'Hit Pan' Favourites ♥

All of us have some beauty products which we always keep going back to and have hit pan on several times till date! These are the products that we can’t even think of living without and hence already have a back up for ‘just in case’.

There must be a reason why other beauty junk in our train cases remains untouched and why some just become our favourites that we dig on constantly. The plain reason is that these products are FREAKING AWESOME! This is why I decided to do a post on the lovies of my life and give them the appreciation they well deserve =D

(In no order of preference)

- Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer – You have to check this bronzer out ladies! Not too brown, not too orange – Just Perfect. Makes a gorgeous blush and a natural contour. You can wear this almost everyday without thinking twice. Leme just warn ya - Its seriously addictive though!

- Mac Studio Fix Powder – I am sure this tops the list for most of you guys too. It’s my all time favourite face power for on the go, to set foundation and for quick touch ups! Perfect coverage and perfect colors.

- Ocean Mist Cosmetics Mineral Foundation – Okay I know foundation should not be allowed in this list as it will run out obviously, but I mentioned this one as I have been using this religiously since 3 years now and am still in love. It will leave you with the perfect coverage and finish.

- Laura Geller Marble Shadow in Pink Icing This is a very subtle pinky gold eyeshadow and I absolutely digged this one every single day for a quick overall lid color. This makes a gorgeous cheek highlight too and reminds me much of Mac’s Msf’s.

- Mac Eye shadow in Warming Trend – This is the most beautiful olivey beigey gold color which is highly wearable during the day. I was sick of pinky cool base colors as they make me look sick! This being on the warmer side gives me a radiant look be it winter or summer.

- Urban Decay Primer Potion – Again, this tops everybodys list and is my all time favourite as eyeshadows are the joy of my life and without this baby, that joy wont simply be visible! This is the only e/s primer that will make those e/s’s visible and not crease.

- Thierry Mugler’s Angel (Fragrance) – I knew a friend who worn this fragrance once and it was love at first sight (or smell). Since then I must have finished more than 6 bottles of this. This is my signature scent and If Thierry Mugler ever discontinues this I will make sure I buy the ownership rights off her lol.

- Loreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Nourishing Day Fluid (Leave in serum/Conditioner) – I usually hate wearing leave in conditioners or serums as they tend to leave my hair greasy but this one is totally different. It’s so light that my hair absorbs it all and it leaves my hair really soft and moisturised.

- Dove Rich Moisturising Cream – As I have Normal to Dry skin, I use this intense cream daily on dry patches on my face and it helps keep them hydrated. My skincare routine feels incomplete without this!

- GHD’s Hair Styler – Stylers come, Stylers go but GHD’s will always have a special place in our hearts. No matter what people say, nothing styles better than a pair of GHD’s! If I am not wrong, I have two, just in case =)

What are your 'hit pan' favourites?

Kreative Blogger Award =D All of you's tagged!!!

Hello there gurlies! Its tag time again…

I know some of you’s must have been bored of my constant tag posts but I really can’t ignore bloggers who have tagged me, as firstly its rude and secondly I love to pass on blog awards =) So please bear with me =)

So I have received two blogger awards which I had to do a post on...

- Kreative Blogger Award by the stunning Crystal from http://makeupbeforecoffee.blogspot.com/. I simply adore her blog and drool over the looks she comes up with. She's super talented, so go check her out guys if you haven’t yet =)

- Beautiful/Gorgeous Blogger Award by my gorgeous fellow Indian blogger Cynthia from http://delhisbeautyaddict.blogspot.com/. Her blogs full of detailed information about beauty products and she is one hard working blogger coming up regularly with her awesome posts. I always stay tuned for em =) Follow her if you don’t yet ;)

I am not going to do 7 random facts this time as I have already done em twice recenty and I am afraid I have run out of em :S So I will just pass the love ♥
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Cheryl Cole - Beauty Musthaves!

These are the things the ever-so-glowing Cheryl keeps in her bag as her absolute musthaves!
* MAC Face & Body Foundation creates the perfect natural glow you see on Cheryl.
* Carmex Lip Balm Tube. (Well dont we all adore it too ♥)
* Cheryl keeps her eyes heavily lined with Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil.
* Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. Cheryl uses this on her cheeks for a dewy look, on the lips as a gloss and even on the eyelashes/eyebrows before she goes to bed to help them grow.
* Voluminizing mascara. Blessed with long lashes, Cheryl loves L’oreal Shocking Volume Mascara for volume.
* Cheryl has always been a fan of Eylure Fake Lashes and she even teamed up with them to create her own style!
* Sudocrem! Cheryl swears by this anti-septic cream to zap blemishes.

All this looks quite affordable to achieve a 'Human Barbie' like appearance that Cheryl sports. However a recent tabloid article reported that she spends a whopping £100000 or more on her hair and makeup per year. Well I'll just leave it on you guys to assume whats true...;)