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Extravagent Indulges Anyone?

I dont have the habit of hoarding makeup which I do not use and tend to do clear-out sale regularly, however I still feel there are various purchases that I (and very many of us) indulge in that we really do not need in particular.

A related urge that I have had recently has been to purchase a translucent powder. Not that I dont have a face powder, I am really pleased with my Mac Studio Fix powder to set my makeup. However dont forget Studio Fix is actually intended to act as a foundation and hence when used to set makeup can end up looking slightly cakey.

Also the Studio Fix powder has a colour to it which is not quite appealing on days when I do not want to extra colour to my makeup. I also use this to set my concealer which is quite creamy and what I have noticed is that it tends to seep into the fine lines under my eyes which is not a pretty sight indeed.

Hence the search for a light powder - reflective preferably, to set my foundation and concealer.

It might seem like an extravagent indulge to some and it might even be! Let me know of some suggestions ladies regarding any translucent powders you may have tried - liked or disliked? Something in the line of Benefits Powderflage maybe.
Cherrychan108 said...

I love the ELF HD Powder :) a little goes a long way, it's colourless and makes my skin feel smooth! :)

desiiGirl87 said...

yup..i'd defo say try the e.l.f HD powder.
although i haven't used it myself, i have heard some great things about it and most of all it's less than a fiver!

amynaree said...

My favorite translucent powder that I have tried is by Laura Mercier. I use it to set my concealer and foundation and it doesn't look cakey at all!

Kerry! said...

ive been looking for a translucent powder for a while. i dont know if i actually need one though, my face powder does what i want it to! ill be interested in what you get!

Cherrychan108 said...

You have been awarded a blog award! Come to my blog to accept it!

twinsouls888 said...

I am still also on the lookout for a good translucent powder, I might check some of the fave translucent powders of the beautiful commentors in this post ahaha like the ELF HD Powder :)

Palak said...

check out MAC prep and prime transluscent powder .. awesme stuff !! great for dry and oily skin alike , I heart it !!

Cynthia Z said...

I definitely extravagantly indulge in lip products...I've even forgotten what all I have :p
Right now I'm using Mac P&P transparent powder, Maybelline loose powder n I use Mac Mineralize Skinfinish (Natural)lightly to set my base sometimes. I'm planning to get a good translucent one soon coz I really need it, maybe Laura Mercier(?)

The Beautifier said...

Try the Sleek one powder girl, its effective, light reflecting, hydrating and economical!
talking of higher end brands, Illamasqua loose powder comes in a variety of shades and are fantastic for setting makeup and you get the poreless finish,which is awesome! xoxo

Nicole said...

im going through the same thing! i currently use an MSF natural, and i LOVE it but there is part of me that wants to try another setting powder, like the loose translucent mac powder, or the laura mercier !

Anonymous said...

hey =).

the mac prep and prime transparent finishing powder is a really good one =)... it's about £17 for 8g... but if your willing to spend a tad bit more, i'd recommend laura mercier loose setting powder it's about £25-£30 but you get 29g or something like that which will last you like forever =D. I really like both but I prefer the laura mercier one, especially when applied with their velour powder puff which is a ridiculously £10 xD.


Shameera@MyFrostedWorld said...

I love the 'yellow' powders for this kind of coverage. It has no colour payoff, yet it leaves a nice veil over the face and minimises red and uneven-ness. I use the virgin vie one, and it comes in this cool little brush thing, but I just cant find it online. I know that other brands make the yellow powders too though. Hope that helps :-)XXX


Inner Belle said...

hey hun, defo extravagent lol! you know what iv always used my mineralized skin finish natural by mac to set my foundation, it works great i used it day in day out! looks natural and gives a lovely sheen ... if thats what your looking for.

As for translucant, laura mercier has a pretty good, my fave is the secret brightening powder. oh and if your looking for an extravagent indulge than go for the chanticaille translucant, you cnt tel its powder - amazing stuff but lil on the pricey side!

Random London Girl said...

I find Studio Fix really cakey as well! I love Illamasqua's pink translucent powder. Laura Mercier's loose powder is good but I find it a tad grey-ish. Maybe that's just me!

** raspcherry .. said...

A really good cheap and cheerful translucent powder that will not make you feel guilty in the slightst for purchasing it is simply boots natural collection loose powder available in 2 or 3 colours, its cheap, you get your boots point, its about 2 or 3 pounds, its really fine it says it matte I feel its semi matte and the best colour for you would be warm translucent. -let me know what you finally decide on, btw if you still want the amazing concealer Ive listed it on my blog, If youre on the look out for a good product let me know youre requirements Ill probably be able to tecommend something for you, Ohh btw although I give away alot of makeup regularly, I think most people will see me as a hoarder due to my huge makeup collection. lol
TC Babes, X

Jen said...

have you tried MAC MSF to set your foundation? It's much lighter than Studio Fix Powder. A lot of customers love it!

Mai said...

I like Rimmel's translucent loose powder :) It's cheap, but it works and feels really silky on skin.

Iva Messy said...

my favorite is by Laura Mercier!

Sheefa F said...

Thanks a lot gurlies for you helpful suggestions! I will defo check out the stuff you guys recommended :D




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