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I am on Cloud 9 baby

Cloud 9 in all it glory!

In comparison to the GHD, can you even spot the difference!

Model no. 1
Model no. 2

I was thrilled to see this in the post so beautifully packaged and in all its glory. Thanks to the lovely Samara who sent this to me for consideration :)

If you did not know yet, there's are new brand of hair straighteners in town which have created quite a hype these days. The reason for the hype is not only their aesthetic resemblance to the GHD but their exceptional performance as well.

Also, isn't the name just so chic?

To see them in action, go check out Pixiwoo's everyday hair tutorial.

So whats all the hype about eh?
- First of all, they resemble the performance of the GHD which have been the best in the market since years.

- They are made by the founders and inventors of the GHD.

- They look shockingly similar to the GHD and even quality wise are the same.

How are they different from the GHD?
- They come with a temperature gauge which means you are not restricted to using them at the highest temperature. You can lower the settings to suit your hair style and hair type.

- The plates of Cloud 9 are coated with a 'secret' ingredient due to which they glide through hair much more easily and impart immense shine to the hair.

I had stopped using my GHD for a while now as they had damaged my hair a lot due to everyday use. This baby came in with a ray of hope in my life and has now replaced the GHD on my dresser ;)

How I use it?
I use it after a hair wash at 150 degrees to smooth out my blow dry. That way it does not make my hair flat but instead gives me a nice bounce on the top with smoothened out edges.

The shine factor
Yes it is true! The secret ingredients in the plates seem to work, as after use hair evidently appears healthier. This definitely did not seem to happen with the GHD ladies!

What people say?
I even got a compliment on my hair after use when someone from the opposite gender mentioned that my hair has never been softer before :O I mean if it can make the opposite gender notice the difference, it sure is working its magic :p

My mum liked this better than the GHD as she said it kept the volume in her hair whilst making it managebly straight. My sister does not like damaging her hair much and preffered the 150 degree settings that it came with.

My Verdict
Overall, if you have a GHD you may not need this as it's very similar. But if you are tired of the damage your straightener causes and want 'less heat, more style' this is for you! This glides through hair like a dream after which I realised how the GHD used to drag through my hair slightly.

If you ever plan to get another pair of straighteners it has got to be this baby, as for me its the best straightener I have ever tried till date. It gives flexibility in styling and to me is an advanced version of the GHD. It's not one of those straighteners that claim they are good and disappear from the market in months, this one is here to stay.

Also I noticed that when I used this at a 200 degree setting, it seemed to be much more powerful and effective than the GHD and straightened my frizzy wavy hair in 10 minutes.

They come in regular, wide and a travel sized versions and retail for £129.95 which may seem dear but if you think about it, its GHD but better :)

Check them out here, http://www.cloudninehair.com/
Computergirl said...

Hey, I have GHDs but not cloud nines. I'm looking into a paddle straightner, but It's a lot of money to splurge out on. I havent been easily pleased with hair tools, onder if this model could please me?!

P.s. you should have a look at my blog- the winners of my 2 competitios were announced at the weekend ;)x

tor xoxo said...

Ohh these look so great!! This is a really helpful blog post too, thanks for sharing :) xx


Divija Reddy said...

I watched Tiffany's review on this, but I already have my GHDs......

BTW, i didnt know it was from the same manufacturer!

Anonymous said...

Seems like a great straightening Iron! My bestie told me about one i wish I remember the name. all I remember was it was like 240 dollars. but OMG u need to try that one. Lol


Cynthia Zacharica. said...

Ya yr hair looks really good n shiny after. I will need another straightener eventually, but the price of this omg :O It's like Rs.8875.


pwincesskam said...

Am gona give these a try as I dont have the GHD's yet :)

Inner Belle said...

the shine factor is fab isnt it?

The Beautifier said...

I'm seeing a massive difference in the before and after pic! your hair looks a lot healthier and shiny in the after pic! xoxo

Neha said...

I'm looking for a new hair straightener and this one looks pretty damn good! I've been looking at straighteners for a few months now, and from your review this one just might be it. I hope they sell in Canada! Will have to go check it out.

Neha xo




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