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I went for a Skin Care Tutorial!

Yesterday I was invited by the lovely Patricia for a skin care tutorial at the Liz Earle store in London as a treat to celebrate 15 years to Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish. This was the first time I visited Sloane Square and absolutely loved the area! It's a treat for shopaholics, I could spend an entire there buzzing around the shops.

Back to Liz Earle. Their store had such an amazing spa-like environment. So calm, fresh and welcoming. I was given a skin care tutorial by Jo who specializes in this area. She diagnosed my skin as normal to lipid-dry which I did not know about and taught me how to use my Liz Earle products in the correct way to make sure they work effectively.

I was also sent with 5 of their products which I got to choose. I will be reviewing them in the next few weeks as they are absolutely gorgeous!

I picked two eye products, a soothing eye lotion which also works as a eye makeup remover and an oil-free smoothing line serum which plumps the area around the eyes and prevents it from looking puffy. I tend to suffer from weak eyes and this should work wonders.

Besides that, I got two face masks. One's a Intensive Nourishing mask and a Deep Cleansing Clay mask. You can mix and match these and use them according to the dry and oily areas you have on your face.

My favourite item for now seems to be the SuperSkin Concentrate. Its a facial oil to use after cleansing at night. It smells divine and this is meant to work on combination skin tones as well as the oil is derived from plant extracts which will not lead to breakouts or clog pores.

What I learnt?

- The skin loses its elasticity after the age of 25. Hence take precautionary measures from now to prevent early ageing.

- If you are in your 20's, give a product 20-25 days to work on your skin, only then will you see the actual results. If you're in your 30's, give it 30-35 days and so on. Maintain consistency.

- Use a sunscreen throughout the year, not only summers as UV rays can cause thinning of the skin and pigmentation.

- The skin under the eyes is even thinner than the thinnest layer of a tissue hence only use patting motions when applying products there.

- Also, don't use a face moisturizer on the under-eye area. Use an eye-gel or a eye cream especially designed for that sensitive area.

- Use large circular motions going outwards from the centre of the face whilst using cleanser and use small circular movements when using an exfoliator. Use the centre of the face as a guideline going outwards and don't forget to include your neck in this process.

- Only exfoliate twice a week as it can cause excessive thinning and drying of the skin which may then lead to your skin producing more oils resulting in breakouts.

- Whilst applying any products to the face, the pressure used should not be any more than what is used to stroke a cat (or dog! or any animal)

Overall I had a great time there! I have always been a Liz Earle fan due to their amazing service and products. They also provide treatments like facials and massages at reasonable prices. Check them out here.

liloo said...

Thanx for sharing xoxo

anamika said...

wow product looks quite interesting:)

Unknown said...

Thanx for sharing :D I wish I would live closer to London :D Hopefully one day :D

sabrina said...

I went to this yesterday and really enjoyed it too! X

Ki said...

I loved the tips :)

Danielle said...

Some fantastic tips! x

Unknown said...

sounds fabulous i use there products and love them x

Chibu74 said...

great info...i'm sure it was a great session on skin care

Imo said...

Wow lucky girl! I ve heard so many amazing things about Liz Earle and I am definitely going to try out the cleanse and polish by the end of the year! (I said this last year =l).

I look forward to the upcoming review =)

White Bazaar said...

Love Liz Earle cleanser and their face masks, look forward to your reviews! Sloane square is lovely, loved it when I last visited london! x

Anonymous said...

thanks for all these advices!!!


Shivani said...

i loved the tips!!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky hunni
the tips are great!

Sheefa F said...

Glad you gurls enjoyed reading :)

Cynthia Z said...

Great tips...I esp loved the last one :P
The products look lovely...particularly intrigued by the Super Concentrate thingy


Anonymous said...

looks fabulosoooo


Imsu said...

Great stuff!

If you can, do enter my CSN $60 Gift Certificate giveaway!
Thank you!

sonibanno said...

oohh loove the stuff you've got! waiting for the review now :)




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