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Do You Ever?

Lets face it, there are two sects of people in this world, one that use fingers for makeup application and one that don't. There are hardly a few who swing between the two.

I used to be the one who would never ever (and I mean ever!) use my fingers for makeup application as it was too messy for me to deal with.

I have always seen celebrity makeup artists as well as some top makeup-gurus on YouTube using fingers for application as well as blending and I always wondered why they would do that?

Well, I finally found the answer when I felt the need to do so myself.

I usually use my stippling brush to apply liquid foundation but I realised that application was always streaky no matter what foundation I used and I ended up buffing it out with a kabuki brush. Besides the stippling motion or even a standard foundation brush took ages to apply product neatly.

Once when in hurry, I just used my fingers to apply to apply foundation and voila! It blended with ease, absorbed into my skin giving the foundation a 'set' appearance and took less than a minute. Plus the finish was streak free :)

The secret is the warmth from the fingers that makes the product easily absorbed and finely set on the skin in no time. Besides the curves and crevices that fingers can reach as well as blend simultaneously on one's face is an action difficult for a makeup tool to gimmick.

Hence you will notice we end up using more than one tool for foundation application.

Same goes with concealer, I always start applying it with a brush and end up blending it with my fingers so why not start with fingers in the first place?

Always use two fingers (for concealer and blush), one for application and one to blend. I tend to apply with my index finger as it has more control and keep my ring finger ready to blend for a flawless finish.

Don't get me wrong, I collect makeup tools like mad so I am not saying they won't be able to do the job well, they will but if you can work magic with your fingers for free then why not give it a go eh?

If you discover you are good with fingers, you may not need to spend a fortune on a zillion makeup tools. Remember, its talent not tools that come across at the end of the day.

Just make sure you always start with clean hands as otherwise they can act as an excellent medium to transfer bacteria. I always like to keep a hand sanitizer handy on my dresser for easy access.

My question is, Do you ever use your fingers to apply makeup? Any tips or tricks that you may want to share?
SilhouetteScreams said...

I tend to use my fingers for blending, a LOT. Particularly for foundation and concealer, the lower lashline, and sometimes if I have a stubborn line of eyeshadow that just does not want to blend :)

Claire M said...

I tend to use my fingers more than brushes. I never EVER use foundation or concealer brushes! Fingers has never caused me problems.

msconversecrazy said...

to put the contour shade on my eye, i use my pinkie finger as it does not put a lot of pressure on the eye

Roshni said...

great post!! i was applying tinted moisturiser today.. and the brush i was using just didn't work.. so i used my fingers and i felt that it blended amazingly!! i also always use my hands to apply my concealer.. it provides better control (especially 'cos that area is ultra thin and sensitive..poking it with a brush is not a very good idea!) xx

Unknown said...

I always se my fingers to apply my foundation and concealer. Cannot work with a foundation brush at all.


Jen said...

i never really used my fingers. however i agree about the warmth of your fingers melting the product into your skin. sometimes i'll use my finger to blend out a black base which does make it easier! great point you make! i think i'll be using my fingers more often now.

Unknown said...

Someitmes I use my fingers to apply concealer & eyeshadows or bases. Not much more.

Great post by the way.

Cynthia Z said...

You're right, it is talent not tools at the end of the day.
I have to use my fingers in between always esp for the undereye areas. They're just more gentle. But for foundation, I like to always start with a brush n if necessary use my fingers after.


Unknown said...

I always use my fingers as I need to feel it otherwise it does not look natural :(

Sheefa F said...

yay! more people using fingers then not :D way to go gurlies.

@SilhouetteScreams - its a great idea to use them for eyeshadows too :)

Jay Anne Cosmetics said...

Yea from me as well:) I use both...first brush, then fingers. Fingers work wonderful with under eye concealer!


Samia said...

On myself, I always put on concealer with my ring finger as it applies the lightest pressure...I blend out lip products with my fingers as well...for everything else I use a brush

Anonymous said...

i use my fingers to apply concealer much better than brushes i think lol i rub two of my finger before i use my concealer too warm fingers much better :) xx

Shivani said...

i use my fingers for foundation and concealer. Sponges foster too much bacteria and my 190 mac brush always leave streaks.

Inner Belle said...

funny u shud post about this, i actually really like swinging between the two, brushes for initial application and fingers to smooth over - iv been doing this since makeup was my agenda

Zizi said...

I usually use my fingers to blend concealer and stuff...great post :)

Me said...

I don't know if it's the "right" way to do things, but I like to apply blush with my fingers. I find that I can control the exact amount that I want, and in the exact areas that I'd like for it to cover. But for the most part, I use my make-up brushes. For all that $$$ I've shelled out for them, I better well make use of them! :)

marcelle said...

I only use my fingers to blend my concealer and sometimes my eyeshadows. Other than that, it'll get messy and I'll get colors everywhere, mainly my shirt :D

The Beautifier said...

Great post as always! I like to use my fingers to blend in the foundation and concealer for the T-zone area.
Warmth of the fingers does make the product melt in to provide a beautiful seamless natural look xoxo

Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

For me, it depends on the foundation. I like to use my fingers as I feel I can blend it out better and can control the amount of product. Some foundations work better with a brush though.

Palak said...

same here . I always use my fingers for blending and brushes for applying the base

Anonymous said...

i actually tend to swing between the two, fingers for foundation and brushes for the rest!
oh fingers occasionally for concealer, usually apply concealer with brush then blen d with fingers!




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