Mac 239 Lookalike - RRP £6 Mac 219 Lookalike - RRP £4.89

Mac 217 Lookalike - RRP £4.89

Dont these babies resemble to you like Mac 239, 219 and 217 respectively? Or is it just me!? The 239 and the 217 lookalikes have white hair's ofcoz as can be seen in the picture and feel uber soft and are of superior quality. Especially the 217 lookalike in the pic above does not do justice to what it looks in real. Its highly like the 217, just less dense. But I am sure it will provide for its purpose just as well.

I saw these at Boots recently and they are by No. 7. You can only get them at boots I suppose. Whats best is that they sell for less than half the price of Mac's brushes! Now is the time to grab them as Boots is doing a 3 for 2 offer on them and many other No. 7 products :D I already have Mac's 239 and 217 but still feel tempted :s

Check em out here - http://www.boots.com/


bL@CK m@GIc :O

Eyeko has introduced a new limited edition mascara called Eyeko Magic Mascara as a part of their Eyeko Couture range. This one's called Black Magic! It’s human nature that we guys usually judge a book by its cover and hence even I am going to review its superficial aspect at first.

As soon as I took this baby out of the jiffy bag, the packaging left me presently surprised (and literally drooling over it!) I have one word to describe it, STUNNING! I have never seen a more prettier looking mascara ever :O It comes in a maroonish packaging with silver flowery pattern all over along with some rhinestones embedded in between. It feels a bit heavy too (which = good quality packaging in makeup terms ofcoz). It would make an amazing Christmas pressie w/o any need for gift wrapping hehe. Would obviously be stunning to carry in your purse and flaunt around in public :D

Okay moving away from the shallow pool, this mascara is much of an improvement from the previous one in term of its formula. It’s much luxurious, very glossy and glides on like a dream. It does not clump easily allowing you to build up gradually. It’s like one of those Japanese fibre mascaras if you know what I mean? Also the wand is quite huge, which allows the lashes to lift easily. I believe this mascara will appeal to all as it provides a nice lift and curl to the lashes and tints the lashes subtly providing effortless glamour (If that makes sense :s) Thus don’t expect a false lash effect or carbon black lashes as that’s not the purpose of this mascara.

I believe it’s justifiable at £9, firstly due to its freaking amazing packaging!!! And secondly, coz it works efficiently and is a staple for an everyday look. Also I wore this with my contacts on and it is safe that way too. It does not have a strong smell or anything of that sort, just a usual cosmetic scent which is not noticeable unless you sniff hard.



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