FOTD/EOTD - *Cream blush + Mac's Texture* Rave

Mac's Jest paired with texture in the crease
I love Mac's Blacktrack Fluidline! It makes my eyes pop :)
Sebastian Trucco Blush Creme 'Desert Rose'

This is not exactly an EOTD guys but just wanted to rave about some products that I am loving right now!

The first one is Mac's Eyeshadow in Texture. As I mentioned in a previous post that it is the perfect crease color for all skintones. Thus I paired it up in the crease with Mac's Jest as the main lid color. The unique thing about texture is that it adapts itself to any eyeshadow color it is paired with. Thus in the above pink it just looks like a soft brown, whereas if used in a smokey eye it appears to be a deep orangey brown.

Despite being such a pigmented color it blends so well and creates that dimension without much effort. As you can see it looks quite natural in the crease. Definately get this one for your collection ladies!

The other thing that I have been wearing religiously these days is Sebastian Trucco's Blush Creme in Desert Rose. As you can see in the picture it looks a very bright fuschia in the pan but dont be scared of such colors ladies as you can play it up or down easily! Its a blush duo and comes with a lighter pink color which has illuminating properties and hence can be mixed with the brighter color or be used as a highligher.

It very much resembles the Nars Copacabana Multiple Stick. I am wearing a mix of both these colors in the pic above and to me it gives a lovely radiant effect/glow as compared to powder blushes. It even stays on the whole day and looks just as pretty! Best used with a Mac 116 or 187 brush. Try cream blushes gurlies if you havent yet!

Do you recommend any cream blushes which are musthaves?


Fake MAC! Got conned...again :S

Left = Original, Right = FAKE!

Now that I succumb to buying 100% of my makeup from ebay, it occurs almost 80 percent of the time that I come accross fake Mac products And no matter how witty and alert I think I might be, the truth is that most of the times even I cant spot one :(

By now I know how to spot fake Mac brushes, eyeshadows and pigments coz thats the extent to which fake Mac is made and sold till now. However, this was the first time I encountered a fake Mac foundation, namely our most loved, Studio Fix Powder! How happy I was finding a £8 bargain on this product on ebay untill I discovered that its a very poor gimmick.

The picure on the ebay listing did not give it away as it only showed the top part of the product as seen in the first pic which almost looks identical. However when it arrived, it was substantially smaller than the actual product in size. The bottom of the product is very different too & says M150 instead of NC30 for some very bizarre reason. I mean atleast do your research guys before manufacturing such gimmicks! Once opened, the product had some very cheapy pink talcum powder pressed in the pan which confirmed my doubt as to its authenticity.

Yes I have received fake Mac brushes from ebay in the past but have compromised with it as the quality aint that bad (I know, how lame of me! lol) but 'pink powder' is just the limit! Due to ebay's amazing buyer protection policies, I got an instant refund Thank God!

Overall, lesson learnt! Not buying any more Mac from ebay.(Well atleast not foundations :p)
Have you ever been conned for Mac?


My Spring it? Epicare? - Easy peasy hair remover!

This may look like a bizarre device to some of you's but this wierd looking cotton bud/Q-tip like thing is actually very handy and efficient for facial hair removal! I have heard makeup gurus like pursebuzz and bubzbeauty talk about this product and thats about it. I wonder why it did not get any more popular?!

Basically this product has two pink handles and in between is a tightly coiled spring. What you have to do is basically bend it to make a U shape and rotate the handles to and fro whilst pressing the devise against the skin. What this repeated action will do is pull the hair out of the root and give you a peach fuzz free face. It can be used for upperlip, cheeks and chin. What I found is that it simply simulates the action of threading but in an easier manner.

Now according to my research this device does not have one name, its either called 'my spring it' or 'epicare'. It is sold under these two retailers under different websites for under approx £10. However I just wanted to experiment with the product and hence opted for a cheaper gimmick from ebay for under £3!!! This gimmick however looks very similar to the 'my spring it' version and its just a spring at the end of the day so whatever!

I have been trying this product since a week now and so far so good! It does remove the tiniest of hair that threading or tweezing would not remove. On the pain scale, I find it a bit less painfull than threading. The best thing about this is the ease of use, I mean you dont even need a mirror to do this and it removes hair in minutes :D You can use it as often as you want but every 3 days should be enough. I am loving this thing right now as it seriously reduces the hassle of constant hair removal and its so handy that you can keep it in your bag where ever you go! Also tweezing upperlips will give you that nasty shadow so use this gurlies as it wont :)

Overall - 5/5 - Excellent!

Ebay Seller I bought from - jut1983

Watch a demo of this here - myspringit.com (for US) or facialhairremover.co.uk (for UK)
p.s. A hearltfelt YAYYYY for 300 followers :D fankew lovelies! you gurls rock ♥