Quick Read: UDPP vs MAC Paintpots

Mac Painterly Paintpot:-

- Provides a good neutral canvas for eyeshadows
- Has a nice fleshtoned pigmented color which evens out eyelid discoloration
- Helps to make eyeshadow colors look vibrant
- There is a lot of product you get for a tenner (it will last a lifetime approx)
- It does make shadow colors last by making them adhere to it
- But only for an hour or two!!!! It creases like hell people and my shadow fades in 3 hours as if I have nothing on

My take - get it if you are planning to use this OVER some eyeshadow base to even out your lids or make your shadows 'pop'


- This is a nude colored cream which glides on effortlessly
- It provides no color on the lids, just an even surface
- It makes eyeshadow colors appear super vibrant
- It adheres to the shadow like glue!
- I tested its staying power and it kept the shadows in place for without creasing or fading for 8 hours :o
- However you get very less product for the price :S

My take - Please get this guys! It will be worth the money. Plus you can get this baby for cheaper on ebay and all too :D

What are your favourite shadow primers gurlies?


Get those pigments out ladies!

Products Used:

- Eyes primed with Mac painterly paintpot
- Mac Fuschia pigment used on the lid halfway through
- Mac Teal pigment used in the crease and in the outer corner of the lid
- Mac Golden Olive pigment along with vanilla pigment slightly patted between fuschia and teal to blend them together and to add a subtle sheen in the middle of the eyelid
- Mac Showstopper eyeshadow (or any matte brown e/s) used in the crease over teal to darken the outer v
- Lower lashline lined with teal pigment mixed with showstopper e/s
- Collection 2000 fast stroke eyeliner applied on the upper lashline and topped with a coating of black eyeshadow to darken the look
- Rimmel sexy curves mascara used for the lashes
This look may look a bit radical to sport during the day to some of you ladies out there. But trust me it looks absolutely gorgeous and uber funky! Tone it down a bit if you want to, but dont let the weird pink-green combo put you off, as thats the beauty of this look :)