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EOTD - Avatar Inspired

Okay now dont panic! This may seem kind of crazy to some of you guys but this is obviously not everyday makeup. Its just one of those days when you feel you need to break the barriers and set your self free.

I mean who says makeup always has to look pretty? With pretty I mean it does not need to be 'picture pefect' all the time! At the end of the day it is art and artists do not ever restrict their boundaries. Hence this look (obviously to sport at home or halloween).

I came accross quite a few bloggers/youtubers with their take on the Avatar 'inspired' look and this is an amalgamation of all those looks. I incorporated the basic colors such as blue, orange and bronze which were actually seen in the movie as well as added a touch of feminity with the baby pink shadow and a hint of bizarreness with the stark white mascara.

Products Used:

- UDPP as a base
- Teal color from Sleek eyeshadow palette (storm) used to create lines
- Baby pink shadow from Sleek palette used as a base
- 2True loose powder eyeshadow in orange used to blend with the pink shadow
- Bronze shadow from the Sleek palette used to fill in the last section
- Used the teal and baby pink on the lower lashline
- All colors blended with a fluffy brush to avoid harsh edges
- Used the matte brown shadow from Sleek palette to fill in the brows
- White mascara base from Sleek's Magnitude mascara used on the lashes

Cynthia Zacharica. said...

OMG this looks amazing girl...very creative!! U should quit law school n be a makeup artist. Seriously :). Love the colors♥ . Good job!

Leanne said...

Oh my god Shifa, this is amazing! xo

Shifa said...

aww fankew Cynthia thats so sweet of you hun :) Only if I could heh. ♥

Thanks a lot 2 Leanne! :)

Jasmin said...

Wow! Beautiful look! Love it. Very creative & interesting.

GirL With GLasSes... said...

the eyelashes looks like frozen eyelashes.
very creative =)

Shifa said...

haha frozen is indeed an accurate description for them. I never thought of that!

Alina said...

Very Pretty hun! I love the white lashes-so FAB :)

desiiGirl87 said...

stunningly bizarre look!
sows yourcreative side for definite!
you suld do more f these!

Inner Belle said...

lovely the creativity, love the lashes x

Amandita said...

wow this is so cool I love it =)

Shifa said...

fankew ladies! you'all very kind :)

I'll be trying more of such looks in the future :)

The Beauty Bargainista said...

WOW!!!! I am speachless! this is so cool!! Amazing artistry!!!!

e.motion in motion said...

This is really awesome! The white mascara really makes it pop! :D

Dina (XYYan) said...

Wow, it screams fierce to me! You've done an amazing job Shifa :)

Shifa said...

thanks a tonne gurlies! :)

kuri♥ayu said...

omg awesome! you're so creative i love it :)

MEVISH said...

very creative babe!!! cant wait to see more of this!!!

Anonymous said...

really clever idea!!!

amynaree said...

woah the white lashes are so unique looking, very creative look!

Nicole said...

i didn't see avatar but this is great !! i LOVE the white lashes

Nathalie said...

this is absolutely amazing. I am stunned

Sparklz and Shine said...

Wow, love it!

Schnella said...

This is amazing! So creative(:

kimber doll said...

Wow! You are so very talented with makeup!!! That looks amazing! Keep the looks coming!

witoxicity said...

Wow, you sure are talented!!




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