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Mehron Concealer Ring

We all have been down that path where have not yet found our 'perfect' concealer and are still in the hunt for the one. I have come accross a gazillion products in this journey and this is the one I am resting on for now, hence the rave/review.

Dont get me wrong, I really liked my previous Bobbi Brown Corrector. They have a great range of shades available especially for Asian and Darker skin tones and are pretty emollient. The 'peach' shade was perfect for me however the concealer used to slide away during the day hence I was not too keen on it.

Entered Mehron Tattoo Covering. Many of you's may not have heard of this brand it being especially targeted towards professionals or as the name suggests especially to conceal tattoos.

It comes in a range of three shade palettes, this being medium I suppose. It comes in a total of five concealer colours which range from NC15 to NC45 (MAC shade reference) to allow you to use the shades individually for different skintones or to allow you to custom blend shades to achieve that 'perfect' colour.

Coming to pigmentation, one would not be surprised to know that this being an industrial concealer is extremely pigmented. The texture has a unique glue-like consistency which means you cannot drag it on your skin and would need to apply this in a patting/stippling motion.

The glue-like consistency makes sure this adheres to the skin the entire day and does not fade away. It did seep into fine lines though but that may be as I do have fine lines under the eyes. The finish is very similar to that of Bobbi Browns Corrector. It leaves a dewy 'wet' finish which you may want to set with translusent powder if your overall look is matte.

Its considerably easy to blend and you cannot tell where the concealer starts or ends which is incredible! It ends up looking like your skin if you mix and match to the right shade for your skintone. Just one con regarding this product is that it may be greasy for those of you who have oily skin and I would not recommend this. I have dry/normal skin and have not experienced any breakouts due to this product yet.

It has a salmon pink-based colour as well as a yellow-based colour which you can use accordingly for the under eyes and acne respectively.

Do not for once limit the use of this palette for merely concealing. The darker shades are extremely natural to use for contouring the cheekbones or buff it in to give you a slight tan. The lighest shade is perfect for highlighting the browbone or the cheekbones. Also its strong pigmentation can be used to cover tattoos, pigmentation or any sort of discoloration easily.

I tried using this with a fluffy brush for my eyeshadows, using the medium shades as lid colour and the darker shades in the crease and it seriously looks amazing giving an airbrushed natural finish.

Overall this is a great find for around a tenner given the fact that it comes with so many versatile colours and the possibilities with this are endless. You can locate this in any theatre makeup shop or professional makeup store, ebay it from this seller or get it from this online store.

p.s. I know the before and after pictures are not the best taken at night but somethings better than nothing eh?
Cynthia Zacharica. said...

I have been wanting one of these ring/wheel concealers for a while now. But with green n purple shades too. I like this one too coz I could use the lighter ones for concealing n highlighting n the darker for contouring, like u said. It seems to work pretty good on yr eyes.

trippingtiffies said...

i really enjoy how detailed you get with your descriptions. you really get the full effect of the product you are reviewing, so that potential customers know what to expect!


kuri♥ayu said...

thanks for posting! i really want one too. it would be so helpful.

Jasmin said...

Great post! I need new concealers. Thanks, for sharing!

Nicole said...

they consistency looks really nice !

desiiGirl87 said...

oooh nice review..
my erase past didn't go so well..don't like it, it's too drying..lol
i was planning on getting boing..but now i don't know..
have ou tried boing? wich would you recommend between these 2?

Shifa said...

Oh I have tried Boing and some people do like it but for me the shades did not work out well, it did not cover enough and creased like mad :S I would say this is defo better coz the shades are better matched, its luminous and creases way less!

The Beauty Bargainista said...

I have been seeing these type of concealers everywhere and wanted to know how they worked! Great review!! :)

bowsnhearts said...

Thanks for the review! I have been looking for something strong enough to cover up scars for a while. I have searched on eBay but nothing tickled my fancy. Will check this out!

Katie Hayward said...

I love the idea of these concealer rings :)

Lots of love,

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

i love trying out new concealers. this looks interesting! thanks for the review :)

you do some amazing looks on your blog btw! xx

witoxicity said...

Great review! This is some heavy-duty concealer! I like how you describe it as having a glue-like consistency. :)

Ani said...

This sounds interesting. i have terrible dark under eye circle and tried a couple of concealers . This one seems to be good. thanks .

shoppdiva said...

OMG I'm so happy right now! Can I hug u right now,lol because I've been eye this cutie for a while but on the mehron website the colors look so pale and gray not at all like your pictures. I was considering getting the overrated eve pearl "Salmon Concealer" for $50 in which you only get 3 palettes pearl but this beyond perfect it has all the salmon colors for less than half the price! Amazing! Thank you so much for this great review

Get Gawjus! said...

@shoppdiva - I am glad the review helped :) It is not grey at all. The colours are stunning and work effectively. They crease very less too. I only use them ocassionaly now as I realised they break me out if I use it everyday :(

The Eve Pearl one is great too! But to be honest I would not fork out that kind of money.

SmashinBeauty said...

I want to get this wheel but I am made that I have to buy this one and then the neutralizer.. to bad they couldn't combine the two




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