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Green Nails & Crazy Lashes

I thought I should finally get around to doing product highlights of the week. The ones that have kept me interested throughout ;) First up, is Eyeko's Vintage Polish. I know it's not green, but oh well. It's a gorgeous Minty pastel shade which is cheerful to stare at. This is my criteria for polishes. It has to be pretty to look at, not gloomy like the Barry M Grey.

However I come across a lot of cringing from people around me when I sport this color. It's like I am deviating from the tribe. I know pinks and purples are the usual feminine colors to sport on nails but I really like such colors too. The funniest one I came across was that this color would 'look nice on walls, not nails' lol.

Another unusual product we have here. I can have a wacky week right? These are D110 by Eldora. They are criss-cross which I love, as they provide texture to the lashes. They are beautifully made and I am very impressed with the quality.

The silver lining on the top gives the lashes a lot of oomph. I love how it instantly brightens my eye and adds a sparkle to them. The length may seem radical but trust me they can be easily wearable for parties or night-outs and would look stunning!

The only problem I had with them is that I could not get the end of the lashes to stick in the inner corner properly. Maybe the band is slightly thick and could have been thinner. I guess it has to be kept thick for the glitter line to be seen clearly. I have blended my lashes with them using a mascara.

I know I should have placed them slightly inwards so that the gap in the inner corners is not evident. I am pretty useless with eyelash application really and need a LOT of practice. But I thought I should post this picture so you guys can have a look at these gorgeous lashes :)

Yes - Another red lip in a week considering the fact that I am a 'neutral' person with my colors, it is pretty shocking. But I could not resist slapping this baby on. It is a blood red color and gives you cherry red lips in a swipe.

It is highly pigmented and needs no lipstick for a base. I have never hidden my love for Victoria Jackson Lip glosses and this is another winner.

A surprise package greeted me a few days back and made me a happy bunny! It's from the lovely people at Aussie. Oh by the way, I am officially an 'Aussie's Angel' now hehe. I love the super cute terminology they use. I chose to be in the 'Miracle Moist Tribe' hence received a starter kit accordingly.

I have tried Aussie's products before and have loved them. We are yet to see how well the 'Miracle Moist' works on my dry hair. Will keep you updated gurlies.

Hope you like my 'more pictures, less nonsense' post :p

What are your products for the week? Anything you particularly loved?
Hollywood said...

I love the Eyeko Vintage polish it's my Favorite Eyeko color so far it's Gorgeous! I also love the eyelashes the shape is so pretty and dramatic! Love!

*~♥Giddy Princess aka BittersweetKindaNew♥~* said...

Oooo love the eyelashes.

This week I am particularly loving BarryM's Nail Varnish in grey. See review and colour on nails as well as reviews on new MUA range and Lush products at http://www.beautifullyaddictedto.blogspot.com/

♥Giddy Princess♥

Jony said...

I love the Eyeko nail polish, it's such a great color for spring or summer! And the eyelashes look great on you.

sexy mutha pucka said...

The eyeko polish looks lush, i might have to purchase now lol. check out my blog at http://sexymuthapucka.blogspot.com/

Cynthia Zacharica. said...

Liking all yr favorites gurly. Particularly the Eyeko nail polish n the lashes


Kerry! said...

loving those lashes, ive just done a post on the ones i brought from eldora :)


xphoebelinax said...

it amazes me so much that the aussie brand doesn't actually sell in australia! i've been wanting their shampoo for forever!! :(

Binia said...

I love aussie for conditioners, but the Miracle Moist made my hair SO greasy. As in, when I was drying it, it already looked dirty :(

Fabnay said...

The nailpolish is so pretty

roshas said...

Wow at the nail polish! It's a lovely green ! I dnt really like green on my nails
but the mint shade is very summery
and exotic :) I love criss cross lashes
:) they blend in much better than normal
lashes xx

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

i looove eyeko i wish we got it here in canada.

Anonymous said...

loving the lashes and nail polish! :) and congrats on being an Aussie Angel :) xx

The Beautifier said...

Awww I am so tempted to get my hands on VJ lip glosses, the color looks damn good on you lips girl! The falsies look so glam! xoxo

SilhouetteScreams said...

I love the look of the Eyeko polish, and those lashes are awesome :D though I think I would be obsessive and have to add glitter liner or silver gel liner to the inner and outer corners to make sure the band was concealed.

Inner Belle said...

great post, im an aussie angel too but i chose to part of the long hair tribe, u attending the party in july??

Imo said...

that vintage polish is gawjus like yourself madam :)


WillWorkForMakeup said...

I love the red lips! I've never heard of Victoria Jackson makeup but it looks lovely.




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