Hair Extensions?!

After seeing gorgeous before and after natural results using hair extensions on Patukiii's blog (NOT the picture above!), I decided even I wanted to join the bandwagon and feel the bliss of super long gorgeous hair in minutes.

I am planning to invest in a 16 or 18" extension, which I can sport on a family ocassion in February next year. I will definately be opting for the 'clip in' hair extentions as they are the easiest to use and tangle much less. As far as I know, they come in a band like form which simply needs to be clipped in between layers to assure safety.

However creepy it may sound, I will be going for human hair extentions as they can be curled and straightened efficiently. As for the colour, I am not sure yet but I am debating between a soft black brown which will exactly match my current hair colour, or a warm dark blonde which will create a two toned or a highlight effect in the lower part of the hair making it appear slightly funky.

I know many of you's may have already tried extensions or may know of someone who has. You may just have more information then me to help me out in making a purchase!

So let me know your experiences guys. What brands are best and what are not, where to best get them from - ebay seller suggestions perhaps? I am open to all price ranges but not overtly extravagent please - I am a student at the end of the day :) teehee


I frequently read your blog!

I was tagged by the ever so glamorous Cheryl from Cheryl's Beauty Blog for this tag!

Its as simple as it looks like and is called the 'I frequently read your blog' award where you tag 10 blogs which you frequently read. Let them know that you tagged them though :)

I may not comment all the time but I do read all these blogs! Here are my favourites, which I religiously read come rain or shine...

I tag:

- Delhi's Beauty Addict
- Asian Beautifier
- Lipstick Rules
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- Mizz Worthy's Stuff
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If you havent checked these blogs out yet, hurry and follow them now! Share the love

Obviously I have many other favourite blogs too but I am kinda addicted to the ones stated above.

And if you aint tagged, you can still do the tag and let people know about your favourite blogs eh?

p.s. Omg it actually snowed here today :O hehe :D Wana see more of it!

Kristen Stewart - Get that look!

I have no idea how many Kristen Stewart fans we have here, however I am a big fan of her makeup! I know some people are like, 'Does she even wear any?' lol but thats the key you see! Its so amazing how effortlessly she looks so chic and innocent at the same time. And is this the best smokey brown or what?

The 'hardly there' makeup on the face helps in providing that nude face effect whereas the smoked out dramatic eyes add mystery. Thats what most models on the ramp look like if you notice, they paint their faces pale and add drama just to the eyes.

So as currently I am not in possession of my lovely camera for a while *sob sob* and I dont want to even attempt doing an EOTD with the web cam, I thought of providing you with a breakdown of what I thought Kristen (or her amazing MA's) would use in creating her signature look that she pulls of almost everywhere.

Product list:

-Use UDPP to create a base for your eyeshadows
-Lightly dust a nude e/s colour or face powder over the crease area. This will make blending effortless and will make sure your eyeshadow does not stick immediately in the crease but blends well.
-Apply Mac Nobility or any fleshtoned eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eyes only.
- Apply Mac Club eyeshadow all over the lid as a base colour. This colour has a duochrome effect and hence appears blue or a brown in certain lighting.
- Apply Mac Nobility eyeshadow in the crease just to mark the area you will be using to create a dark crease
- Apply Mac Texture eyeshadow right in the crease with a tapered brush like the 217 and go to and fro dragging the color all over to the inside of the eyes.
- Take a clean fluffy brush like Mac's 224 and blend Mac's texture to above the crease to give that smoked out appearance
- Now line the upper and lower waterline and lashline with Mac Smoulder eye pencil/kohl
- Line the lower lashline with Mac Texture eyeshadow to bring out those green eyes (or any colour!)
- Finish off with a mascara of your choice!

You can obviously substitute colours according to your convinience however I am super sure she uses Mac's Club and Texture eyeshadows before she leaves home :P and frankly speaking I havent even come accross dupes for these two shadows as they are truely unique and must haves!

Anyways hope you enjoyed gurlies and do try this out :)

I will definately do an EOTD on this one sometime in Jan!

Any Kristen Stewart fans? or am I the black sheep here :S