELF stuff and i'm really happy with my purchase....elf products are really good for their price

Chibu74 said...

their makeup brushes are awesome, do give the brushes a try

Ella Pretty Blog said...

Great post - I want to try the e.l.f. primer now!

I did a review of ELF products recently - I was pleasantly surprised:


For the poster who said ELF is not available in Canada - you can order it from the US and as long as your order is under $20, you don't have to pay customs on it. I've also seen ELF sets at Winners and Dollarama (Canadian stores).

pwincesskam said...

I have tried ELF before and have loved their reasonable products. I haven't tried their concealers though. I will give them a go now!

sonibanno said...

hehe I used to think that way about ELF too, but after trying their HD powder I changed my mind completely. Can you review the flat top brush from the studio line please.

Stevista said...

The mineral eyeshadow primer is really nice, it's one of my faves! :) And it's very cheap too! ;)

New follower here btw! :)




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