My hair loves Argan Oil

The harsh winter and the excessive heating used at home dries out my hair to quite an extent. Plus, I have a very dry scalp and slightly frizzy hair in the first place. I don't oil my hair regularly and have been letting them grow from quite a while now, avoiding a trim hence developing split ends. 

All these factors combined leave my hair in a terrible state due to which I have introduced Lovea's Bio Argan Detangling Leave-in Conditioner Spray in my hair routine and it seems to be working pretty well for now. 

It contains Argan Oil which is rich in Vitamin E and Anti-oxidants and is being used for haircare since a very long time now. I doubt I would purchase this oil individually so I like the fact that it comes in a spray version which makes is much easier to apply.

It is a leave in conditioner, meaning you are supposed to use it as a finishing spray. It provides a lovely healthy sheen to the hair too! However I like to use it on the ends of my hair generously to seal split ends and avoid any further damage and also spray it on the scalp sometimes to provide a quick dose of nourishment and hydration. I usually do this before going to bed as an overnight treatment. 

It is one of the most hydrating leave-in conditioners I have used till date. It treats hair in a similar manner to oil minus the stickiness. 

Don't avoid leave-in conditioners just because they weigh your hair down. Look for a one that is light and provides day long moisture. You need to keep your hair hydrated even if you have conditioned them in the shower. 

It is all natural being - Paraben free, Sulphate free and Phthalate free and available for £5.49 from www.mypure.co.uk. I would repurchase this for sure but I doubt I'll need to as this 125ml bottle should last me ages. 


Playing around with Sleek's Molten Metal

I have been playing around with this baby since a while now and have been loving it. I thought it deserved some attention so here you go.

Sleek have done it yet again. They have ingeniously come out with a pigmented cream eye shadow which reminds me of Illamasqua's Liquid Metals to quite an extent. 

It contains two colours, pewter and gold. It was pretty clever of them to introduce this as a duo as people are usually reluctant to spend money buying only one colour.

I have a slight problem with the colour co-ordination though. Although absolutely marvellous colours, I feel they are extremely close shades and there could have been two contrasting colours here instead.

Regardless, I absolutely adore them! There is nothing similar to this available in drugstores in my opinion so I see this being a quite popular.

They are super pigmented, exactly like Illamasqua's Liquid Metals dare I say better. The reason I like these more is because they dry to a slightly powdery finish and are not as creamy, which means they have more staying power and will crease less.

Having said that, it is a cream product at the end of the day so do expect some creasing. Also the colour does not stay put as well as seen in swatches and seems to fade a little. I like to pack the colour on with a flat stiff synthethic brush and it seems to work great in transfering the exact colour as seen in the swatches.

I would suggest setting it with a similar coloured powder or using a very effective base with them. I use my Elf Primer and Too Faced Shadow Insurance and they work pretty well.

Even if they fade or crease, due to their powdery finish it is easy to fix any mishaps.

My camera does not capture the intensity of this product, still a few pictures as of when I played around with them.

Overall, an amazing product for editorial make-up or photo shoots of any sort as their intensity will show through in pictures and you won't need to worry about lasting power too as such looks are not expected to last the whole day.

A bargain for £6.99, these will be available at Sleek from January 2011. 


Aussie Bloggers Christmas Market

You may have heard of Aussie arranging a Bloggers Market for Christmas. Well It happened a few weeks back and I was a part of it as well being in the 'Aussie's Angels' team. I along with a few other bloggers volunteered to hold a stall in the event where we would be showcasing some of our skills or anything interesting to keep the event going.

I obviously choose to hold a make-up stall as that's the only decent skill I have! The market lasted for 6 hours with a series of events arranged by Aussie alongside the stalls.

Below is my make-up stall that I shared with Amina from Innerbelle. We were supplied make-up from the Max Factor range to use for the day. It was quite daunting at first as I had never used their products before and I have to admit I moaned a bit but at the end of the day I had so many favourites from the range. So its all about getting used to things you see.

