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The Next Studio Sculpt Concealer?

Its oil-free and waterproof, Yay!

I have tried MAC's Studio Sculpt Concealer in stores on numerous occasions trying hard to get myself to buy it due to all the rave around it. But I always find it's consistency very thick and it seems to stick to dry patches around my eye area and looks cakey! It may work for you but it does not for me.

I did manage to find something similar though. Milani's Secret Cover Concealer- Voila!

This one comes in a cute little pot, much like that of MAC's Tinted Lip Conditioner which is pretty convenient for a concealer. I am not a fan of the gold colored screw top, but otherwise the container is pretty sleek.

Not to forget, this comes with 7.7 grams of product as compared to a mere 5mls of product that MAC's Moisture Cover came with, which is a complete rip-off for £12.50!

The consistency of this is very much like Studio Sculpt, just a little less 'wet' if you know what I mean. It is more of a whipped cream consistency than the gel like formula of Studio Sculpt.

This is extremely light on the skin hence blends like a dream. Because of its weightless texture, it does not cling to dry patches on skin or get into fine lines. I have some fine lines under my eyes where I always get creasing but this controls creasing pretty well I must say.

It stays put for quite a few hours after which it slightly fades and you would need to touch up. You only need to one or two dabs of this products under the eyes hence the pot should last for ages!

As for the shade range goes, Milani has 8 shades in total I believe. Surprisingly this is the lightest they have! This seems to me like an NW25, so good news for Asian and darker skin tone ladies :)

Only the first two shades would suit medium skin tones as the rest of the 6 shades are pretty dark, so those of you's with darker skin tones, go check this line out today!

The color I got, Warm Beige 1 has is a yellowy-beige concealer with salmon undertones to it. If you see the swatches above, this one has the right amount of beige, yellow and salmon tones. I hardly see salmon-peachy undertones in drugstore concealers, so well done Milani!

I would say this is an improved version of MAC Studio Sculpt, hence the title of the post. I find Milani's color range and texture very comparable to Eve Pearls Concealers. This has a dewy finish, neither matte nor overly glowy. This surely puts Bobbi Brown's Concealers to shame, as they crease like hell AND make a huge hole in the pocket.

I got this for £4 from a random pharmacy in Stratford Mall (London). You can easily get this in the US as that's where it origniates from I believe. I am pretty sure I have seen a few of them scattered on Ebay and Cherryculture.com too.

Overall, one word- Impressive.
Nikki said...

It looks nice, perhaps a bit a bit too dark for me judging by what you're saying, it would be nice to have a peek at one though to see. I have a Milani blush in Luminous Im yet to try, other than that I dont have anything else from that range.. Ebay here I come! Thanks :)

Roshni said...

Looks great!! Might pop into Stratford mall ;) I just wanted to ask if you could use it for redness? I like the mac select cover for my under eye circles but I need a concealor for breakouts! Thanks for a very well informing blog post :D

Anonymous said...

hi there - cool blog. I think I'm going to have to follow...

what's the coverage like on this? is it full? i find with my asian skin i get so much colour variation round the whole eye area


Jenni said...

does the packaging says 'sun protection'? Do you know how high is the SPF of this product?? :D


Sheefa F said...

You might be able to mix shades 1 and 2 and be able to counteract redness Roshas. I can't see why this would not cover that :)

The coverage is medium to full Smaira. You can totally layer it for more intensity without it caking. You would be better off getting 01 and 02 and mix them accordingly to create the perfect color. I plan to get the 02 shade too!

Yes it does say sun protection so I am assuming it has some amount of SPF but it does mention how much, sorry!

Sheefa F said...

@Nikki - My trip to the pharmacy was in search for luminous but could not find it there unfortunately :(

Patinails said...

Great!!I do not know of his existence: here in Italy Milani there is not :-(
I'd like to try it .. maybe I can try to find it on ebay ;-)

Logan said...

Whaaat?! This sounds amazing! I kinda liked studio sculpt, but it broke me out (stupid MAC). This sounds wonderful. I am going out and getting it tomorrow. Thanks so much for the wonderful review! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gawjus! Now I just need to find somewhere to buy some - ps thanks for following, hope you like it. Good luck with your LLB

jalyssacakex said...

Thank you hun! I have been meaning to find a better concealer, when I hauled Elf products last weekend I picked up a Elf studio concealer in honey, but it was a joke and broke within 20 mins..i'm glad cuz it was awful. I have been using only my coastal scents for concealer, I'm excited to try this, I just can't seem to find a good drugstore concealer..

The Beautifier said...

Nice comparision Shifa! Wow! at £4 it sure is a bargain hun! I might give it a go once I'm finished with my Revlon and Becca concealers! xoxo

Imo said...

MAC is always overpriced...did you notive how the prices have even gone up this year>!??.

P.S you have got me pining for the sleek bohemian pallette! :) xx

Angelique said...

Thanks for this review! I need to check this out. I've been on the hunt for a concealer :]

Unknown said...

Great review! I'm nosy so I'd like to see a before and after, if you can't, it's no biggie, haha. Milani is really stepping up the game in 2010, I can't wait to pick this up at my local drugstore or Target.

Cynthia Z said...

This looks really nice...I love the packaging. N yeah Mac Studio Sculp is too thick n cakey for my taste too >.<


Ro! said...

Great blog! I want to go to Stratford and check them out! Do they do darker shades?




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