Diwali EOTD

This EOTD I thought truely represents the colorful festival of Diwali! A colorful and traditional blend of gold and maroon is what I thought would look lovely to represent India and Diwali.
Happy Diwali to any of you's who's going to be celebrating it =D

Products Used:
-UDPP to prime the eyes
-Mac e/s in woodwinked as a base color
-Urban decay e/s in last call used in the outer v and above the crease
-Nyx chrome eyshadow in sunny day used to brighten the maroon color above the crease
- A medium brown color used to darken the crease
-Mac eye kohl in smoulder used on the upper and lower lashline and smudged with a q tip
-Mac kohl in smoulder used to line the upper and lower waterline
-Maybelline pulse perfection mascara on the lashes

Hope you guys like it =)

p.s. Mac eye kohl in smoulder is what kim kardashian uses to! Its freaking awesome guys. The next time you go to Mac, pick this up for sure ;)


Mini Brush and Lippy haul + No more Back 2 MAC? :(

So I had empty MAC containers available (yes i depotted finally using sticky tape hehe) and so gave it at a MAC counter to get a Lippy in return for it :D In case some one does not know, Back to Mac is Mac's recycling programme where you give them any 6 plastic containers and you can get a free lippy in return (or even a e/s depending on your store) So dont throw away those used containers ladies!

I had in mind that I wanted a lustre lipstick from Mac as otherwise their formulas are pretty drying on me! I checked some swatches on http://karlasugar.blogspot.com/ (this is the best blog in town for swatches guys) and really liked Mac Lustre Lipstick in 'Jubilee'. Its nothing special as I tend to play safe with lipsticks but its a gorgeous nude brown perferct for everyday wear. Its a perfect nude with a hint of color so it does not look as if I am wearing concealer on my lips!!!

Also I am really liking the lustre finish as its so glossy and creamy and tends to go on sheer, hence can be built up gradually. Also you dont need a lip gloss over this as its already dewy/glossy (not overtly though!)

Also what I got recently were these super cute cosmopolitan brushes (I love white handled brushes :D ) You can get them from Debenhams or Boots I believe. They are of pretty decent quality. The eyeshadow one is very similar to body shops eyeshadow brush and is good for packing on pigments. I also tend to use it for concealer due to its stiffness.

The lip brush however is uber awesome! Its a taklon/synthetic brush and is a flat rectangle shape. It picks up just the right amount and gives such a natural finish on the lips! Also its a portable/travel brush :D Trust me, always use a brush to apply your lippies and you'l notice the difference in the consistency.

Another worrying thing that the MA at MAC (Selfridges Oxford St.) told me today was that they are going to stop doing Back to Mac after Christmas this year as 'they cant afford to recycle anymore'. I had just gotten into all this depotting e/s's and stuff and I cant believe they are ending this whole recycling thing :(

Now that we are talking about lippies, do check out Erica's Giveaway here, http://ricahx15.blogspot.com/2009/10/100-follower-giveaway.html

She's giving away NYX Lippies :D

Hope you guys are all well!

UPDATE: I did back to Mac recently and they did let me, so may be the MA did not knowher stuff right!


MORE BLOG AWARDS~! Please check if you're nominated :)

The gorgeous Jo nominated me for some awards!!! Yayyy!

It’s always a pleasure to receive such awards as they come across as a form of appreciation from fellow bloggers = D
So here are my 7 random things...

- I used to be freaked out with feathers once (yikes!)
- I despised wearing makeup even occasionally when I was young and took every bit off whatever my mum had applied on my face...teehee (how ironic is that! Lol)
- People always mistook me and my sister as twins when we were young just coz we used to be dressed up similarly at times :p
- I never practice what I preach (I try though :s)
- I prefer my hair styled as curly and volumised as opposed to straight and flat, as I reckon curls add much more glamour to any look!
- I have been passionate about makeup since more than 6 years, however It’s been only a year since I started using MAC as I had a preconception that it was an unapproachable brand only for MA’s...hehe
- I have never been to IMATS and would love to go to IMATS 2010!!! :) Any of you's up for it?
The 7 bloggers I tag are,

- Asian Beautifier
- Innerbelle
- Jobetterdays
- Big hair Bigger Lashes
- IDreamOfMac
- Pyxie
- Do Not Refreeze

Sorry gurlies if you have been re-tagged :S In that case, simply pass the award to others :D
Any of you’s are also free to do this if you wish...:D
Rules:- Just mention the person who tagged you on your blog, list 7 random things related to you ofcoz and pass the award to 7 bloggers...let them know of the tag though :)