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Another Tag - I think You're an Awesome Girl! - please check if you have been tagged :)

I have been tagged by the gorgeous ellamarie84 (go check her out!) to list 10 random facts about myself and tag 10 others :D

1. I am in 3rd year of Law at university and intend to become a solicitor

2. I have a facination with American accents (it must be all those youtube makeup vids hehe)

3. I have a fear of creepy crawlies/insects that FLY. I feel its hard to dodge them as they can get you anyhow lol. And yes that does include butterflies :S

4. Venice and Machu Picchu are the two places I have always wanted to visit

5. I love all Disney characters and hence would not mind using stuff sold in The Disney Store. There is some sort of magical feeling associated with them

6. I (on my mum's initiative ofcoz) tried modelling at the age of 8 but could not keep up with it due to school

7. I have never stepped out of the house without wearing makeup in the past 5 years

8. My name is originally written and spelled as 'Sheefa' but I alter it slighly to 'Shifa' wherever I go, just coz I like it that way hehe

9. I am seriously addicted to Bollywood celebs, movies, music, magazines, gossip and anything to do with it

10. I have been a vegetarian since the age of 13 as some documentary about chickens grossed me out!

I tag

Pretty things (maya)
Naomi (Expressions of You)

and obviously all of you other lovely ladies who want to do one :D



Pixi Eyeshadow Palette - Review + Swatches

I am always on the verge of discovering new brands of makeup and especially when I hear they are of decent quality, I immediately think 'I need that!'. I came accross this palette in one of the looks that Pixiewoo did on youtube. So I went on its website (http://www.pixibeauty.com/) to have a look and they have a pretty interesting and an innovative range of products.

But what caught my eye ofcourse are their Eye Beauty Kits which retail for a hefty price of £26 for 5.82 gms of product :S Looking at which I resorted to ebay to find myself a reasonable deal and fortunately found just one of these palettes on sale for a tenner :D

The palette I got is called 'Mirage' and is a mix of shimmery pinks and browns. I have to say the colors are so quite unique. They all have gold specks in then NOT GLITTER and dark plum color with gold specs is the most adorable one. The texture is very much like Nars shadows so if you're a fan, check this out!

Also whats amazing is that these palettes are available in 13 shades ranging from blues, greens to apricots so there's something for everyone.

The colors are pigmented enough but not overpowering simply because the colors are slightly sheer in this palette. You can even use these wet! The two eyeshadow base that come with this are awesome too as they hold the shadow very well. But i guess these bases are not a part of the palettes anymore :( You will get 8 shadows instead! So quality wise these are top class indeed.
Coming to the packaging,

I was literally OMGing when I saw it. It comes in a ultra slim white case with a mirror and a brush which is UBER CUTE! It fits in my palm and is slimmer and sleeker than you can imagine! You will be shocked as to how compact it is hehe. The packaging is much like what I would want palettes to look like in the future lol. It will be a favourite for handbags and travel purposes.

But the white was too plain for my liking so I pute some cutesy stickers I had to pep it up a bit :D Also the dual ended brush it comes with is of superb quality too, just like the Mac SE's :O I am planning to get more of these babies in different shades for sure.

Overall Verdict! 4/5 (one point off due to pricey pricing :S) - This one should be up for grabs if you can find a bargain!


TAG - *What I Am Using Right Now*

I was reading the lovely Laura aka lollipop26's blog and she tagged everyone who reads her post to do their version of it so here's mine ya all :) Plus this is so much fun to do teehee :D

Shampoo: Loreal Professional Liss Extreme. This stuff is amazing! You can even skip conditioner with this one: D It leaves hair completely moisturised and tamed

Conditioner: a mix of Loreal Elvive Re-nutrition and Tony & guy moisture injection

Styling products: Loreal Elvive Re-nutrition nourishing day fluid and Charles Worthington divine shine finishing spray

Shower Gel: Dove

Body moisturiser: Johnson’s Baby Oil

Face moisturiser: Vaseline Intensive Care

Deodorant: Sure

Fake Tan: I tan naturally

Cleanser: Skinology Daily Cleansing Lotion

Exfoliator: None

Primer: None

Foundation: OceanMist Cosmetics Mineral Foundation

Foundation brush: Ruby & Millie or MAC 116

Concealer: Dermacolor camouflage cream and everyday minerals intensive medium – Gorgeous combination!

Powder: Mac Studio Fix – lovely for a quick fix

Blusher: Lancome Blush Subtil in Miel Glace. A tawny rose color is a staple for the summers!

Bronzer: Any darker foundation (see previous post)

Highlighter: Illamasqua Bronzing Duo in Glynt and Writhe

Eyeshadow base: Urban Decay Primer Potion. Nothing works better!

Eyeshadows: Laura Geller Pink Icing/Devils Food, Mac Warming Trend, Club, Sunday Best & Nobility

Eyeliner: I don’t wear any :S

Curler: none

Mascara: Rimmel Sexy Curves

Lipstick: None (I know!)

Lipgloss: Body shop lip butter does the job for me

Nail Colour: None

I tag maya (pretty things), happy1234, mizzworthy, goldbeauty88, Michelle (Lipstick Rules), Ondine, VivaGlam T, Naomi (Expressions of You)

And ofcourse any of you lovely gurlies who wish to do so :)



I made my own Bronzer!

I have never shared a good rapport with bronzers! I have tried rimmel, revlon, estee lauder, Illamasqua and so on. Especially when summers at its peak, I want to avoid colorful blushers (as the summer sun tends to make them look too bright) and wear bronzers on a daily basis. But on me (NC 35 at present) they always seem to look either too;

- Brownish and muddy
- Dark/fake
- Orangey looking! (yiiikes :S)
- Overpowering/Shimmery
- Colorless/dull

I recently watched a video on youtube by some of the MAC artists and one of them used a darker mineralised skin finish natural to contour the cheekbones and add subtle dimension to the face. Also it looked so natural :O So I tried using a two/three shade darker mineral powder foundation (Lily Lolo) to contour my cheekbones and voilaa!

It looked uber natural, blended nicely, gave me a slight sheen and the color suited me a lot as it was a blend of earthy browns :) Also if we use darker shade powders and foundations to contour we have the benefit of them blending like a dream due to their consistency and original purpose. I believe they are easier to control and add depth and dimension to the face instead of looking strikingly orange :S

You can use anything to try this out e.g. any darker liquid foundation, powder etc and dust it right under your cheekbones, slightly on the sides of the forehead and on your jawline. Also to add some color to my face, I added a hint of Lancome's Miel Glace Blusher (a tawny rose) on the apples of my cheeks and some highlighter on my cheekbones.

Once blended well, the overall effect was of a lovely sunkissed glow! Give it a go this summer gurlies and notice the difference ;)