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Aurifere Make-up Brushes

Aurifere Series 480 - tapered blending brush

MAC 222 in comparison

Aurifere Series 180 - oval powder brush

Aurifere Series 330 - Flat top shader brush

Aurifere Series 820 - Nylon fan brush

Make-up brushes are the tools of the beauty trade and can make or break a look in my opinion. I know some people can do stunning looks with the least of brushes but personally I am a big sucker for brushes and love to use different ones for different uses. Plus it's super convenient if you have brushes that each serve a different purpose.

I got sent these brushes by the generous people at Aurifere. They manufacture a professional range of brushes and were seen at IMAT's if I am correct. They have recently opened an online store where they ship for free to the UK and also ship internationally.

We will start with my favorite brush here, Aurifere Series 480. This one is a tapered blending brush but is pointed at the end hence pretty unique. It is round and fluffy and the brush hair's are like silk! The tip of the brush gets right into the socket which is great for those who have sunken eyes or a hooded lid. The hairs around the tip help in blending.

You can use this brush for blending, crease color, highlight, inner corners as well as concealer. I simply love it as its the softest and the highest quality blending brush I have ever tried. This is the best dupe you will find for a MAC 222 brush and it retails for less than half of its price.

The second up for scrutiny is Aurifere Series 180. This is an oval shaped powder or blush brush. First of all, this is a massive brush ladies! It is amazingly dense and plush and so soft that you will feel like stroking your skin with this all the time. The handle is pretty long as you can see in the picture, which gives it a professional feel. The brush hairs are out of this world! They are beautifully soft and dense.

This brush is versatile, due to its density and softness, you can use it for liquid and powder foundation, blush, bronzer and loose powder. You can also use it as a body brush as well and it will work wonders and save you a lot of effort. This beats MAC's large paddle brush anyday!

The third brush to follow is the Aurifere Series 330. This is a flat top shader brush and is made of synthetic bristles. It is quite thick yet very soft unlike the similar stiff and scratchy flat top brush that Body Shop makes. This is brilliant for shading the eyelids, applying all over lid colors as well as lining the lash line. It works very well with applying pigments and loose shadows especially. I find it to be an amalgamation of MAC 239 and MAC 242 yet for a fraction of the price!

And finally we have the super funky looking Aurifere Series 820. This is a fan brush made from synthetic nylon bristles. It is very thin and scanty and this works to its advantage as it works effectively for a light dusting of powder, blush or highlighter. It works foolproof when you want the slightest of color without much effort. Yet again the bristles are very soft and it might not look appealing to many of you's but if you don't owe a fan brush you are missing out!

I have tried MAC, Nars, Bobbi Brown and Coastal Scents brushes but these brushes are the highest quality I have come across in ages. They are luxurious yet extremely effective and are in no ways comparable to any other brush brand. Plus they have amazing dupes available for some of the MAC brushes.

All their brushes are of extremely high quality in bristles as well as the handles and are perfect for a starter kit. The best thing about them is how kind and soft they are on the skin considering the fact that most of the brushes above are under a tenner! I also love the fact that they are unique in their long handle 'professional' looking design and have some unique codes for their brushes unlike some brands which simply copy the market leader!

I washed these brushes making them undergo my cruel survival test and they came out to be victorious with only a hair or two shedding. They do have some funky smell whilst they are damp but it vanishes as soon as they dry.

If you are planning on investing in brushes either for personal use, for a makeup course or your professional kit, why not get your basic supplies from here as they are much more affordable than the cult favorites, they won't break your bank and will leave you gobsmacked at their impeccable quality. I already have a list and will be going for more :)

Cynthia Z said...

The 180 n 480 look nice. Very reasonably priced too. I'm so into make-up brushes these days...I want more n more :)


blue_eyed_gal said...

Great review Shifa! I love the look of the blending brush.

Unknown said...

The fan brushes look amazing... Great post!

Chibu74 said...

look like really good quality brushes....great post

Shabna said...

wow the fan brush looks AMAZING.
Must try! Thanks Shifa <3

Palak said...

great ya !!
These sounds so good !
Thanks for da review :)


I had not heard of these before, so thank you !

Happy Easter too

The Beautifier said...

Hey hun, nice review! Aurifere Series 480 looks similar to the Revlon Contour Brush which I absolutely adore :)
Happy Easter xoxo

Jinny said...

I haven't heard of these before but can tell by the pictures that they are great quality. Thanks for the info!

Bobby J

SilhouetteScreams said...

Wow, those look and sound REALLY well made.

anamika said...

Hey!!!! Great pics and post.I am a sucker of make up brushes.I just cant get enough of them.

Love, Sweetcheeks said...

wow, those brushes really do look great. I've been contemplating and debating on getting the sigma brushes...now you are swaying my decision :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, these look really beautiful. Thank you for the review!

desiiGirl87 said...

great review hun!
not heard of these guys before!
i like the look of the oval brush!

Yuvna said...

Hey Shifa,I have every other makeup brush from Mac but dunno why feel like tring new ones.....my mom said u buy a lot of makeup coz of different colors,effects etc but why similar brushes from different brands...dunno what to say.
I guess will have to try these as well...my bro is in london....will probably ask him to get those on pretext of gifting :)

Sheefa F said...

@Makeup with MBA - hehe you are so correct! Well all us girls need to say is that 'I need that brush' and the questions stop coming. :p In my case they do :) Some of these brushes are better quality than MAC and shed much less hence I would prefer these. Plus they dont break the bank :)

p.s. you have a lovely blog btw!

Sheefa F said...

Thanks gurlies for the comments :) These are not known to many people but surely deserve all the praise as they are exceptional in quality and purpose!

Imo said...

Thanks so much for following I really appreciate all the support I receive! That 480 brush looks like the MAC 226. Which do you prefer? Very detailed post I like:)

Sheefa F said...

I have tried the 226 but I prefer this one for sure :) It gets into the crease and blends effortlessly!

Lipglossiping said...

I'm a fan of Aurifere and was tragically their first customer when the online store opened. The 480 I picked up at IMATS and it's so soft because it's squirrel hair. I adore it for precise blending like you say.

I also bought the raccoon powder brush, another winner. Great reviews x

Laura said...

good information will try this product




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