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Smoothen out those locks

I love hair serums and balms and use them generously both before and after drying my hair. I have dry, slightly frizzy hair and I haven't been using any heat on them since a few months.

I let them dry naturally and leave them as they are. I may look slightly untidy to people with my ungroomed wavy-beach hair but I don't care, as long as my hair grows with the heat ban in place :)

So far, so good! My hair does look slightly longer to me but it's not growing at the pace I would like it too. Any miracle growth products you guys know of?

Anyhow, in this process I tend to overuse serums and balms to keep my hair looking less wild and more nourished. I was using the Loreal Re-Nutrition Leave in Serum before and it worked pretty good really but after I while I realized it had a nasty smell to it, had to go in the bin.

In the meanwhile, I was introduced to the Neal & Wolf Smoothing Blow-dry Balm. First of all, this baby smells divine! I can't explain the scent to you but its like an expensive perfume or a perfumed hand cream - basically delicious. This is a major upside to the product, as who would not want their hair to smell this good eh?

I like to apply two squirts of this products and massage it especially on the lower section of the hair where it seems to be dry the most. It does calm my hair and makes it frizz free for sure.

It contains wheat protein which is supposed to provide 'moisture, balance and manageability' and I believe it does its work well. I can feel it making my hair much more softer and the ends immediately appear less brittle.

This 200ml bottle retails for £11.95 which is pretty reasonable in my opinion. It has a pump dispenser which helps the product last a lot longer. I tend to use only one or two hair products at a time so I would not mind forking out the money on good quality products and would repurchase this for sure.

You want to rely on hair products like these more in the summer and skip heat tools completely.

They have a lovely range of hair products, check them out here.

I was sent this product for consideration but that does affect my review by any means.
pwincesskam said...

sounds great! I wana give this a try now :)

sonibanno said...

OMG so true that loreal one smells aweful init

blue_eyed_gal said...

I have stopped using heat on my hair from a while too and it does really help doesn't it? I need to try this product out.

Cynthia Z said...

Sounds divine :). The bottle looks nice too.
I'm also want my hair to grow FAST. Taking biotin tablets daily and doing a lot of head massage with different hair oils to stimulate the hair follicles :D


The Beautifier said...

Hey! I checked out their website, they seem to offer a good range of hair care products, I might think of buying one for myself, great review btw! xoxo




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