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♥ Lipgloss Love ♥

I usually despise Lipglosses in general especially those which lack much pigmentation and just add some lustre to lips. However this one is completely different! This is from the mini set of 12 lipglosses that I talked about a while ago.

They dont come with names or numbers hence I cant tell which one this is specifically, but you can never go wrong with a Victoria Jackson Lipgloss as they wont ever disappoint you :)

The consistency is like a dream. Not too thick, neither too thin - just perfect. Plus they are so freaking pigmented it converts any 'meh' look into a glam night out. You wont need to wear a lipstick underneath as this works as lipstick and lipgloss both.

This particular color is my fave from the set of 12. Its a gorgeous coral-teracotta colour with a hint of pink - basically universally flattering!

The moral of the story is, you have to grab ANY Victoria Jackson Lipgloss that you may spot on ebay or anywhere on the web without giving it a second thought :) These do come in full sizes ladies if you dont want to hoard all 12 mini versions of the range.

I think I will be reviewing/swatching all the colors soon to give you guys an idea. The

Toodles for now.
Karleigh said...

ive never heard of victoria jackson! thats not the brand that jumps on u outside wh smith is it?!

looks lovely on u!


Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

Love this!! Not available for us in Canada though as far as I know.

Inner Belle said...

have had a pretty lame experience with victoria jackson products, tho i never got the lipglosses so maybe thats theyre star prod, i am impressed, and the colour looks fab, i have a byterry one that looks very very similar to tht colour, colour looks fab on u

tiff said...

Hey Shifa! Because of your review, I bought that MAC Lustre in Jubilee and i LOVE it. Thanks for reviewing it, otherwise I would have never known. I gave you props on my blog today:)


Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

looks great on you!

Cynthia Z said...

Oh this looks so pretty on u...i love these type of shades. It kinda looks like Nars Dolce Vita (?)

Tanveer said...

I once received a gift that had Victoria Jackson's Beauty on the Go Survival Kit, the lunar lip palette and and cheek and eyeshadow palette. Unfortunately no gloss.

I didn't like the other stuff though, the colors were too "meh" and didn't show up on me at all.

Maybe i'll order the gloss nxt time. :D

kuri♥ayu said...

thanks for the review! it looks really pretty on you :)

Sheefa F said...

@Noobarella - LOL yup hun it is that very brand :p but guess what they caught me in Starbucks instead, unbelievable! But I am not complaining coz I love the products I got for a bargain :) Their sales rep's are pretty intimidating though :S

@Lipstick Rules - They are available in the States if am not wrong and you can get it for very cheap on the net or their US website.

@Innerbelle - For some reason I love all their products lol. I got the bronzer, the lipgloss set and some shimmer bronzer. Their eye products are very crap I must say.

@Tanveer - I know some of their products can be pretty meh but their Lip and Cheek stuff is awesome :)

@trippingtiffies - awww so sweet of you hun :) Am really glad you liked Jubilee :) You have to try Bobbi Brown pot rouge in Summer Tan. I will review it soon!

twinsouls888 said...

It's sooo tiny and cute, looks good on you ^_^

MEVISH said...

such lucious lips :) beautiful colour really looks good on your lips :)

Trendy with Style "P" said...

I also have that mini lipgloss!! my auntie gave it to me! she likes VJ products!
and that one is very pretty colour!

Jasmin said...

Cute gloss..

Sharlene said...

gorgeouss! i love the way lipgloss has that "wet" look and isnt over the top shimmery.

<33 Sharlene

Kate Gene said...

That gloss looks insanely glossy! I really like it! I haven't ever tried that brand before; I think I need to get on it! LOL!


*Anita* said...

this looks so juicy! love the look of it and it's so cute too :) xx




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