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NOTD - Barry M

(please ignore uneven application, stubby nails and horrendous cuticles. I need a mani asap!)

So I usually dont go about doing my nails due to many reasons.

One - I can't be bothered with all the hassle.

Two - I am too clumsy to handle the prettiness (!) plus I have the horrendous habit of biting my nails oh-so-often but fortunately they are intact for now due to low stress levels lol.

How did I get to doing nails then?

Well I got this Barry M Nail Paint free with some magazine and immediately thought of slapping the color on to my nails. I usually avoid Nail Paints due to the fuss associated with them, i.e. streaking, chipping, fading etc.

I especially despise the application part as most of the Nail Paints I have come across have been a nightmare to apply and I usually end up with thick paint-like goopy nails!

Surprisingly enough this freebie was the Nail Paint I had been looking for :) Its super easy to apply especially for amateurs like me as it does not streak at all, is superbly pigmented and dries within seconds. Even if I apply it slightly unevenly, the polish adjusts itself and spreads out to give an even finish.

It gives a lovely glossy finish and does not chip easily. It does fade within a day or two and requires further coats. Maybe it occurred as I did not finish off with a top coat.

Overall, I love the hot pink majenta-ish color, although some may find it a little in-your-face, I am in love with it as it flatters my skintone in my opinion.

The press-on stickers are from Boots. You get an assortment of 100 in a pack for a fiver which I do find kind of pricey and hence will be ebaying shortly for reasonable options.

Let me know of your favorite Barry M nail or OPI nail paints for me to splurge on.
Shabna said...

Try ASDA nail varnishes. I was gobsmacked by how fast they dried and the amazing application! It was on offer for a pound each!

Also i love the grey barry m nail paint which i need to buy and i own OPI Yoga-ta get this blue

Cynthia Z said...

I love that pink! The stickers add more prettiness

Sheefa F said...

Thanks for the recommendation shabna! I need to find a local Asda now :) and I am lusting that grey shade from Barry M too!

Alina Rodriguez said...

Love it! I love the flowers :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a fun look! Love the hot pink =D

Divija Reddy said...

Lovely nails...lovely flowers...

Olivia said...

I love the cute stickers! I'l definitely be looking out for these next time I'm in boots! xx

desiiGirl87 said...

those pretty flowers!!! i want!!
but i think i'd rather try ebay too lol
p.s u needa stop bitin ur nails lol


Amanda said...

very cute,,,the flowers remind me of spring =)

Nicole said...

the stick ons are adorable !

amynaree said...

the color is so pretty! I have my eyes on the OPI Hong Kong collection right now the colors are gorgeous

Shivani said...

OPI - The Thrill of Brazil - perfect orange red. i could tell you more, but i'd have to get my stash out =P
this color is gorg though shifa =)

Inner Belle said...

u no how much i love nails! please dnt bite urs :(

i love barry m nail polishes, try nails inc or china glaze

mavala base coat is fab, makes your nail polish last longer!

oh and shabna ima give the asda ones ago - you had me at drys fast! just what i need in my life :)

Sheefa F said...

hehe fankew Innerbelle and Desigirl for your concerns regarding my horrendous habit hehe. I will definately try and stop biting em :p

and thanks a lot for the suggestions Innerbelle :D

Sheefa F said...

oh wow the color sounds tempting shivani! I will defo look for it too :)

Kajal Couture said...

i love the color! Great blog by the way! check out my blog when you get a chance: www.kajalcouture.blogspot.com

tiff said...

I have given you a blog award! Check out my blog for details! Thanks for doing what you do!

Overlooking Mississippi said...

The stickers are so pretty! Cool Blog!





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