Inglot EOTD - Autumn Smokey Eyes

Now that I am totally in ♥ Love ♥ with the Inglot palette I got, I thought I should make my love for it public, and let you guys know that It can act as a posibble substitute for MAC (especially in credit crunch times :S) what better than an EOTD to demonstrate that =D

Products Used:

* I think UDPP should be implied by now! :p

* A mix of the first two light colors (starting from L-R) in the palette used as an overall base color for the lids

* The third brownish color used in the outer v and blended inwards

* A mix of the last two dark colors, i.e. charcoal and purple, applied in the crease with a stiff pencil brush stopping halfway

*The crease colors then blended with a blender brush (Mac 217 or 224) upwards in circular motions and to and fro.

*The lightest color used as a highlight on the browbone and slightly in the inner corners

*The charcoal color used to line the lower lashline with a thin pencil brush stopping halfway

* Finished off with Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara (Lovely for natural flirty lashes)

Hope I created more Inglot fans! I really liked the look for a neutral day time smokey eye! Especially for the autumn! I know some of you's might disagree about the 'autumn' part but seriously guys I can't see the winter coming lol. Its only leaves everywhere :-p


Mini Haulage - AGAIN!!! :S...MAC, Inglot etc

Inglot Freedom Palette
Inglot e/s swatches
Mac's Texture e/s
Swatch - No 7's Lip Liner in Caramel 30
I know!! Mini haul again!! I need to stop doing this. But I cant resist picking up some makeup junk now and then :S I am sure many of you share my problem =)

To the point. I got a brush, eyeshadows and some lippies.

Brushes - After using some Cosmopolitan brushes I decided to get their powder brush and am seriously liking it. Its not super soft and is kinda scratchy but highly efficient! It's working wonders for my mineral foundation (gives full coverage), bronzer, blush and powder which = multifunctional = ♥ Definately check this out!

Also needed an extra foundation brush so tried the Autograph range by M & S. The brush looks so sleek firstly. Secondly its not that stiff and is kinda flexible, hence provides light to medium coverage with Mac's Studio Tech which I am currently drooling on right now. Its great for cream foundations as It does not absorb much product and gives a light streak free finish.

Eyeshadows - Finally got my hands on Mac's Texture! It might look a scary bricky orange in the pan but is the perfect crease color for all skin colors, dare I say even better than Satin Taupe :S as it will work with any possible color in the color spectrum. Plus its got a velvet finish and like all Mac shadows blends like a dream. Get it now ladies!

Also I wanted to try Inglot from quite a while, so took advantage of their 'freedom system' and got a custom eyeshadow palette of 5 for just £15!!! I seriously exclaimed hard when the MA told me the price lol. I mean come on, 5 eyeshadow pans and the sleek high quality magnetic palette with an inbuilt mirror all for that price came as a shocker.

The shadows I chose all have a shimmery finish, highly similar to Mac's veluxe pearl finish or Nars shadows. The colors in their range are stunning and the pigmentation is awesome as seen in the pic (w/o base). They are slightly more shimmery and some of you's might prefer to wear this at night outs! They do have a slight fallout and last slightly less longer than Mac shadows, but for the price no one can beat them! Try them out for colors you dont want to spend a lot of money on.

Lippies - Since a past week or something, I am obsessed with wearing lipliners all over my lips as lipsticks and am loving the result! I prefer a matte finish on my lips and these provide for the purpose and last all day long too w/o smudging or wearing off. You should try this guys! The two liners am loving for this purpose are No 7's Lipliner in Caramel (an earthy reddish brown) and 17's Lipliner in Buff (a nude mauvey pink, not in the pic above). Pure love ♥

Overall am a happy bunny with my purchases =)

Hope you enjoyed gurlies!