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Cheryl Cole Falsies Look-Alike

Don't these lashes look so fluttery and flirty? I just love batting them!

These are number B143 from Eldora and resemble the Cheryl Cole Lashes to quite an extent. The Cheryl Cole ones are slightly more blunt at the edges and shorter in length maybe. But I definitely prefer these as the feathery ends gives a gorgeous dramatic effect.

I know these are slightly long for me, but I am afraid to trim them in case I end up ruining them completely! Maybe I'll trim them slightly from the inner corners as they do seem to touch my crease there, which is an indication that they need to be trimmed.

As you can see these lashes are cut gradually making them mimic the natural shape of the lashes instead of the usual uniform length ones.

I love how choppy and feathery they are in texture due to which they give a lengthening and a voluminous effect at the same time. They have a very thin band which makes them easy to contour to any eye shape easily.

They felt really light on but unlike the previous criss-cross lashes I reviewed, I would not wear these during day time. But that's a matter of preference anyways.

These retail for £3.90 at the Eldora website plus they ship for free to the UK! What more can you ask for? I was sent these to consider by the company and am loving them for a night out :)
Computergirl said...

Ooo these look like my sort of lash! Thanks for the post! I'll have a look later! Emma x

Chibu74 said...

wow, these look really hot....very very flirty

Cynthia Z said...

They look so fabulous!Very flirty indeed. N ya maybe u can trim them from the inner corners...just a tad...very carefully :)


Jen said...

gorgeouS! i am totally gonna buy these!! they're so fun and different than most lashes i've seen. thanks!

The Beautifier said...

Hey! The lashes look gorgeous on you hun! xoxo

Sheefa F said...

I find them really different than the other lashes I've tried too :)and I will be trimming them soon! Thanks for the comments gurlies ♥

Trendy with Style "P" said...

u look so pretty with those lashes hun!!

Unknown said...

Those are fab! Very high drama, high glamour! I'm a fan!


Lipstick on the cup said...

They look gorgeous! I'm running a contest on my blog and I hope you'll enter! :) lipstickonthecup.blogspot.com

Rati said...

Oh I love those lashes, so doll like and they look pretty on you. :)

Anonymous said...

ooo so pretty ..i'm going to put mine on now!!LOL

Zizi said...

I just stumbled on your blog...a little late I guess...but I just wanted to say u have a great blog!!! :)

I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links, I have a Fashion/Beauty Blog and I am new too...Also, I followed you and you can follow me back if you'd like


Thanks <3




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