Vibrating Mascara?! :O Interesing...

I recently got sent Maybelline’s Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara in Vibrant Black and thought of doing a review of it for you guys :) It comes in a Black and gold packaging which seems rather elegant topped with a transparent battery casing on the top of the applicator. Speaking about functionality, its relatively easy to use; simply place the wand at the base of the lashes and keep the button pressed for the vibrating motion to be activated.

In terms of the formulation of the mascara, it’s pretty thick and lush and the consistency seems very glossy. On application I found, it only requires one or two coats to the most as it transformed my lashes in the first go! As soon as the formulation touches the lashes it puts on it a thick glossy ultra black coating. This is not the best mascara to achieve volume; however what this does best is provide tremendous length and curl! I mean I already have pretty long lashes and this baby exaggerates them and provides a glam false lash effect.

Does the vibration actually work? I would say the vibration is kind of effective as without it the mascara clumped a lot (yikes!!) On the whole, I pretty much liked the formulation and would say you should give it a go if you want to achieve the false lash effect or are on the look for a new mascara to give you some length and curl. Boots are doing a 3 for 2 on all beauty products these days, so grab this baby for a bargain while it lasts.

RRP - £14.67

Overall Rating – 3.5/5 = Yay! :D


Everyday 'No Fuss' FOTD

Products Used:

- Dermacolor Concealer
- Everyday Minerals Intensive Medium Concealer Powder
- OceanMist Cosmetics Mineral Foundation
- Mac Studio Fix Powder
- Matte Brown Eyeshadow used to fill the brows
- Nars Oasis Blush for the cheeks
- UDPP used to prime the eyes
- Mac Warming Trend Eyeshadow used all over the lid for a bright glowy effect!
- Topped up with Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
- Body Shop Lip Butter on the lips
Sorry guys not much color in the fotd but this is my everyday usual face!

Hope you guys enjoy! :)


My favourite blenders ♥

The secret to gorgeous eye makeup is not unknown and solely dependent on efficient blending brushes (and technique ofcoz!). So here I present to you, my tools of the trade and I love these babies ;)
Starting from right,
* Short Crease blender - This is the short stiff crease brush that people usually use for placing the color in the crease/outer v and this is what I previously used this for too. However unknown to many this makes an amazing blender! Due to its rigid shape, it provides maximum control and blends to its most merging the two colors effortlessly. This is perfect if you want color to stay up to the crease and dont want to feather it out. Get this one if you want a brush that provides maximum blending. This is Coastal Scents round crease brush.
* Flat Tapered blender - This is the one for easy blending with less effort and would thus be THE perfect brush for all begginers (and pros too). The way in which the brush hairs are tapered just require one to blend in a wind shield wiper motion and you will acheive a consierably well merge of colors. You have to take into account that this will NOT completely merge the colors together like the one above but instead will provide softer blending. This will however smoke the colors slighty above the crease automatically due to its flat tapered shape. Get this brush if you want softer feathered blending with minimum effort. This is Mac 217.
* Round Crease blender - This brush is slightly longer than the short crease brush and more fluffy. However this fits right into my crease making blending like a dream. Just place it right into your crease and go forwards and backwards to blend the color. This will NOT automatically smoke the color upwards due to its round shape. Thus with this one has to go in small circular motions to and fro to feather out the colors. This brush again would provide more softer blending compared to the one above. This would be comparable to Mac 224.
* Fluffy tapered blender - This brush is the largest of all blenders as you can see and more fluffier too. As its brush hairs are not packed very densely and due to its larger size this will provide the least blending possible. I would use this brush to soften any harsh edges by swiping the brush back and forth or when I DONT want to blend a lot and want the colors to look obviously apart. This is Coastal Scents blending fluff brush.
I am not saying any of these brushes are better than the other. My point is, you can use any of these brushes as per the blending effect you wish to achieve as there will be a huge difference in the blending effect each of these provide. No matter what make your blender brush is from, it is highly likely that it will fall into one of the above categories.
What are your favourite blenders?
Hope you lovely gurlies are all well :)