Don't you just love those little stall cards that Aussie provided us with. I got mine home and it stays in my dressing room now :)

 Myself and the sister setting up the stall

I was petrified at first as although I am used to doing make-up on other people, its usually friends and family who are rather polite if I do a blunder or so. Fortunately it went all well and the people at the event were really friendly. Surprisingly enough I carried out around 10 make overs and people did seem pretty happy with them.

Our stall was actually quite popular hence we had to create an appointment list, although we did not quite follow it due to the super busy day :p

 Makeovers! Look at me - am a pro haha. Don't you just love my friends hair? It's like a mermaid :)

Aussie never disappoints its audience hence they had set up around 6 salons for every hair type where they had amazing hairdressers doing a fantastic job on everyone. It was amazing how everyone looked like a celeb at the end of the day.

 Having a hair treat after a long tiring day!

A lot of effort had been put into decorating the place in an edgy yet stunning manner. Thumbs up to Aussie for that!

There were quite a few events scheduled for the day one of the popular ones being the Flirt Guru who taught girls tips and tricks on how to make the right move ;) It was quite fun to watch! There was also a Photography class, a Blogging Class and a session which taught us ladies how to dress right for our bodytype.

And not to forget the super famous Photobooth where we could pose using a number of Christmasy props. No I'm not showing you, the pictures from there are quite silly to put up :p

Oops! pardon the dim light here. It was evening by the time we were ready to pose away lol. It was difficult not to spot me with my bright pink and black stripes that day :p I decided to dress casual as I knew I'd be working most of the time. Don't you just love the sisters hairdo? She went for old Hollywood glam.

Overall, it was no less than a 'Gossip Girl' inspired party. Super fun! I can't believe this was the first Aussie event I've been too. It surely won't be the last.

p.s. A big shoutout to Emma from Computergirls Musings. She recognised me immediately and was so sweet to talk to!

Source: Some pictures are from Aussies website /www.uncoveraussie.co.uk


It's a SUPer SPRaY.....and more!

Tired of fat falling limpy hair in the winter? Want that extra oomph to make you feel a bit better even when wrapped up in layers of coats?

Want hair that looks like this. Where you can actually see a lot of space between the hair and the scalp indication AWESOME VOLUME!

or this,

or even this?

Well, then I have the perfect product for you.

Presenting Lee Staffords 'my big fat texturized hair super spray'. Phew, that's one heck of a long name no?

I usually don't experiment with my hair styling products and don't quite like the cult favourite L'oreal hair products much too. But this was an emergency. 

I don't use heat on my hair every day, but I can't live without adding volume to my hair every, single, day. Call it an obsession but I can't compromise with my volume. I would rather give up my straightener if I had to. 

Now I had been religiously using the OSIS Dust it Mattifying Powder since a year now and it worked fabulously. However it just finished one fine day and I could not find it in any drugstores too :S

I was gutted! Not having the patience to order it from an online store, I desperately started hunting Boots for a replacement. This was the only decent product I found in store with the rest appearing so gimmicky! I found it a bit pricey for £9 but got it anyway. 

Now the product does not have much instructions on how to actually apply it. So I started using it just how I used my texturising powder before. I lift a light section of hair from the roots and spray this there. I carry out doing this throughout the crown area. Then when the spray is slightly dry, I run my fingers through where I had sprayed the products and massage it in. This is a vital step as this is what will create volume.

By spraying this on a layer beneath the top layer of your hair, you will insure the top layer of the hair does not appear messy from the volume created and is all tucked in neatly in the inner layers.

Honestly speaking, this is a bit difficult in terms of application. The product is almost in a solid form in the bottle, when you shake it is when it turns into a very thick liquid which you then have to spray quickly. 

Not everyone would like to deal with a thick messy spray every morning. So I would recommend texturising powders to a majority of you guys. Lee Stafford does one too. 

But now that I have this, I use it almost every day and dare I say it works a bit better than a powder in creating awesome volume on the crown just like you'd achieve after a lot of back combing. The effect of having 'fat hair' on the crown stays on for 2-3 days too which I absolutely love about it! 

Definitely worth trying if you desire everyday Cheryl Cole-like volume without any damage and that too in a minute! 


