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Nars Sheer Glow dupe?

I have no idea why I left reviewing this product till so long as I have been religiously using this for quite a while now and it surely deserves its praise :)

It's the Boots Stay Perfect foundation in New Ivory. This usually retails for £14 in stores but I bagged it for under a tenner when the lovely people at boots give out those discount vouchers.

The packaging is quite lavish to be classified as drug store. High-end drug store maybe? It comes in a heavy glass bottle and with a luxurious pump dispenser which is urgently required by some brands (*cough cough* Revlon).

It is quite runny in consistency and light in formulation and texture but still manages to cover almost all flaws effectively. Feels pretty light on the skin and leaves a lovely dewy finish giving the appearance of naturally glowing skin.

You can definitely wear it on its own but I like to set it with some powder so it does not slide away during the day.

I have to mention that the shade range is particularly amazing for drugstore and it has mostly beige/ivory/yellow based shades which are considerably flattering for all skin tones compared to foundations with grey/pink undertones to them.

I wear New Ivory which is a perfect match for my skin color (NC 30-35) and for the first time in life EVER, my face and neck look of the same color *still in disbelief*. It photographs wonderfully and stays true to its color even in flash as seen in the picture above.

I do find that I need 2-3 pumps of this whilst doing my face besides it being runny in consistency. I am on the verge of hitting bottom (!) with this foundation *goes to hunt on ebay* and it has made me a very happy foundation freak indeed :)

I have tried Nars Sheer Glow on counters and have found a great resemblance between these two. However this is only my opinion! This gives slightly more coverage than the sheer glow and is almost half the price.

Regardless of comparison, why not just give it a shot? It might be the HG foundation you were looking for all your life.

Have you found any Sheer Glow dupes? I would love to know.
Cynthia Z said...

Sounds great. I haven't tried Nars SG so don't know much. U look good btw...like out-of-bed look but better hehe...

Inner Belle said...

if this is ur HG ur gonna love me for wat im going to tell u, msg me ;)

desiiGirl87 said...

great review!
defo have to check it out!
wow you look stunning in your profile pic (not in a pervy way lol)

Sheefa F said...

hehe OMG! I just realised how 'out of the bed' the pic looked :S not so nice :S Just changed it to a better representation of the foundation :)

Cynthia Z said...

Nooo...i meant it looked fab girly...very girl next door. I like the previous one better :P...maybe put both..hehe

Ashwini said...

cool! You look flawless girl!

thinay said...

Wow you look fab on that pic ;) Im still looking for a good foundation for me. Maybe this is it.But waaaaaaa!We dont have that brand here in our country. I think I still need to search for more. And your funny when you said 'cough cough Revlon'.ahaha!Im using it at the moment and yeah you're right they need to make a pump dispenser.:)

Devea said...

Sounds great! I really want to try the NARS sheer glow, but I might just go for this!


Phoebe Limanta said...

wow it sounds like an awesome foundation! thank you for the review! i'm gonna troll ebay now! :P

Ella Pretty Blog said...

That looks great on you! What powder do you use to set it?

DluxEdition.com said...

That sounds great! Too bad it isn't available in my country!

Nicole said...

some Boots products are sold at the target stores in the US, hopefully this is one of the products cause my darling sheer glow is running low on me !

Sheefa F said...

I use Mac studio fix powdern to set it Ella :) It would also be better to use a translucent powder to set as it wont change the color of the foundation that way.

.blushfully. said...

Wow, that sounds so tempting to try!!! Too bad it isn't available in my country =( ebay to the rescue... hahaha. Btw, looks great on you!!

Anonymous said...

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