MeMeMe - 'Create the Look' Gift Set + EOTD!

MeMeMe is a drugstore brand here in the UK and have been known for their products since their re-vamp a few months back. Remember their Benefit inspired blushers? They were quite huge amongst bloggers.

Now they have come up with some gift sets to compliment the festive season. I really liked this one as it almost has everything one would need to create an eye look for an occasion. Unlike gift sets where you get 4 lip glosses or a tonne of mascaras, this is what I personally prefer.

I have the Create the Look Pack in Fire Eyes (£15) which comes with an Eyeshadow Quad, a brown Eye Pencil, a fibre tip black Liner and a Mascara. What else would one need eh?

It comes all very beautifully wrapped in a gift bag so you would not have to worry about presentation at all. 

The Eyeshadow Quad reminds of the ones MAC introduced a few collections back. The colours are really pretty and decently pigmented. They are on the sheer side though with all of them being slightly reflective, however the rustic gold and the purple are more pigmented than the rest.

It is a bit difficult not getting the colours mixed up with each other though. I like to use a stiff dense brush to apply these to get the maximum impact. In my opinion the colours compliment each other pretty well.

The pack also comes along with two liners. The eye pencil in clay is a brown with the slightest of brown shimmer in it. It is quite soft so very easy to line and then smudge out for that smoked out effect. Using a brown eye pencil to create this effect is much more effective than using black.

The fibre tip precision eye definer is a carbon black liner pen and the darkest black that I have used till date. It even beats the Le Metier De Beaute one that I talked about previously. These two liner pens are a must have!

The mascara is not the most impressive in this package besides its super chick packaging which I am in love with. It's supposed to give you a false lash effect and to an extent it even does but more like you're wearing a very light layer of natural looking lashes, nothing major.

It however provides clump free, clean and defined lashes with a tiny bit of volume and length. Not bad at all as a part of the set but I would not purchase this on its own.

The pack comes with a guide to create a look with the eye shadow quad which I faintly tried to mimic however did not even reach closer to the effect achieved in the guide.

Yet a picture to show your how it looks like. Besides the colours being bright, they are so sheer and reflective that even if you use them all together in a look (like I have done below) it wont look over the top. I am also wearing both the eye-liners and the mascara below.

Available till 22nd December on the MeMeMe website. It would make a wonderful present for any make-up addict!



A tonne(?) of snow and a Giveaway :) *CLOSED*

 *A few inches of snow is a tonne for us Londoners okay! We don't live in Canada you see.

It doesn't usually happen in this country with an occasional white Christmas but this time its a bit too much for us to handle. We get all scared and petrified and don't know how to deal with it lol. A footstep in the backyard creates a foot impression and everyone in the family measures how many inches would that be. It is beyond funny!

I however really like it but don't like how the country comes to a standstill with petty inches of white fluff. I am off from university now for Christmas but if need be I would really not mind making my way out. Just deal with it people :p

So this was yesterdays scene where it started snowing at the speed of rain. No joke!

It was fun initially until it all turned to ugly slippery ice followed by another snow shower covering all the ice leading to car skidding and all that not so fun stuff. 

Its finally stopped snowing after hours now but the sky tells a totally different story. I swear its going to snow more! :)

I love how it settles on trees, so cute!

Our backyard is unrecognisable and look what its done to my poor little swing lol.

Knowing that the condition is pretty much the same across whole of the UK I thought most of you guys must be indoor this weekend so why not enter your self in this little giveaway.

Up for grabs is a Sleek Eyeshadow Pot, Batiste Gold Dry Shampoo, Eldora's Lashes, MyFaceCosmetics Blusher, Lipgloss and Lipstick and a cute little Lipstick Case.

All you have to do is to write Enter Me in the comments below along with your name and email and your entry will be counted. Of course you can write any additional comments if you wish. The giveaway will end next Saturday exactly on Christmas day on the 25th December at 11.59GMT and one lucky reader will win these goodies worth £40. 

Open Worldwide as a majority of my readers are from outside the UK :)